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Homemade sausages with mashed potatoes

Homemade sausages with mashed potatoes

The first time we wash the paste well in some water, after which we let it drain well.

Meanwhile, boil the al dente rice (boil 2-3 boils from the moment the water boils).

Boil the liver with the lungs cut into pieces, in salted water.

Heat the onion in hot oil, add the dried thyme and cook for another 2-3 minutes (be careful not to have twigs so as not to break the matte)

The blood is optional (which we collect when we cut the pig) sprinkle with salt and 2-3 tablespoons of water, bring to the boil until it thickens, let it cool.

Cut the meat into suitable pieces with the bacon and fry it until it browns.

In a bowl add the rice, the mashed potatoes, the blood drawn through the mincer. The meat cooled and pulled through the mincer twice, the liver and lungs given through the mincer, onion and spices to taste, the meat oil in which we mix well and leave aside for 30 minutes.

We prepare the mincer to fill the sausages.

We fill the mats with the filling, we are careful not to fill them too hard so that they do not break when boiled, we tie their ends with thread or mat.

Bring the water to a boil and, when it is warm, add the mats that you prick with the needle and boil them over low heat.

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Conimex Ketjap Manis 250 ml

Manis soy sauce is an Indonesian spice that can be used in almost any Asian dish.
According to an authentic Indonesian recipe. Ideal for marinating meat!
Ingredient: sugar, soy sauce 26.5% (water, soy, salt, wheat, preservative E202), water, molasses, modified corn starch, salt, burnt sugar syrup, preservative E202, flavor.
Allergens: Soy, wheat, cereals that contain gluten.
Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dark place.
Nutritional values:
Energy 963 kJ (227 kcal)
Fats & lt0.1 g of which saturated fats & lt0.1 g
Carbohydrates 53 g of which sugars 48 g
Dietary fiber & lt0.1 g
Protein 3.5 g
Salt 8.2 g
Packaging: glass
Made in the Netherlands Unilever Nederland, Conimex, Postbus 160, 3000 AD Rotterdam
Importer and distributor Total Blue Impex SRL


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CUI RO18065665 J40 / 17776/2005
Share capital: 75,000 lei
Bd. Uverturii Nr.69A Sector 6 Bucharest
Postal code 060933 Romania
ING BANK NV Amsterdam Suc. Bucharest
RO25 INGB 0000 9999 0587 5460
Phone: 0728 305 612

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The greatest RECIPE of homemade sausages, kept from ancestral moths in Banat! These days they're getting ready

TIMISOARA. These days, in the proud Banat villages, the housewives gather the necessary things and make all the preparations for slaughtering the pigs. One of the most awaited moments in the ritual of slaughtering pigs is the preparation of sausages that are not missing from the Banatean's Christmas table.

More raw or smoked, they are prepared according to recipes preserved from ancestral grains, and the secret of spices and meat mixture gives them an incomparable flavor.

Here, below, is the greatest sausage recipe, as they are made in Banat.

10 kilograms of fatty pork
4 tablespoons finely ground pepper
3 tablespoons grated enibahar ground
4 tablespoons sweet paprika
2 tablespoons grated paprika
4 heads of garlic ground in a mortar
2 liters of bone juice
15 meters of pork mate
2 liters of red stem wine

The meat is minced through a large sieve machine, sprinkled with salt, pepper, paprika, kneaded for homogenization and left to simmer for at least 3 hours.

In the hot bone soup dissolve the garlic paste, coriander, hot paprika. Incorporate the warm soup (40 degrees) in the mince and knead for an hour.

Fill the mats with the spirit, not very thick, always pricking with a sewing needle and make sausages one meter long.

Place on wooden sticks, the sausages are dried for 24 hours, then smoked in two portions of 4 hours, yes, 4 hours, no, every day, for five days. During the night, sausages remain in the smoker on dry land.


Homemade sausages with meat and beef, it's time to prepare Christmas sausages, which I think is the most beautiful and long-awaited part of many of us. This recipe is my favorite because of the meat mixture because they can dry well in smokers and enjoy them raw for a long time.

Peel the garlic in time, crush it in a mortar or through the garlic clove and put a spoonful of salt, rub it a little and add 150 ml of water. Let it sit until the meat is ready. The aroma must come out of the water that you will use in the sausages. This way they will be flavored with garlic and will not fall hard when you serve it.

The meat is minced on the machine, as well as the pork and bacon. Put the minced meat in a large bowl where you can knead the filling well. Put in the meat the ingredients listed above, salt, freshly ground pepper and strained garlic water, you can also repeat twice 100 ml of water and leave for 5 minutes each time. And now the important part for a well-tied sausage to come out is to knead very well. Stir the meat on all sides and bring it from front to back. From time to time you can spray 50 ml with a little water. Prepare the mats, check them and assemble the sausage machine. Put the meat in the machine and mount the mat on the pipe and let the meat come out, be with your hand on the sausage and twist to 30 cm and sting from place to place with a large needle. Drain the sausages in a cool place for up to 2 days.

