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Japanese soup with beef and stove noodles

Japanese soup with beef and stove noodles

Preparation: the peculiarity of this soup is that the vegetables are placed raw in a very finely chopped plate, and will be cooked by boiling soup poured over them. The beef is cut into very fine pieces, as fine as you manage to cut them and brown a little over high heat in an oil with a high burning point. We need a concentrated and flavored beef soup in which we add a little soy sauce and prepare the stove noodles that are put in boiling water and left for 5 minutes.

Super assembly is simple in a large plate (huge :) or large bowl) place the boiled noodles. Then add the finely chopped vegetables and the meat, place the raw garlic in the center. Pour the beef soup into the wok in which we fried the meat to deglaze the meat flavor and bring it back to the boil and so it boils. pour into the plate.

You will notice small bubbles formed next to the vegetables, the boiling soup actually cooks the vegetables that remain at the same time crispy and fragrant. After 2 minutes it is only good to serve, hot and spicy to taste in my plate you can see quite a lot of hot peppers, you try your own tastes and courage.

It is an extraordinary soup, I have already made it in several variants with white noodles, with Chinese black mushrooms, tomorrow I will make it with chicken with fragrant mushrooms, my husband loves this spicy soup and Asian food and for me it is a an extra opportunity to test new recipes, I wish you good appetite and I invite you to test the recipe with what you have at hand.