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Mussels with tagliatelli

Mussels with tagliatelli

- We prepare the mussels. Put water with olive oil and salt to boil; when it boils, add the mussels and let it boil for a while. We strain and set aside.

- Separately prepare the sauce: the onion is finely chopped; soak it in olive oil and white wine. When it becomes soft, add curry and sweet cream, salt, white pepper. Let it boil a little and add the yolks at the end. Add the mussels to the sauce.

- Boil the pasta in salted water and olive oil and add them to the sauce.

Serve with cold white or green wine.

Mussels with wine sauce and garlic

1 kg of live mussels & # 8211 10 lei
500 ml dry white wine 7 lei
1/2 can peeled tomatoes & # 8211 1.5 lei
1 clove of garlic
1 medium onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 bunch of fresh parsley
1/2 bag of tagliatelle with egg & # 8211 2 lei

Simple and fast technological process:

1. Thoroughly clean the mussels with a brush or metal washer. The open or broken ones are thrown away, they are no longer alive, so neither are they fresh. Tear off the mustache, set aside the sand, algae and deposits, all under a stream of cold water, so that the little ones do not fall apart. This is the most difficult part, it took us about 15 minutes for half a kilo of mussels and we did our turn, because our hands were frozen. After cleaning them, wash them in a few more waters, get rid of all the sand and be able to quietly lick all the shells that will soon be bathed in the sauce.

2. Peel the onion and garlic. Finely chop finely.

3. In a deeper wok or skillet, heat a tablespoon of oil, then add the garlic and onion. When they become transparent, the wine is added. When the wine starts to boil, in about 5 minutes, add the mussels. If they are not all immersed in liquid, add more wine or water. Put the lid on. In 5 minutes the mussels should be ready, open and only good to devour. Throw the ones that didn't open directly. Remove them with a whisk or a large spoon with holes and let them rest a little in a large bowl, under a lid.

4. Place half a can of peeled tomatoes and a tablespoon of broth over the wok wine. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper. Leave without a lid until it starts to fall.

5. Boil the tagliatelle, when you put the mussels in the wine you can also add the pasta water to the boil. When the water boils (in which you put a drop of salt and a few drops of olive oil), add the pasta. The egg noodles are ready in 4 minutes, don't let them break anymore.

6. Place the tagliatelle on a deep plate. Pour the mussels in the shells on top (if you want them to look spectacular), or ready-cleaned, without the shells, if you want to eat quickly without getting your fingers dirty. Over the mussels tossed with the Polish wine sauce. Over him, a handful of freshly chopped parsley.

7. Pour in the remaining glass of dry white wine and beat. The best is the sauce sipped directly from the shell and picked from the bottom of the plate with a corner of fresh bread.

Nah, I turned into a cook! And I still haven't told you about the chocolate and whiskey cheesecake I made yesterday & # 8230

Recipes from readers: Mussels with tomato and garlic sauce - Violeta Postolache

Ingredients: 1 kg mussels, 400 g whole tomatoes in Naturelo sauce, 3 cloves garlic, 2-3 tablespoons olive oil, 100 ml white wine, 1 bunch green parsley.
Method of preparation: We clean the mustache mussels and clean them with an abrasive sponge. We throw away the open ones because they are not good.
Put the olive oil and crushed garlic in a wok. We leave it only until the garlic releases its aroma, we do not let it burn because it will become bitter.
Pass the canned tomatoes either in a blender or with a fork.
Add the tomato sauce and wine over the garlic. Add sea salt, pepper and Italian greens
Bring to a boil until the sauce is well bound and add the mussels. Put the lid on and leave on the fire for about 3 minutes.
The mussels will begin to open. We will throw away the ones that remain closed. After everything has opened and the meat of the mussels will acquire a slightly orange color, we put the bowl aside from the fire and we add the finely chopped green parsley.

Healthy heart

Because they are low in total and saturated fats, but are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, mussels contribute to a healthy heart. According to research conducted by American Heart Association, omega-3 fatty acids, found & icircn seafood have cardioprotective benefits. (1) These unsaturated fatty acids lower the level of triglycerides and fat in the bloodstream, reducing the risk of heart attack or sudden death due to heart disease.

Arthritis treatment

Research has shown that individuals in New Zealand, whose diet contains a high intake of green-lipped mussels, have a lower incidence of arthritis. (2) Mussels have been found to be beneficial, especially in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Helps the circulatory system

Regular intake of green-lipped mussels reduces the likelihood of heart attack and other circulatory problems. (3) They facilitate healthy circulation to organs and muscles by strengthening the arterial walls and improving blood flow.