Smoking is very important, not any wood is used, I saw the difference on my own skin. Use a hardwood and you will have an extraordinarily good preparation, it is worth the effort. In order to have a drier sausage, leave it in the smoker for a few days, provided it is cold, to dry as well as possible. you can put some in the freezer and you have them fresher and they go wonderfully fried or boiled. As well as the dry ones, they are put in the freezer and when you miss something good they go great with an onion and fresh bread. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Varicosebing preparations in varicose veins

Herbalife for varicose veins. The next morning the remedy is just right to use, writes bzi. The consequences of being overweight are as follows. This summer, Remescar Superficial Varicose Veins offers you two chances: 1.

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However, complex varicose vein operations also involve higher costs, both due to the devices used, the high-performance equipment, and the complications that vary from one patient to another.

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Varicose Veins Removal Secrets is very clear, concise, understandable, and enjoyable to read. It promises to be an outstanding learning resource for anyone seeking valuable and safe alternative means to permanently remove varicose veins from their life.

Stephanie E. Toronto, ON. Archive with hundreds of articles on natural remedies and hundreds of pelvis and feet. Herbalife Herbal Nutrition Massage Salon for. Magic Recipe For Varicose Veins and with home remedies but also by changing habits such as standing or sitting on a chair.

Herbal varicose veins

Is Herbalife or Amway better? Amway products price list in india: Check Amway products, latest price list, active Amway coupons and offers. See what Melissa Varice mvarice has discovered on Pinterest, the world's largest collection of varicosebing preparations in varicose veins. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a hypoactive thyroid or Hashimoto's thyroiditis and you want to either not gain weight, maintain your weight or even lose weight, it is very important to understand the disease you are suffering from and realize that many times, despite a moderate caloric intake or.

How to choose a good varicose vein cream. See our list of 9 creams and gels effective in relieving pain. Herbal treatment of varicose veins. None of our customers have regained weight. Sclerotherapy is frequently used to treat varicose veins or so-called spider veins. Today I will talk to you about the Herbalife company, from the beginning 33 years ago, and it is painful what can lead to the postponement of varicose veins treatment.

Herbalife snack list 16 how does herbalife shakes work Pin by Danielle Severson It is necessary to distinguish between varicose veins or varicose veins, veins.

Cellulite - Appears below. Herbalife Formula 1 is rich in protein from dairy and soy, with 18g per varicosebing preparation in varicose. It is necessary to distinguish between varicose veins or varicose veins, veins. Treatment of varicose veins without surgery in krasnoyarsk smirnov prices osteopathy of varicose veins · Herbalife and varicose veins · On the leg bruising hurts. Herbalife Nutrition expands its partnership with the Romanian Rowing Federation. The sports shoes we opt for in the autumn-winter season.

Phone: Strada CiobanuluiMogosoaia, Ilfov Email: [email protected] · Signs and symptoms of rhabdomyolysis may be hard to pinpoint.

This is largely true because the course of rhabdomyolysis varies, depending on its cause. And, symptoms may occur in one area of ​​the body or affect the whole body.

Also, complications may occur in Author: Annie Stuart.

Articles about parasites written by vellenx The best posts and pages. Varicose veins innovation - Varicose vein treatments, varicose ulcers, diabetic wounds. Everything without surgery! Varicose vein treatments and modern equipment together with a training for recovery training. The perfect treatment without surgery. Varicose vein treatments. Treatments for varicose veins, varicose ulcers, wounds. Venous hair removal products and extracts for internal use that can be used successfully in the treatment of varicose veins. Laser or radiofrequency varicose vein surgery is onycosolve that varicose veins or varicose veins are wide, prominent, palpable and visible veins.

Herbalife for varicose veins · Varicose vein resveratrol · Varicose vein cramps. Anticonvulsants for varicose veins · There are varicose veins on the legs Herbalife from varicose veins · Varicose veins in the stomach it · How to take venarus with.

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  7. Pin on Bloggers Sprinkling Joy Group Board

Varicose Veins Pressure Minimal Herbalife Program The Herbalife Initiation Program for and Future Child Health and Weight Loss and Stress. Tables for deep varicose veins after varicose vein surgery · Pregnancy patch varicose veins · Herbalife from varicose veins · It is better than surgery. On the verge of breaking Vienna treating the cause.

Welcome to Enliven

With varicose veins can be made with iodine · Varicose veins will go away · Herbalife from varicose veins · Varicose veins folk methods. For the official page, access Herbalife. You should avoid the Bioderma Photoderm Review.

Category: Calf numbness with varicose veins

It is very good for varicose veins, I use it for burns and it is a. Herbalife face creams. During the treatment period. Opinions posted in.

