Beef - neck or leg - 1 kilogram and 200 grams of fat. Mix twice through the mincer.

In parallel, prepare bread crumbs (the size of a lemon) soaked in garlic sauce. After the meat is minced, add the well-crushed bread crumbs and mix. To taste, add the spices: thyme, cumin, pepper, salt and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Knead everything until it becomes a homogeneous paste. Then shape the little ones and put them in the cold for a few hours.

High recipe:

Chop the meat twice in the machine together with the tallow. Add salt, spices, crushed garlic, meat juice and baking soda and knead everything by hand for 15 minutes adding little by little 2 tablespoons of water. Well kneaded should already be like a paste. The bowl with the kneaded meat is kept in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. Near the fryer, take equal amounts with a spoon from the mince and form with the wet hand of the mititei. Before placing them on the grill, grease them well with oil, and during frying, grease them with a pinch of meat juice, mixed with a little oil.

Some secrets about children: (from Dan Ungureanu, Pitesti, Romania)

1. The specific taste of the small originals is given by garlic, tallow and mutton !!! (mixed with pork, less beef)

2. In order for the little ones not to be grilled, to be musty even after they have been fried, in addition to the fact that they need baking soda, the pasta must be beaten, and water or soup juice must be added gradually. Beating the pasta small, (eating it often) absorbs much more water than simply mixing it. It is the most important secret of the little ones.

I will come back with the recipe made by nea "Aries"

Japanese rice cakes (mochi): the recipe to make at home

Japan is a wonderful country. Not only for its cultural richness and its delicate landscapes, but for its incredible gastronomic richness, whose recipes have come to remain in our country (sushi is a good example, but not the only one).

Your natural drinks, as appropriate green tea, they become unique and delicious options. While, among the typical meals and dishes, not only emphasizes sushi, but also other ideal options, such as udon, Okonomiyaki or refined ramen.

But what about desserts? There is no doubt that Mocha stands out precisely for being one of the most popular, classic and typical. It consists, as we will see in the entire recipe note, in a way rice cake which is done withmochigome, a small, fluffy Japanese rice grain.

The truth is that your recipe is very simple, and the result is delicious, soft texture and sweet taste, it is a great option to take after a festive meal. Do you dare to prepare it? Discover the ingredients and steps you need.

Chocolate chip cookies and candies

The soup is delicious, we tried it too, and for those who need an intense sweet taste after the soup, we recommend a chocolate chip cookie, like the ones below. Warning: I can be addictive!

How much joy can be read on a child's face when he wakes up with such a plateau in front of him? Try it and you will see!

Ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and candies:

200 g flour
50 g cocoa
1 teaspoon lightly topped with baking powder
1 pinch of salt
125 g milk chocolate
120 g butter
250 g sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
2 medium eggs
1 large bag of colored candies type M & ampMs

How to make chocolate chip cookies and candies?

In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt, baking powder and cocoa. Put the chocolate and melted butter in a bain-marie. Meanwhile, mix the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar.
Pour the melted chocolate with butter over the eggs and mix well.
After homogenizing the composition, take the dough with a teaspoon and put small-medium balls in the tray lined with baking paper. We put a candy on each ball.
Bake the chocolate and candy biscuits in the preheated oven at 170 ° C for 15 minutes, then let them cool in the pan. After 10 minutes, take them out and leave them on the grill for at least 30 minutes. We keep them for a few days in a box that closes tightly.

Broccoli recipes. Two other ultrafast solutions and dietary

9. Broccoli salad with oranges, cauliflower and pomegranate

Ingredients for four servings:

  • 200 g broccoli
  • 200 g cauliflower
  • 200 g orange
  • 100 g pomegranate
  • olive oil
  • soy sauce
  • vinegar

It is an extremely balanced and complete salad, very welcome in the cold season. It can perfectly accompany a slice of chicken breast, in the context of a low-calorie menu.