Bone and tooth health

The consumption of mussels facilitates the structural strengthening of teeth and bones, and provides the necessary support to the surrounding tissues.

Prevent anemia

Green-lipped mussels are an excellent source of iron, with a portion of 100 grams of cooked mussels, contributing to over 100% of the daily recommended value for people over 50 years of age.

As we all know, iron plays a key role in the production of red blood cells. It is involved in the formation of two oxygen-carrying proteins, namely hemoglobin and myoglobin. (4)

Iron deficiency can lead to health problems such as anemia and low energy levels.

Weight management

Fresh mussel meat contains the same amount of high quality protein as the type of red meat, but has much less total fat, saturated fat and almost 25% fewer calories. (5) Thus, the replacement of red meat with mussel meat is a low-calorie diet, which offers weight management benefits.

Health of the immune system

Regular consumption of green-lipped mussels improves the resistance to viral and bacterial infections. It also improves wound healing by intensifying and accelerating the formation of antibodies.

Healthy nervous system

By stimulating muscles, tissues and organs, green-lipped mussels help to improve the functioning of nerve cells throughout the body. (6)

& Improve fertility

Mussels with green lips can help improve fertility, as they increase the viscosity of cervical mucus in women and semen in men.

Helps prevent asthma

Mussels with green lips possess anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to be beneficial in reducing asthma symptoms. In one study, patients who consumed green-lipped mussels experienced a significant decrease in asthma symptoms. (7)

They have anti-aging properties

Mussels, especially those with green lips, contain mucopolysaccharides that help maintain a smooth complexion and skin elasticity.

Tagliatelle with mussels in dill sauce

A recipe for tagliatelle with mussels in dill sauce from: mussels, dry white wine, bay leaves, green parsley, lemon, salt, pepper, tagliatelle, corn starch, saffron, dill and cheese.


  • 2 kg live mussels
  • 300 ml dry white wine
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2 sprigs of green parsley
  • 2 slices of lemon
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 400 g noodles
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 10-12 saffron stigmas, optional
  • 3 tablespoons fresh, chopped dill
  • 250 g fresh cheese

Wash the mussels and rub well with a brush. Discard those with a broken shell or that remain open. Divide the mussels into two large saucepans and add half the amount of wine, 1 bay leaf, 1 sprig of parsley and a slice of lemon in each pan.

Cover the pans and simmer for 6-8 minutes on high heat, shaking frequently, until all the mussels have opened. Do not boil for more than 8 minutes as they harden. Discard mussels that have not opened.

Meanwhile, place a strainer over a large bowl and line it with kitchen paper or a piece of muslin. Immediately after the mussels are done, they are poured into a strainer and allowed to drain and cool, keeping the juice in which they were boiled.

After the mussels have cooled enough, remove them from the shell and place them in a bowl.

Put a large saucepan with boiling salted water and boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Meanwhile, put the strained juice in a pan and boil until the liquid has dropped to 300 ml, checking the amount from time to time with a graduated bowl.

Mix the starch with 1 tablespoon of cold water and pour in the low juice. Add the saffron, optionally, bring it back to the boil and stir continuously.

Reduce the flame, add 2 tablespoons of dill and let the sauce boil for 5 minutes, so that the flavors blend well.

Incorporate the cheese into the sauce, add the mussels and reheat everything to the right heat. Do not bring the sauce to a boil because it catches and the mussels harden.

No salt is added because the mussels are already salted. Drain the pasta and mix with the sauce. Divide into 4 bowls, sprinkle with pepper and the rest of the dill.

Tagliatelle with shrimp and mussels

Lately we have been focusing on seafood recipes. Pardoxal, although on our lands are considered at least exotic, interest in seafood has increased significantly. Practically, we find them in almost all restaurants with international dishes. We have a recipe that is as simple and quick as it is tasty, that combines pasta with shrimp and mussels in a shell.

For two balanced portions of pasta with shrimp and mussels, we need:

  • 300 g of quality tagliatelle or linguine
  • 300 g fresh mussels, in shell.
  • 8 - 10 fresh shrimp, large size
  • 100 ml dry white wine
  • 3 cloves of garlic or a sprig of green garlic
  • ½ tablespoon of freshly chopped ginger
  • 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon walnut oil
  • 40 g butter
  • ½ tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½ tablespoon dried herbs of provence
  • A bunch of fresh parsley
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ hot peppers
  • Salt

Preparation method:
1. Easter:
The simplest is to use commercial pasta. We recommend Barilla, in terms of quality / price ratio. Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package (5-10 minutes) in salted water. Does not require oil. Usually, the oil is used for lower quality pasta, so as not to stick to each other. Normally, if the water is enough, the pasta will boil without problems.