Treatment after varicose vein surgery. Don't make the hero! Explore It is often associated with varicose vein disease.

Varicose the legs

See more ideas about Crochet, Varicose Varnish Patterns and Charts. Servier, the first independent pharmaceutical group in France, announces the launch of its first premium cream - Cedraflon. It combines the latest principles in polymer technology, 3D matrix, Corsican lemon extract and menthol, which act synergistically for. As if these vitamins and minerals are not.

How to prepare homemade sausages

Sausages are on the list of Romanians' priorities when it comes to their favorite food. If you are tired of the less suitable taste of commercial sausages, today we present you a 100% natural, homemade recipe.


- 2 kilograms of pork

- a large clove of garlic

- a tablespoon of dried thyme

- half a tablespoon of hot paprika

- half a teaspoon of allspice.

Method of preparation:

- clean the mats and wash them. You will scrape them carefully with the back of a knife or a wooden spoon.

- In a bowl with 300 ml of water, dissolve a tablespoon of coarse salt.

- Cut the pork and beef into small pieces, chop it and put it in a bowl.

- Grind the garlic, rub it with a pinch of salt, pour a little water and mix well.

- add the sauce and all the spices over the meat, except the salt.

- mix and gradually add the brine, kneading well.

- let the mixture flavor overnight.

- mount the sausage hopper on the mincer and fill the mats. Be careful not to overcrowd them, because when they dry they will break.

- after you have filled the sausages, let them hang for 4-5 hours in the kitchen to dry, then take them out on the balcony to dry well.

Homemade sausage beans

  • 500 gr dried beans
  • 500 gr spicy homemade sausages
  • 400 gr tomato puree
  • 2-3 onions
  • 2 peppers
  • 1-2 was dafin
  • sweet and hot paprika
  • 1 link parsley
  • salt
  • pepper

Choose the beans, wash them in 2-3 waters and leave them to soak in lukewarm water for a few hours. After soaking, bring to a boil over low heat with a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and change the water. Do this 3-4 times to remove toxins from the beans.

After boiling well, allow to drain through a sieve. Wash, clean the onion, cut into scales and fry in a little oil. Allow to soften and add the sliced ​​capsicum. Saute over low heat and add the beans and tomato puree.

Season with salt, pepper and bay leaves and put in the oven. While the beans are in the oven, cut the sausages into suitable slices and fry them in their own juice. When they are ready, take them out of the pan and put them in the pan with the beans.

Let it brown for another 5-10 minutes and serve with lettuce or cucumbers and garnish with fresh parsley.

In the past, say the sources, Ianca would have had a wonderful relationship with Lidia Buble, the former partner of the presenter. Since the two are no longer together, it seems that the young woman has also changed her behavior and no longer follows the singer on Instagram, giving her an unfollow.

Lydia, on the other hand, is still paying attention to what her ex-boyfriend's daughter is doing on social media. Some time ago, when she was still with Răzvan, Lidia declared that she has a very good relationship with his children, Ianca and Tudor.

"I consider them younger brothers. We went to Disneyland together. They come to us on vacation. Tudor is 10 years old, and Ianca is going to turn 14 years old. We're like two sisters. We look at drawings together, we talk, we exchange things on the phone. They came to us just when they wanted to.

They were the ones who approached me in a shorter time. I didn't want to sound forced. It's an important step. Răzvan feels very good when he sees us like this. If he buys them a toy, he buys it for me. Răzvan says that he has three children ", Lidia Buble told in the past.

Photo source: Instagram,


I start kneading the meat until all the ingredients are well incorporated. This kneading is very important. It lasts with short breaks for about an hour and at the end you will certainly not be able to sign autographs.

And start preparing the sausages and portioning them. If necessary, use the string.

There is no philosophy. After the first 2-3, become experts.

After smoking You can immediately use them fried with potatoes, cabbage, beans, polenta. , you can freeze them or let them continue to dry until they reach the consistency of a salami.
This is what they look like after I brought them from the smoke. They are still raw, but in three or four weeks they will be perfect.

Bacon homemade pepper and spices

I'll show you the result. It's not really ready. He still has to stay on the bar until December 16, but I didn't have the patience and I cut a slice. :)

Later edit.

If you want to see how the muscles came out, I posted the recipe here.


Handsome and very tasty. I kiss you!

Ohh God. who made me enter your blog? : P..slaninuta aia arata. mmmm. so good. Brava !!

What a craving I have! . We also have the "quotcarnatii" action scheduled for Saturday, my husband is a great master! Do you smoke in your personal yard or at a smoker in the neighborhood? We kept worrying about how to make a smoker :)), but in the end we also call our neighbors this year.

I'm glad you like my dishes.
Pup you back. :)

Not only does it look, but it is very easy and does not need smoke.
Just what the man has in the kitchen.

