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Two-colored star

Two-colored star

In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt, and separately dissolve the yeast with the sugar in a little warm milk and pour it in the middle of the flour, starting to mix, pour the rest of the milk, then the oil and knead until you get a thick dough. We divide it into two parts: in one we add the lemon peel and refract, and in the other we add the 3 tablespoons of cocoa mixed with a tablespoon of oil and we refract it as well until it incorporates cocoa well. I let the two doughs rest a bit.

In the meantime, I prepared the butter composition: I rubbed the butter foam and then I added the vanilla sugar and the lemon and orange peel. From each dough we make two round sheets of the same size and start the "assembly": we put a sheet of cocoa, a layer of butter, a white sheet, again butter, another sheet of cocoa, again butter and on top of the last white sheet. We take a glass and place it in the center of the round shapes, then with a knife that cuts very well we divide the circle into 4 equal parts, then into 8 and then into 16 and we twist two by two towards the outside and then we join them forming such a star.

Let it rise for an hour in a warm place (I left it for about half an hour in the oven lit at 50 degrees, it's much faster :))) after which we bake it at 180/190 * until it is nicely browned. Meanwhile, prepare the syrup: caramelize the sugar and add water and simmer until the sugar has completely dissolved and the syrup has become a little thicker.

When the star has browned nicely, take it out and grease it well with sugar syrup and put it back in the oven for about 5 minutes, then take it out and put a few coconut flakes if you have it in the house.

I hope you enjoy.

The case of Steluța Cătăniciu, the deputy who changed five parties, and now has joined PSD Bihor, after being left without a place in Cluj

Steluța Gustica Cătăniciu also got a mandate as a deputy following the parliamentary elections on December 6. Because she was no longer put on the list of those from PSD Cluj, Cătăniciu joined PSD Bihor, writes Ziarul Cluj Politic. Since entering politics and until now, it has changed five political parties.

Steluța-Gustica Cătăniciu won her third term as deputy. She was no longer on the PSD Cluj lists and joined PSD Bihor, following a central negotiation between PPU-SL and PSD, writes Ziarul Cluj Politic.

PSD Bihor registered after the parliamentary elections of December 6 a score of 18.72% for the Chamber of Deputies. According to the law, the voters from Bihor are represented in the Romanian Parliament by 4 senators and 9 deputies.

Based on the results so far, the PNL will have the most parliamentary mandates in Bihor: one as senator for Gheorghe Carp and three deputies for Aurel Căuş, Kiss Janos and Ioan Cupşa.

Steluța-Gustica Cătăniciu ran for the first time on the list of the Chamber of Deputies in 2012 from PNL Cluj, but during her term she joined the Liberal Conservative parliamentary group (PC-PLR), and in 2016 she was re-elected deputy from ALDE. Thus, the deputy has gone through five parties in the last 8 years.

Steluța-Gustica Cătăniciu ran in 2016 from ALDE Cluj, and in June 2020 she joined the PSD Parliamentary Group | photo source: Facebook

Preparation Two-tone cream soup

Boil whole vegetables in salted water. When they are cooked, drain the soup, then pass (I passed them with the blender) the vegetables separately, so the carrots with celery and the potatoes with onions. In each puree add the soup in which they boiled, as much as necessary, so that it remains a fairly thick cream. It matches the salt. Cut a cardboard according to the shape of the bowl. Pour the soups aside, then carefully remove the cardboard. Garnish with celery leaves, small croutons of golden bread in the oven.
Good appetite!

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