2. Shrimp
Preparation of shrimp begins with their purchase. You have the option to buy whole fresh shrimp, whole favorite shrimp, peeled pre-shrimp or frozen peeled shrimp. I recommend whole fresh shrimp, possibly bought from the Obor fish hall or from the cash & amp carry hypermarkets. The fresh ones will have an unsightly gray color, but don't be fooled by the look. They turn pink - orange after boiling, somewhat similar to crabs. By shading, the already pink-orange ones are preferred.
As I said, buy fresh raw shrimp (or any of the above). They should be washed thoroughly under running water and left to drain. If frozen, they should be thawed naturally at refrigerator temperature. After washing them well and squeezing them, clean the shrimp by removing the head, feet and chitin shell. Then cut the back of the shrimp along its entire length and remove the intestine. When you have finished the operation, rinse the shrimp once more. You can keep 2-3 whole shrimp for decoration.
Chop ½ of the amount of onion, hot pepper, garlic, ginger and parsley. Heat in a pan ½ the amount of butter and ½ the amount of olive oil. Add onion, garlic, hot pepper and ginger and sauté for 2 minutes. Then add the shrimp for 6-8 minutes, turning them on both sides. Quench with a little wine, add salt, pepper, provincial herbs, parsley and ½ of the amount of lemon juice. A little wine, because we will use the wine for a reduction.
For the reduction of wine, use a kettle, in which we boil the wine until it drops and becomes yellow, with a liqueur-like appearance. Add the wine reduction over the sauteed shrimp, after they are ready.
Boiled pasta is mixed with shrimp in wine sauce and wait for the mussels on the face to prepare them in parallel.

3. Noon
As for mussels, we apply the same principle. Be fresh. They can be purchased and frozen, but why get frozen when the Obor fish hall is very well stocked with fresh mussels. To our surprise, the mussels bought there are over 90% good. I have rarely found that one or two do not close or open. With mussels, things are like this: once introduced under the water jet, they have to close. Later, on fire, it must open. Those that do not close or open, respectively, are discarded. To clean the mussels you need a wire brush to remove any sediment from the shells. Also, break and remove the mustache. The process takes about 15 minutes for 1 kg of mussels.
Instead of a frying pan, use a deep saucepan with a lid. The sauce is identical to the one prepared for shrimp, with the specification that we will no longer make wine reduction but we will only add the wine after adding the mussels over the sauce in the pan. Therefore, follow the steps above, add the mussels, wine and cover the pan. The mussels will open and the steam is the perfect solution for heat treatment. They will be removed from the heat after 5-7 minutes. If you leave them longer, they will dehydrate and nothing will be chosen.
You can supplement the amount of mussels, and some of them will be used in pasta, and the other part will be served separately, in their sauce, with a focaccia or toast.
Once the mussels are ready, place them over the shrimp tagliatelle.

Quantity: 2 servings
Preparation time (including waiting times): approx. 35 minutes.

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What ingredients do I need to make tuna tagliatelle?

Ingredients used for preparation tagliatelle with tuna make it a healthy snack for new moms. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare tagliatelle with tuna:

- half a finely peeled and finely chopped onion

- 1 tablespoon cornmeal

- a tablespoon of mixed herbs

- 200 gr. of canned tone

- freshly ground black pepper

- 175 gr. green and white tagliatelle pasta

- 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese

To prepare the cheese sauce with mushrooms you need the following ingredients:

-a half of finely chopped onion

- 100 gr. diced mushrooms

- 100 gr. of Cedar cheese

How to prepare wild rice for mussels

In principle, the wild rice will be cooked according to the instructions on the package. Having a rather rough texture and being a little more difficult to chew if it is not cooked well enough, the wild rice must be soaked in water for a few hours before being cooked.

Also, to each cup of wild rice is added somewhere to 3 cups of water when boiling. Throughout the cooking process, it is good to stir continuously, until the wild rice for rice mussels acquires a light brown hue and is slightly soft to the touch. When the rice is almost cooked, add sesame oil over it, to have a special flavor and a shiny appearance.

How to cook mussels

Heat the butter and oil together in a pan, then add the finely chopped garlic cloves to the pan. Leave the garlic in the pan for 2-3 minutes, until it releases its flavor. Once the garlic is cooked enough, add the previously washed mussels to the pan, along with the soy sauce and white wine. Let the whole mixture cook over low heat for about 10 minutes, until the sauce gradually begins to evaporate.

