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Turkey borscht in Zepter pot

Turkey borscht in Zepter pot

I went through a traditional fair these days and, at one of the stands, the one who was selling was pulling a healthy mouth out of a borscht bottle. I said, "Clearly, a bottle in that bag is mine." He told me that it was made by him, in the household, that it was natural and I believed him according to the appetite with which he drank it! It cost 3 lei per liter.

I got the turkey from the market from a woman I think has been with for more than 10 years since I bought poultry from her, and the vegetables from a dad I have known for a long time in Moghioros.

I put the pieces of meat to boil in the Zepter pot (about 2-3 liters of water) and I turned on the stove. When it started to boil I frothed. In the meantime, I cleaned the vegetables by cutting them into cubes. These are added to the pot after the meat has cooked well.

The borscht is added at the end together with the tomato juice, and after they boiled a few times I added the noodles and greens (finely chopped sitarhon larch).

A wonder came out (salt is added to taste)

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