Traditional recipes

Turkey bags

Turkey bags

Portion the meat, wash it and boil it in cold water. When it has foamed, clean it well with a spoon (foamer) and wipe the walls of the pot (the pot in which it boils).

Let it boil over low heat or in a pressure cooker.

When the meat is half cooked, add the vegetables: cleaned and whole onions (at the end of preparing the borscht, remove and grate), and the others in their order of cooking: carrot, parsley root, parsnip, pepper, celery.

Vegetables can be cut into cubes (about the same size, to have a symmetry in the plate), sticks, grated or as you like. Before adding them to the borscht, we can heat them all in a little oil (excluding onions). Boil until all is soft. Remove the meat, leave it to cool a bit and then choose from the bones. When we have finished the operation, we insert the pieces of meat back into the hot soup.

Meanwhile, the borscht is boiled separately, as well as the noodles, according to the instructions on the package (al dente).

The soup is sour to taste. Bring to a boil, season with salt, pepper, finely chopped greens.

Serve hot, with bread, polenta, hot peppers, onions, etc.

Good appetite!

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