The mussels cook quite quickly, so in no more than 10 minutes they will be ready. If you keep them on the fire longer, they will become hard and gummy, which is why it is recommended to keep them on the fire until they change color and turn orange.

Mussels with wine and garlic sauce

At the intersection of Tomis 3, on the side with Blv. Tomis (in the NE part of the intersection, the one from Boema and Integra). It seems to me that it is called "La Pelicanu" and I understood that it would have a store open in Piata Grivitei.
If I have to choose, then I also prefer rapana. But I chose the mussels for the recipe that I was going to publish due to the fact that I don't think rapans are too easy to find in the country. And I want the recipes to be put into practice by those who read them, not just to make them salivate :)

In Bucharest it costs 50-60 lei / kg, what a difference

Yeah, there's a big difference. but as in summer the people of Bucharest invade Constanta on weekends, on departure I could buy some cheap mussels :) I wrote above where is the fishery from which I supply myself.

I don't think it's mussels. These are cheap, around 10 lei / kg. You are probably referring to Breton oysters, Saint-Jacques shells, etc. Not even clams reach 50 lei.

Certainly the lady is not referring to mussels, in this case. The Carrfour 1kg costs 9.80 lei. I bought it two weeks ago.

It was as if the price difference was too big. so you can still find cheap mussels in Bucharest. Thank you for the information, maybe more people will be tempted to try this recipe.

The mussels are good and filled with minced meat, parsley, a slice of bread soaked in milk and squeezed + salt and pepper or paprika then tied with string to stay closed and cooked in a simple onion sauce and broth with salt and about 4 basil leaves. In addition to the time for filling and tying in 40 min. it is ready with a little bread, from a kg of mussels and 0.5 kg of meat the whole family eats. The recipe is original Italian and I hope everyone who will try it will like it.

Try the stuffed mussels, thanks for the idea! The recipe could be called & quotmidii bound & quot, it would become even more attractive :)

Others eat raw mussels, so you don't have to worry. :)

I live in Spain and here I eat a wide variety of seafood. We make a perfectly simple mussel recipe at home and they come out very tasty: On the bottom of a pot, make a bed of 2-3 celery leaves with a tail with a big cut, an onion or a piece of leek cut scales, a few berries whole peppers, a piece of hot pepper just enough to give a little sting only for those who can stand, squeeze half a lemon, put almost half a glass of water, no more so that the fresh mussels release enough liquid , pour the mussels, put the lid on and put on medium heat, no more and leave until they open and acquire the yellow-orange color. Remove to a bowl, pour and the juice without the greenery, sprinkle with green parsley and "eat". They are extraordinarily good and the juice is wonderful. Here I saw some culinary shows on TV in which people are advised not to wash mussels anymore because they come prepared and washed in sea water, because washing with fresh water takes away their flavor. And through thermal cooking, any microbes also disappear.

First of all, thousands of thanks for your mussel recipe, I am always attracted by simple recipes. It may not be necessary to wash the mussels, but I still don't feel like leaving myself in the hands of the sellers. maybe I should take two or three liters of water from the sea and wash them with it :)

How to cook the best mussels with wine

Mussels cooked in wine are an excellent choice for an evening spent with friends or, why not, for an evening for two. Although it seems like a dish that you would rather order at the restaurant than cook it at home, we recommend you try it without any hesitation. Mussels are easy to cook, and the result is. a treat!

You need:

  • 1kg midii
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion or 2 salads
  • 150ml dry white wine
  • 50g butter

Method of preparation:
First of all, make sure you buy the freshest mussels. It is important that they are tightly closed and smell great. The slightly open ones, press them a little on the table & ndash if they close quickly, it means that they are good. If not, throw them away.

Do not forget: the mussels are alive, so they must be kept at a low temperature until they are cooked & ndash put them in the fridge, on a layer of ice, covered with a damp paper towel.

Step 1:
Take each shell in your hand and use a wire brush to clean it well of algae, sand or limestone. Then, clean his "mustache" - that thread that comes out of the shells.

Step 2:
Cut the garlic and onion very finely and fry them in butter, directly in the pot in which you will boil the mussels. Add salt and pepper and leave over medium heat until soft (should not take on a brownish hue).

Step 3:
Put the mussels in the pot in a single layer and put enough wine to have a layer of 0.635 cm on the bottom of the pot from the mixture of wine, butter, onion and garlic. Cover the pot with a lid and cook the mussels for a few minutes over medium heat towards the sea, until they open.