Broccoli and cauliflower are passed through hot water for about 2 minutes. Alternatively, they can be steamed for 5 minutes, thus losing less of their nutritional properties. Broccoli, cauliflower and orange should be in equal amounts, and pomegranate in half. Season with a quick dressing of olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce, salt and pepper.

10. Broccoli recipes. Broccoli cream soup

Ingredients for four servings:

  • 500 g broccoli
  • 100 g leek
  • 50 g celery
  • 50 g carrots
  • core of 10 nuts
  • 50 g of dried tomatoes
  • olive oil, salt, pepper

The procedure for the cream soup is a classic one: sauté in oil over medium heat the vegetables cut into relatively large pieces, 2-3 minutes. The easiest way is to use an aluminum or stainless steel pot directly. After they have taken on a little color, cover them with water and boil them for about 15 minutes. Then we pass them through a blender, adjusting the salt and pepper.

It is served as a first course garnished with walnut kernels quickly baked in the pan and with dried tomatoes and cut into pieces. In this way we have an interesting difference of tastes and textures and we avoid getting bored due to a too uniform taste.


Because we are in the canning period, I thought I would write an article about how to freeze small fruits gender raspberry , Fraga , blackberries , blueberries ,cranberries

First we clean and wash the fruits, then we let them drain in a sieve or on absorbent napkins, it is important that they are well drained of water.

Some of them, such as raspberries, strawberries or blackberries are very delicate and do not wash under running water. Put them in a strainer and immerse in cold water several times.

After draining well, place the fruit on a tray in a single layer and put the tray in the freezer for a few hours.

Then take out and put in small portions of 300-500 g, in plastic bags or pans. If I freeze various fruits on the same day, I put a mix in small pans to decorate the sweets.

In this way, strawberries, cherries or cherries are also frozen.

Apricots, peaches, apples or other fruits are washed, cleaned and cut into slices or cubes and frozen in this way, spread on the tray. This way the fruits will not stick and, even if we put them in a 1 kg casserole. for example, we can take a few slices for a smoothie, without having to defrost the whole bowl.

Thaw slowly in the refrigerator. The ones you want to use for decoration, spread them on a tray to thaw, so they will keep their shape.

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Broccoli recipes with garlic

5. Sauteed broccoli with garlic, anchovies, capers

Ingredients for four servings:

  • 1 kg of broccoli
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 2 large onions
  • a few pieces of anchovies in oil
  • 1 tablespoon capers (missing, kalamata olives, can be used together, reducing the amount by half of each)
  • olive oil
  • 100 ml of red wine

It is a recipe with broccoli from the south of Italy, drowned broccoli, typical of the Mediterranean diet. There are several local versions, each based on resources. To become a recipe with fasting broccoli, remove the anchovies and flavor with capers and more olives.

We need a non-stick pot or pan in which to place 2 layers of broccoli. So somewhat tall, but also quite wide.

Flavor about 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil with the garlic clove over medium heat, then remove and set aside the dish on the flame. We place half of the small bouquets of broccoli in a layer, over which we place half of the onion cut scales, half of the capers and / or olives, half of the anchovies. Cover with the rest of the broccoli, then again onions, anchovies, capers, olives.

Cover the pot with a lid and put it back on the flame, over low heat. From time to time we move the pot, without discovering it (how to proceed with sarmale). DO NOT mix. After 15 minutes, lift the lid and pour the wine so that it reaches everywhere. Simmer for another quarter of an hour, without a lid, to evaporate the excess alcohol and water. When ready, wait a few minutes and we can serve. It looks like a tart at last. Cut into slices starting from the center outwards and take the portion with a tart palette.

Simple vegetarian or vegan dinner recipes

7. Eggplant au gratin in fans, with tomatoes and mozzarella

eggplant cut lengthwise without cutting their backs so that the slices can form a kind of fan. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and allow the liquid to drain. Then put in the oven with slices of tomatoes and mozzarella between them and sprinkle with oil. For extra flavor, eggplant slices and can flavor with garlic. Cut a dog into lengths and gently pass over each slice of eggplant with the part where it was cut.

