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Slices of bagel with tuna and salami mousse

Slices of bagel with tuna and salami mousse

A quick and good appetizer, most of all I like to eat them with pickles, I think you agree with me, it only goes well with pickles. When there is no time to cook in the evening and you only have a box of tuna in the closet this is the right recipe. I hope you like it.

  • the bagel
  • a box of tuna
  • 150 gr Philadelphia cheese or diced tofu
  • olive oil
  • a little salt
  • a drop of lemon
  • a drop of black vinegar
  • a few slices of dried salami
  • thicker ground pistachio
  • tomatoes and pickles if we want and we have ..

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Slices of bagel with tuna and salami mousse:

I cut the bagel into small slices and placed it on the plate.

I opened the tuna can and drained the oil. I put in the mixer with cheese, a little oil, a little vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice and I mixed until it became thicker cream. I took it out in a bowl and tasted salt and pepper.

I placed the knife over the slices of bagel, I decorated it with a piece of dry salami and thicker ground pistachios.

I served it with pickles.

Raphael (candy)

200 gr grated coconut (one bag)

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

2 sheets of very finely chopped wafers

hazelnuts or almonds

How to prepare:

Mix the butter with the sugar with the mixer until it becomes a cream and all the sugar has melted.
Then we add the powdered milk, the ground wafer sheets, the coconut (we keep a little walnut because at the end, we give the candies through the coconut).
After mixing all the ingredients well,
take a little cream and put a hazelnut or almond in the middle.
We make balls that at the end we give through the coconut.


in this way to provide 2 rolls each.

Pie in Paradise

Ordinary bread dough.
stuffing (cabbage, cheese with onion and dill, pure potatoes, jam and apples.)


at mom's house (I had Thanksgiving guests 2006)

all .
chicken croissants and mayonnaise.
my pasta.
fish salad> Manu-elei's recipe (thanks)

eggplant salad
mini appetizer tarts.
mini pizza Aphrodite.
I made a big loaf of bread, cut the lid on top and hollowed it out. I greased all the bread inside / outside with melted butter, garlic, parsley, salt

I put the bread in the oven until it browned nicely, this is how the bread stuffed with fish salad looks like at the end.

Tuna salad.
I drained 10 cans of tuna in oil (I squeezed them very well in my hand, I added 2 cornflakes, fresh green and red donut, pickles (4 large cucumbers) and pickled red peppers, at the end I added mayonnaise and 3 scrambled eggs. Simple and delicious

stuffed turkey

Philadelphia flower

The Philadelphia experiment is an alleged military experiment in which the USS Eldridge (DE-173) should have been made invisible. The story is generally considered an invention (trickery, aberration). On January 13, 1955, a well-known researcher of mysterious phenomena, especially the UFO phenomenon, Morris K. Jessup, received a strange letter from someone. The cruiser would be stationed in Philadelphia until the next morning, when it would leave for Norfolk. During the night, several soldiers and medical teams allegedly boarded the ship. Allen believes that much of the USS Eldridge's crew was replaced that night.

Philadelphia 67 recipes: Philadelphia Tuna Cream, Philadelphia Milka Cappuccino Cake, Philadelphia Cookies, Philadelphia Burnt Sugar Cream, Choux with Salmon, Sardine Pate, Simple and Quick, Sandwich Cake, Japanese Cheesecake, Cheesecake with .. Pictures of Richard Gere, photo gallery Richard Gere with 332 photos, picture

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  • Your welcome! Savori Urbane is a culinary blog that presents over 2000 recipes from natural ingredients. You will find simple recipes, quick recipes, cheap recipes, appetizer recipes, soup or soup recipes, food recipes with or without meat, Easter or Christmas recipes, fasting recipes, Transylvanian recipes, Romanian or international recipes, side dishes recipes , recipes with vegetables.
  • al or Civil Court records found on Flore's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details. Flore Nistor, 45 Philadelphia, PA