Check the mussels after about five minutes to see if they have opened, a sign that they have cooked. If most are ready, take the pot off the heat. You can serve them directly from the pot or you can transfer them to a bowl and you can enjoy them with a wand.

We recommend that you enjoy the mussels with the same wine you cooked them with. It is a very good choice Sauvignon Blanc.

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Spaghetti with mussels (Spaghetti with mussels)

We still haven't recovered from the trip to Rome & # 8230 either physically (I think it will take at least another week for me to start feeling my feet) because I slept very little and walked like crazy . The truth is that you steal the landscape & # 8230 another store with traditional products and all kinds of salami, pancetta and pasta, another ice cream parlor, another mime on the street and until you realize, you walked 10 km, you are starving and you don't even feel your soul anymore. After 3 days of walking, we found the perfect name for our frantic walk & # 8211 "dementor style" we call it, meaning walking with the map in hand (at best) or usually without any purpose and analyzing every interesting stone , an appetizing store or what else Rome has to offer. And if I gathered something from Rome, walked dementor style, there were various recipes, which I will show you one by one! After I told you how it was in Testaccio and I made you crave spaghetti alle vongole, I said not to be "nesi" and to show you how to prepare spaghetti alle cozze or mussels.

First of all, I have to tell you something: calculate about 500-600g of fresh mussels per person. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I found fresh mussels, produced in Italy at Auchan, at a very good price. Once you have bought the mussels and brought them home, you need to clean them very well before boiling them. And when I say very good, it must be VERY good. Here is a very suggestive and well-explained video on how to clean mussels.

Ingredients for 3-4 servings:
& # 8211 1500g midii
& # 8211 5 cloves of garlic
& # 8211 olive oil
& # 8211 a glass of dry white wine (approx. 125 ml)
& # 8211 250g spaghetti
& # 8211 250 ml tomato paste (I make it at home from peeled tomatoes, from which we take out the seeds and put them in a blender)
& # 8211 a big bunch of parsley

After cleaning the mussels (we pull out the mustaches, throw away the ones that are open, even a little and wash each one with an abrasive sponge or a wire sponge, until it has no traces of sand or any other impurities, then rinse them in several waters, until the water remains perfectly clean), heat in a large saucepan a little olive oil (enough to cover the bottom of the pan) in which we put 2 whole cloves of garlic, which have the role of flavoring the oil . We don't let the garlic fry too much because it becomes bitter, so a few seconds after it has been in the oil, we put the mussels and pour the wine on top. Cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring from time to time, until all the mussels are open.

When all the mussels have opened (we throw away the ones that have not opened) we take them out with a foamer. The liquid left by the mussels is very important, so we do not throw it away, but we strain it through a very fine sieve (if it is not thick enough, we line it with cotton disks) and put it aside. In a large frying pan, heat olive oil (2-3 tablespoons) in which we put 3 cloves of garlic given on the grater and leave it for only a few seconds, then put the puree and the liquid in which the mussels were boiled. Mix well and let it boil for 3-4 minutes, until the sauce becomes homogeneous.

Then we put the whole bunch of finely chopped parsley and now it is now: for an extra taste, I chose to put a very hot pepper, a peperoncino, but only one because they are very very spicy. Then add salt and pepper to taste (it is very important to taste before adding salt, because, let's not forget, spaghetti was boiled in salted water and we don't want it to be too salty) and mussel tadpoles. Let the sauce simmer for about 7-8 minutes, stirring carefully. Yes, I forgot to tell you: once the mussels are removed from the boil, we take out the tadpoles, but we leave a few whole mussels for decoration. At the end, put the boiled pasta al dente in the sauce and mix well.

This is what I have seen everywhere in Italy: the sauce is prepared, when the sauce is almost ready, the pasta is boiled, al dente and directly from the water in which they boiled, they are put in the sauce. Yes, pasta in sauce and not sauce over pasta. They never drain the pasta from the water in which they boiled because the starch helps to bind the sauce and in addition, this way it sticks better to the pasta. Now what can I tell you? That they were super good and competed with pasta eaten in Italy? I won't tell you anymore, I'll let you cook them and tell me how you liked them. Aaaaa, one more thing: instead of mashed tomatoes you can put cherry tomatoes, which you immerse for a few seconds in hot water, peel them, cut them in half, remove the seeds and chop them super finely. I kiss you dearly and I can't wait to tell you more about how I took Rome on foot. You're welcome!

Video: Simple Mussels with Curry Laksa. EP Seafoods (October 2021).