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Robert's pizza

Robert's pizza

Put water, sifted flour, salt, sugar, oil and yeast in the bread machine container (Attention! Keep this order if you want the dough to rise !!!) The kneading and leavening machine is programmed, which lasts 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, slice the Sibiu salami, cut the fillet into cubes, grate the cheese finely, and slice the mushrooms, if they are whole. Prepare the trays by lining them with parchment paper. After the dough has risen, place it on the work surface sprinkled with flour and give it a round pizza shape. Place in trays and start assembling the pizza.

Be careful, first spread the Univer ketchup, then put a layer of grated cheese, again ketchup, then the fillet muscle, salami slices and mushrooms. Again ketchup and pitted olives, then sprinkle oreagano to taste and finally grated cheese. Put the pizzas in the preheated oven, leave them in the oven for approx. 20 minutes.

Good appetite!

Food Rundown

It says a lot about both Roberta’s (and us) that we think this bread and butter is the best dish here. The bread is basically just un-topped pizza dough, the butter is made in-house and is an argument for making all dairy products in-house, and you get a few anchovies on the side. Don’t skip this.

We’ve had this dish every time we’ve been to Roberta’s and it’s been different every time, ranging from “best carpaccio we’ve had” to tasteless and boring. When it’s good it’s very good, but $ 20 is a lot to gamble on something that could end up disappointing.

It’s fresh and tangy, with an all bagel-style crumb on top. This is a good thing to get to break up an all-pizza dough dinner.

Generally, we stick to cabbage as a taco topping, but this is a good argument to branch out. The best non-pizza option here, it’s smoky and served with a cod brandade sauce we’d spoon out of a bowl on its own.

The pastas change regularly and are mostly uninteresting. The cacio e pepe and carbonaras are both pretty standard versions of these classics, although if the gigli with little neck clams is on the menu, it’s a good, garlicky bet.

There are usually four or so meats in this section, and mostly, you can skip them. The porchetta is so salty we couldn’t eat it, the wagyu chuck steak is fine, but uninteresting. If you insist on a piece of protein, the braised oxtail is your best bet - it comes with horseradish shaved on top, herby breadcrumbs, and a tasty tomato sauce.

Yes, spicy honey on top of a pepperoni pizza is as good as everyone says.

Anything with an ingredient listed as “double garlic” is something we’re going to order. The peppers, cheeses, and red onion balance out all the stinkiness for a very good, simple pizza.

Difference between tongs and pizza

As I have highlighted in a previous post about (some of) the many different types of focaccia, this ancient pizza recipe has some remarkable and distinguishing features:

  • light and very easy to digest, thanks to long, double leavening.
  • Crumble, crunchy on the borders, soft on the inside.
  • A special flour mix, that is nowadays almost generally agreed upon: wheat, soy, rice. (Note: regarding this point, I have experimented a little bit and I want to share with you some findings, below).
  • Oval shape, different from the usual circle shape, or the rectangular one of the pan pizza (baked pizza).

What I have understood, after a bunch of attempts mixing different types of flour, in slightly different ratios, is:

  • the rice flour is the crucial ingredient. It gives to the pinch, in particular to the crust, a texture hard to define but that you will immediately learn to recognize as soon as you will try it. It is not only part of the dough, but also the flour you will use on your countertop to shape it before cooking: don & # 8217t be shy, abound with it! Additional tip: if you are not used to this kind of flour, start using it also to prepare vegetables fried in batter & # 8230 delicious.
  • I have tried a few times using spelt flour instead of soy one, mostly because & # 8230 soy was not present in ancient Rome, so there must have been an alternative! I found out that spelled can be a great alternative.

Cooter Brown's Seafood ($)
Seafood, Burgers, Steakhouse, Seafood Markets, Sandwiches

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Everytime I go the food is delicious. I love their fried broccoli, steak, baked potato, salad. I haven & # 39t ate anything there i didn't like. read more

I really, truly, would not recommend this place.
I ordered boneless wings that came raw. Really raw.
Which to me is inexcusable.
. read more

The food was very good and fresh I would definitely recommend The Boston Restaurant to travelers. The staff is very professional and the atmosphere is. read more

Awesome experience. Food great and the margaritas out of this world. We had an amazing lady bartender. read more

NYC’s Roberta’s Returns For One-Month Pizza Pop-Up in Culver City

New York City pizza favorite Roberta’s is coming back to Los Angeles for a limited-run pop-up in December, and it’s landing once again at the Platform project in Culver City.

Late last year Roberta’s announced a months-long outdoor pizza pop-up at Platform, and fans quickly swarmed the place looking for the restaurant’s signature blistered pies. This new throwdown will happen for just a couple of weeks in December only, though there is no official start or end date just yet.

As for general timing, expect Thursday through Sunday hours only, from noon until 9 p.m. The Roberta’s team will also be partnering up with the Hayden crew (and Anthony Cailan specifically) to offer natural wines to drink with those pizzas. Pizzas will start at $ 9, and the team expects to bring back their favorites like the Bee Sting, original, and daisy.

The move to land back at Platform is perfect for Roberta’s, as the team has been keen to open up a restaurant on property for a while now. Ownership previously declined to discuss the details on the permanent location, but expect something in 2018.

