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Five Awesome Food Organizations in Louisiana

Five Awesome Food Organizations in Louisiana

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Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred U.S.-based groups including five from Louisiana who are cultivating a better food system.

The Central Louisiana Local Foods Initiative works to support the regional food economy, educating and engaging communities in the process. Their projects include Fresh Central, a local food information resource; entrepreneurship training; and food deliveries to low-income residents in rural areas.

Community Kitchen Collective serves hot meals to those in need in New Orleans, LA by bringing together projects that combat food waste and hunger. The Collective’s mission is to bring lasting social change by fighting poverty, racism, and violence by partnering with cooks, farmers, and community organizers.

John Besh Foundation provides financial assistance to projects that build communities and preserve the culture of New Orleans. Their most recent initiative grants microloans to local farmers in an effort to combat the financial barriers to sustainable agriculture.

The Renaissance Project is a native-New Orleans, nonprofit community development organization focused on integrated programs for poverty alleviation. The Project works to improve the quality of life in low-income communities of color through increasing access to healthy food, improving educational opportunities, and creating economic opportunities.

Second Harvest Food Bank, the largest anti-hunger network in southern Louisiana, works to end hunger by providing food access, advocacy, education, and disaster relief. Second Harvest provides food to 300 partner agencies and direct food access to community members across 23 parishes in order to serve the one in six households in Louisiana who are at risk of hunger.


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