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First we clean the potatoes, wash them well and boil them in enough water to cover them. We leave them until the fork penetrates inside the potato, in the meantime we prepare the rest of the ingredients: we clean the onion and the carrot, wash them well and chop them on the robot or mine, we put oil in a pan, let the oil heat up then add the onion and carrot.

Mix lightly with a spatula, add the minced meat.

When the onion becomes translucent, season with salt, pepper, stir continuously to fry the meat evenly, from time to time add a drop of water so as not to fry the ingredients too much.

When the meat starts to color, add the ketchup, meanwhile the potatoes have been boiled and drained well, cut them into cubes or slices {according to your preferences} and put them in a pan greased with oil.

Sprinkle salt, pepper and a little cheese over them, beat eggs in a bowl, dilute with milk, then sour cream and parsley, chopped dill and mix. From the composition we pour over the minced meat that we put over the potato layer and so on until we run out of ingredients. Set the oven to 180 degrees and put the tray for. 30-35 minutes. When it's ready we can serve ... Bon appetit !!