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Pizza in Paradise? Roberta’s Opens a Pop-Up in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a long way from Bushwick, the gritty Brooklyn neighborhood that is home to Roberta’s pioneering pizzeria. And not just geographically. The Keys are a place for flip-flops and tropical drinks, for feet in the sand and sunset swims. So what is Roberta’s doing popping up here, about 50 miles from Key West and the end of the Continental United States?

The Neapolitan-style pizzeria has popped up frequently, before and during the pandemic, at glitzy events like Art Basel Miami Beach, and has opened permanent locations in Los Angeles and Nashville. For the latest Roberta’s getaway, through the end of April, you can head to Isla Bella Beach Resort, an oceanfront hotel and spa near the hyper-scenic Seven Mile Bridge.

“We love the Keys,” Roberta’s co-founder Brandon Hoy tells La Cucina Italiana. "You're able to experience an exotic, tropical escape without having to leave the U.S."

Isla Bella Resort and Spa in the Florida Keys is hosting a Roberta's Pizza pop-up.

Roberta’s is serving its Famous Original (tomato, mozzarella, caciocavallo, oregano, and chili), Bee Sting (soppressata, chili, and honey), and Margherita out of the kitchen at the resort’s main restaurant, Il Postino. The pizzas can be ordered throughout the stunning oceanfront property and are even available for in-room dining for guests at the Isla Bella Beach Resort.

The Brooklyn-born pizzeria even added a site-specific pizza to the menu, the Isla Bella, with mozzarella, ricotta, garlic, olive oil, and sea salt.

“The energy at Isla Bella and the vibe of the destination just made sense as a great, on-brand fit for our next Roberta’s pop-up location,” says Hoy.

In other words, in with the palm trees, out with the graffiti-strewn streets.

De Niro-backed Nobu restaurants took more than a dozen PPP loans

The Nobu group of luxury sushi restaurants and hotels took 14 loans from the U.S. small business relief program for as much as $ 28 million, according to government filings.

The chain, founded by actor Robert De Niro, celebrity chef Nobuyuki & quotNobu & quot Matsuhisa and film producer Meir Teper, got funding for properties scattered across the country, from California to Texas and New York, according to data released Monday.

Restaurants were among the biggest recipients of the Paycheck Protection Program, a key component of the governmentâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s response to the economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus. The news that big, well-funded chains like Shake Shack and Ruthâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s Hospitality Group had initially gotten loans set off a furor in April, prompting the administration to warn companies to make sure they qualified for the program.

Specifically, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said that the program wasn & # x27t for companies that could reasonably tap other forms of capital, from equity markets to bank credit lines.

The Nobu group appears to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the program, getting at least $ 11 million and as much as $ 28 million. The disclosures give a range for the loan sizes, making a precise tally impossible. The New York Business Development Corporation was listed as the bank that processed the loans.

Emails to Nobu representatives werenâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s immediately returned.

The data release, which revealed the broad nature of the $ 660 billion PPP effort, comes after Mnuchin initially resisted calls to disclose recipients in the program, saying that the information was & quotproprietary. & Quot Since it began in April, the effort has drawn attention, first. for technical issues amid a mad scramble for access, and later when it was revealed that big companies took advantage of the emergency aid.

The administration eventually relented, saying it would disclose the identities of companies that received at least $ 150,000 in the program. While those bigger loans account for the majority of total dollars in the program, more than 85% of the loan participants requested less than $ 150,000, effectively shielding those companies from scrutiny.

Other recipients of multimillion-dollar loans included franchisees of chains including P.F. Chang & # x27s and Five Guys burgers. Australian-inspired cafe business Bluestone Lane was awarded a loan worth between $ 5 million and $ 10 million.

Franchisees of McDonald & # x27s and Wendy & # x27s appeared throughout the massive list and in some cases secured loans north of $ 150,000. The Southern California Pizza Company, which operates 224 Pizza Hut locations on the West Coast, got $ 5 million to $ 10 million, despite being owned by private equity as of 2012.

Companies returned more than $ 30 billion in loans after Mnuchin chided organizations like the Los Angeles Lakers for tapping the program. But the government is also withholding the identities of companies that returned funds.

Roberta’s Brings Nationally-Known Wood-Fired Pizzas to Venice All This Month

One of the most well-known pizzerias in America, Roberta’s, is coming to the beach. The wood-fired pizza option is popping up outside at Townhouse in Venice, the historic bar hangout right on Windward Avenue.

Roberta’s co-owner Carlo Mirarchi tells Eater that the plan is to run a multi-night pop-up in a sparkling outdoor space at Townhouse through at least October. Hours will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., with a truncated menu that includes four different pizza options, $ 15 cocktails, and more.

The famed Roberta’s group started in Brooklyn in 2008 and has had a West Coast outlet at Culver City’s Platform project since 2018, though they have roots in LA as a pop-up dating back to 2016. Mirarchi tells Eater that the team first tried one -off pop-up at Townhouse last weekend, and had such a positive response - not surprising, given the amount of pizza being consumed in Los Angeles at the time - that they decided to stick it out for at least a few weeks longer.

The Roberta’s x Townhouse pop-up runs Friday through Sunday for all of October. Reservations can be made on Tock.

Video: Chicagos Best Summer Favorites: Roberts Pizza and Dough Company (December 2021).