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McDonald’s Locations in Latin America Plan to Participate in World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Earth Hour’

McDonald’s Locations in Latin America Plan to Participate in World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Earth Hour’

Major franchisee Arcos Dorados says this is the ninth consecutive year its locations have participated in the event

The company says that select Latin American McDonald’s restaurants have been built or redesigned to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

McDonald’s has taken steps toward more sustainability in the fast-food industry, with its recent participation in a sustainably raised beef program and sustainably sourced coffee beans for its McCafés. This week, Arcos Dorados Holdings, the largest restaurant chain in Latin America and largest McDonald’s franchisee, announced that it’s continuing to take steps toward a smaller footprint on Earth by participating in the World Wildlife Fund’s “Earth Hour” initiative.

According to the company, millions of people turn off their lights during Earth Hour to raise awareness of the fact that moderate use of natural resources can help fight climate change. For the initiative, the company says that all McDonald’s locations in Latin America will shut down their external lighting for one hour on March 25.

“For Arcos Dorados, joining Earth Hour is very important, as this global initiative reflects the company’s philosophy,” Lyana Latorre, senior director of corporate social engagement at Arcos Dorados, said in a statement.

“Every day, we seek to leave a smaller footprint on our planet by managing waste from our restaurants in a responsible manner and implementing actions to reduce water and electricity consumption, along with the use of local ingredients, and designing a more efficient supply chain.”

In addition, the company says its commitment to running a more eco-friendly business include recycling water from restaurant air conditioners to water gardens and wash buildings and using low oil volume fryers that require less energy to use.

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