For a complete meal, a few can be placed next to the eggplant baked potatoes. Bake together until ready, about half an hour. For those who prefer extra protein, instead of carbohydrates (potatoes), there is a very quick ideal solution: a omelette thinly roll it with a few other pieces of tomatoes and mozzarella inside. The mozzarella softens and compacts the roll, which is cut into slices.

8. Peppers stuffed with couscous Mediterranean style, baked au gratin

Bell peppers Bake partially in the oven for about half an hour, during which time the filling is prepared. It adds hot water over couscous according to the instructions on the box. Water is added gradually, carefully, to test the power of absorption and not to exaggerate. Each type of couscous behaves differently, the instructions are generally approximate. Flavor with salt and olive oil. It is then added tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, cut all finely, and capere. Mix everything well, complete with salt and pepper.

When the peppers have cooled a little, fill them with the obtained composition and put them back in the oven. It should stay at about 160 degrees C for about a quarter of an hour, until it au gratin.

9. Lentil and mushroom cream with spinach and spicy rice

It is a successful combination of vegetable proteins, greens, carbohydrates and low fat. Boil duckweed about 20 minutes, until completely cooked. During this time, we calm down mushroom cut into thin slices about 5 minutes. When both are ready, combine and with a vertical mixer make cream, flavoring, to taste, with olive oil, pepper and salt.

In the same pan in which I hardened the quail mushrooms and leaves spinach with a little butter 2-3 minutes, until softened but remain relatively crispy. In parallel, we boil rice, preferably Asian, in salted water. Drain it, flavor it with pepper, hot paprika and oil. Serve together in equal proportions.

Small - Recipes

Prof. Gulie Dorin

High School Ion Ghica Răcari, Dâmbovița

Nature suffers because of people's unconsciousness. It sends us signals asking for help, but either we are powerless in the face of the situation we have reached, or we ignore the harm done. A healthy life depends on a clean environment, and a clean environment is possible only because of our involvement and the promotion of an ecological education. It is a current topic and a topic of global interest. All countries face the problems of environmental pollution due to certain causes and are affected by the consequences caused by human actions. NGOs are concerned with promoting environmental actions, governments have adopted certain laws to ensure the protection of the environment through certain constraints and have signed various treaties by which they want to implement joint actions. The chance for a better future is the new generation that must be formed in the spirit of environmental education. It is important for everyone to understand that the smallest gesture matters. Turning off the light when leaving a room, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or using a bicycle or walking for short distances are as simple as they are beneficial.