We also smoke at the neighbors, although a smoker is very easy and does not take up much space in the yard.
It's like a wooden cupboard with a sieve, shelves and wooden bars. Underneath, in a pot, wet sawdust is lit.

ooooooooooo, what goodies, mmm, can I take a little of each? looks great, taste what to say, sure it's very good, I kiss you

Lia, do you want guests ?! That I acoustically come to Romania and maybe get out of the way :))

Lia, although I feel very sorry for the poor pig, I can't help but admire the wonders :) Beautiful-beautiful! I don't even want to think about how good it is. We skipped last year and I think this year will be the same. In the past years, however, it was not Christmas without bacon and homemade sausages, smoked by my father. What times!

mno, here I am at no comment :))). I only say mvaaai!

Alas Lia, what does she look like! I can't do it alone, but I'm sure I'll tell my parents to be inspired by you. Thanks for posting :)

While I was reading I was salivating in one! It looks great! This is how we prepare the sausage, the only difference is that we don't add brown sugar, but I will try anyway! And bacon to note recipe !! Kisses and a pleasant evening.

dear Lia, it looks fantastic and the ham and sausages! Like at home mom! I kiss you dearly!

It looks really good. Mmm and bacon just as good! Pup!

Lia, what a bacon madness you did there. fainting :)
With some garlic or onion with salt, a piece of fresh bread and a tuiculita and you're in heaven

Oh Lie Lie, what are you doing to me?
Your piece looks good, the taste is sure to be good. I'm glad you dared and liked it.
I can't wait to see your "muscles" :-)

Well, I think I'm opening a boarding house soon. :))

Well, I didn't cut pork.
I only made a few pounds of appetite. :)

Mavai I tell her many times when I pass by you. :))

It's good when we have sources of inspiration. That's the idea. Let's share experiences. :)

Often the little secrets make the difference. :)

Well, I also have & quotla mother at home & quot. :)

Cute as usual. :)

Well said .
Heaven clean! :)

Thanks again for the inspiration.
Muschii, next weeck. :)

I'm still sick of these wonders!

How many good things have you done! Mine have remained unposted because of speed!

The preparations for Christmas are in full swing.

Lia, I'm fascinated by the way you tell stories, I'm fascinated by your traditions, be they with Turinese influences :) and you fascinate me. XOXO!

Good thing you made them, it doesn't matter that they aren't posted. :)

Maybe one day we will meet, in an exchange of experience.
I give bacon and brandy, you make salmon. :)

woe to me who would stick to these goodies), and what a beautiful color bacon has.

You should know that I have already gotten into them :)

Sausages look great! And the bacon as & quottopi & quot immediately with some red onions. I can't wait to get home to my mother, I hope she has some sausages too.

Lia, we may not hear from each other for a while, that's why I wish you a Happy Holidays from now on! I hug you dearly, L.

Thank you very much for the wishes.
I wish you happy holidays and all the best in the world.
I kiss you dearly.

Oooh, you got me ready! I can't wait to get home for the holidays! Until then I swallow dry!

I wish you a Happy Holidays, with all your loved ones.

I came to play another song! Leckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

the sausages and the homemade bacon look so appetizing !! bravo !!

Maya, what's that Sing?
That I'm going to shoot myself in the head. :))

I invite you with great pleasure to the Challenge & # 8220My soul recipe for 2011 & # 8221! Let's share the most beautiful and dearest moment of 2011!

we also made homemade sausages this year. I had a few more attempts and somehow I could NOT give the taste and texture to those at home (absolutely wonderful). My mother kept giving me the recipe but something was wrong. I kept searching on the internet and in the end the revelation on your blog happened :). that hundred ml of hot water makes all the difference in consistency! Pfff! :)

We still have work to taste, but at least the consistency is almost perfect and we said we were satisfied. :)

I wish you Happy Holidays with your loved ones and a New Year full of good news. I kiss you with great sympathy! :)

I have to tell you, that today, I will make these sausages, in small quantities, which is true. Only 3 kg. I put 200 gr. of sheep tallow at 1 kg. pork pulp and 2 kg turkey. I am very lucky to have a multifunctional, electric mixer, which chopped all the meat, then I mixed everything in its bowl, the minced meat and now, I put it in the fridge. In the evening I will fill the sausages and let you know what came out. It's the first time in my life when I make sausages and I hope something good comes out. I like this blog and I wish you all the best! Gabriela.

I think they will come out very good.
It would not have occurred to me to mix sheep's milk with pork and turkey.
I'm really curious what they taste like.
The saying goes: You are not a bird like a pig. or it's not a turkey like a pig. :-)

One tablespoon of brown sugar for all 10 pounds of meat? Or a spoonful per kilogram? They come out too sweet, like gingerbread?