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Ladurée Opens Paris Pop-Up Shop Full of Mystery Macarons

Ladurée Opens Paris Pop-Up Shop Full of Mystery Macarons

The new Ladurée pop-up shop is full of beige macarons in many unmarked flavors

Ladurée has opened a Paris pop-up shop full of identical beige macarons that actually have many flavors, so buyers will have to guess what they're eating.

There are few foods in the world as Instagram-ready as a plate of Ladurée macarons. The small, pristine, pastel cookies are as nice to look at in their rainbow arrays as they are to eat, but now Ladurée has opened a pop-up shop in Paris stocked with a full range of oatmeal-colored macarons in mystery flavors.

According to Marie Claire France, the temporary Ladurée pop-up opened next door to an existing Ladurée cafe at 21 Rue Bonaparte in Paris, and its display cases are full of shelves of plain beige macarons, and while the beige macarons all look the same, they actually come in a variety of flavors. Eating them is basically a guessing game.

The mystery macarons are sold in classic pink boxes of either six or 12, and obviously selecting specific flavors is not possible. They’ll all look the same, but some taste like chocolate, pistachio, rose, vanilla and more. Buyers will just have to guess which is which and hope for a good one.

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