In the spirit of what we presented above and being aware that our students can change things in the future, we have tried and are trying to get involved in ecological projects. Analyzing the problems of the environment, setting common goals, we found international partners who accepted the development of a project dear to our soul. It is currently a challenging project due to the epidemiological situation, but we are trying to cope with the imposed situations. It's about the project "Take your planet in your hands! /Take control of your planet!”Concluded between partners from three European countries: Romania, France and Germany. The project aims to help participants adopt concrete behaviors and overcome the expression of their fear of climate change. By getting involved in the project, we want to develop various skills among our students. The project was planned to run for two school years, but the pandemic forced the period to be postponed. The project is supported by the Franco-German Youth Office in Paris and has two mobilities: the first is in France, and the second is planned for Romania. In order to maintain the interest of the participants, we organized activities in the online environment. Teachers and students from the three groups participated in the thematic activities. There were also practical activities in which students prepared personal coats of arms to present themselves, created walls from recyclable paper to metaphorically express the barriers that the new virus imposed. Using old photos, pictures from magazines or used books, students created sets for kitchen meals in order to make their country known. The language of communication of the project is French. An attempt was made to combine teaching objectives with issues of global interest. The students were involved in all the proposed activities, and the parents appreciated the originality and importance of the topic. In agreement with the partners, activities were planned to deal with several topics: recyclable paper, vegetarian recipes, plant alphabet, etc. Each student will create a recyclable paper object. Items will be mailed on certain occasions. The formed groups will report in an association of vegetarian products, a collective garden will be created. We want to create a common book with recipes. Plants can become, through drawings, letters. Each country will present local plants in the form of an alphabet. Using old materials, recyclable paper, we will try to identify ways in which the student's universe, environment and country can be presented. In addition, mobility in France has 6 major themes: waste, food, energy and energy sources - water, urban planning, leisure activities to protect the environment, endangered animals. For the theme refuse, the recycling system of the school restaurant in the host locality will be visited. Workshops will be organized to create objects from certain recycled waste. Regarding food, students are invited to a naturally treated vegetable garden, then they will enter the cannery. power it is just as important. Students will take a trip to a research center - oil - to see how car fuel is transformed. In the neighboring village of the host locality, the students will be guided among the solar panels and will listen to the explanations of the specialists. Regarding town planning, the organizers proposed the brilliant idea of ​​building an urban forest to develop young people's imagination regarding the utopia of the city. The day ends with a visit to the city, using all possible means of transport, in the form of a multi-stage mission. Favorite activities of young people are common, regardless of nationality. Students will build a book hut. They will be guided in the construction of the cottages. They will also participate in tree planting or greening activities. And the theme animal encourages discovery. Students have the opportunity to work with specialist beekeepers who will present the activity and life of bees, but also the problems that threaten them. They will continue with an animal protection line for species recognition.

Nature needs us as much as we need it. If we think about our health and a better future, we must get involved and not let time pass! Otherwise, it will be too late.

30 million children were bought by Romanians on the May 1st holiday. The little boy's story!

30 million children were bought by Romanians on the May 1st holiday. Statistical estimates in Romania are similar to last year, even if the rules of social distancing were more rigid in 2020.

Annually, in our country is consumed between 20,000 and 25,000 tons of baby pasta. That is, around 40 440 million babies reach the grills of Romanians, according to ARC (Romanian Meat Association), which estimated this year a similar amount to the last three years, around 30 million babies. In a majority percentage, the Romanians' favorites were the small ones obtained from the mixture of pork and beef, followed by those from beef, pork and sheep.

& # 8220This year, consumption is estimated to be similar to last year, around 30 million children, given that Orthodox Easter coincided with the popular May Day holiday. Prices have not changed significantly since last year, as each company has assessed its costs well in advance & # 8221, said representatives of meat processors.

Mochi: recipe for Japanese rice cakes

Ingredients for mochi (for 6-10 units)

  • 250 g of sticky rice
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Rice starch (to sprinkle during kneading)

Preparation of mochi dough

  1. In a bowl or bowl, mix the glued rice flour with the sugar and water. For this, it is important to mix vigorously, but slowly add water. Mix well until there are no pieces, but the dough is elastic and quite sticky.
  2. Remove a cloth and use it to line a bamboo bowl for steaming. To do this, pour the dough into the bowl, cover and set aside. Put water in a saucepan or pan of the same diameter and when it starts to boil add the bamboo pot.
  3. Let the rice cook for 20 to 25 minutes, until the dough gets a fairly sticky texture. Remove from heat and allow to cool (until the dough is warm enough).
  4. Knead by hand. To do this, place the rice starch on the kitchen counter.
  5. Place the mochi paste on top of the rice starch counter, roll out the dough and cut it into small portions.
  6. Now, flatten each ball with the palm of your hands and stretch them carefully to form a disc.
  7. If you want, you can re-form the balls that you can serve (if you will not fill them) or leave them as they are and cut them into squares.

Although mochis can be filled with different ingredients and options, both sweet and salty, the most common is to use ANKO, which consists of a paste of red soybeans known as azukis.

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