. Of the flowers of the apple (or cuckoo), in vain, useless. This headscarf is white flower (or pure flower) is like white flower. To be in bloom, to be in time the greatest brilliance (such as youth, a good society. LOVE VIDEO

Mini rainbow shaped flower

  • FLOWER, flowers, s.f.I. 1. Part of the plant which comprises the organs of sexual reproduction and which usually has a beautiful and variously colored corolla. ♢ (In sg. With collective meaning) Acacias full of flowers. ♢ Loc. adj. In flower = (about plants) flowered, during flowering fig. (about people) in all its brilliance, in full force, beautiful, healthy
  • Passion, rare flower - Vladimir Pustan A friend told me that in the church he attends the preacher yawned during the sermon to the admiration of the whole congregation. Not a single case of stronger detachment from all that this world means has been mentioned
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Flower fancy bases 4744 ag gold plated (10) Star fancy bases 4745 gold plated ag (16) Fancy bases 4485 ag gold plated (20) Hexagon bases 4683 Swarovski gold plated ag (3) Rivoli oval bases Swarovski 4122 pl . with gold (11) Bases 4568 ag gold plated (9) Cabochon bases ag gold plated (59 The flower of life is the modern name given to a geometric figure composed of several equal intersecting circles, which are arranged in such a way as to form a flower-like pattern with a six-layer symmetry like a hexagon It is considered to be a symbol of sacred geometry, which is said to contain Wired Flower - NOTE: Photograph for information purposes The final product may be different, respecting price ratio.On express request, the product.We deliver the bouquets in 2 hours by own couriers in over 140 cities in Romania Related images: delicate flower nature plant flowers white delicious pink close food 2247 2120 430. Dandelion Seeds 892 798 183

Say it with flowers, Call Philadelphia Florist They say a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and flowers are that thing of beauty that failed to bring joy to someone. Whether it's a happy occasion, a sad one, or even a simple bad mood, flowers are not infrequently lit. Flower of Life, Flower of Light, Flower of Life - The flower where Harmony meets the Sublime, where Balance meets the Absolute, where the Universe is encrypted so FIRESC. It is the symbol that when I did not look for it, it found me and that I found when it had to. My heart rejoiced when I left home especially to find him but also.

flower in German. German-Romanian Dictionary floare. Romanian-German Dictionary floare. floare in Dictionary. flower in German. flower in Romanian. flower in Romanian. Translation of floare by Definition of floare. Synonyms for floare. Meaning of floare. Pronunciation of floare. Information about floare by dictionary. Flower Dictionary For lovers of flowers and houseplants and garden, some native and exotic species: leander, geranium, hoya, pachystachys, gloxinia, amorphophallus. Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared FLOWER-SHAPED COZONAC. This cake is fluffy, fragrant and very delicious. You will definitely like it and not. Flower flower flower in full bloom for np centenary - Travel news - 2020 June 2020. The Philadelphia Flower Show, the oldest and largest horticultural show in the country, begins March 5 and runs through March 13 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

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  1. Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden is leading the way in front of Donald Trump in the Latin American electorate's voting intentions for the Nov. 3 presidential election in the United States, according to a poll released Tuesday by AFP. About 65% of the Latin American electorate intends to vote for Barack Obama's former vice president, while.
  2. Gypsy moss flower 7. Homemade liver pate Vegetable salad with Philadelphia cheese and balsamic vinegar 7. Crostini with tuna salad 8. Telemea cheese with dried tomatoes and zucchini 9. Gypsy moss 10. Beetroot tart with radishes and cheese of goat.
  3. News on the same topic Rose petals from a helicopter: India pays tribute to COVID-19 fighters. 03:57, 05.05.2020 - The helicopters of the Indian Air Force covered with rose petals a monument of the deceased policemen from Delhi, as well as the doctors working in 12 hospitals in the capital. This was communicated by the Ministry of Defense of the country
  4. Shortly after you move it, you will notice that the orchid will begin to bloom. but this is not the only reason for the lack of flowers in this beautiful flower. Too high or too low a temperature will also prevent it from producing flowers. The optimum temperature at which this flower feels good is between 18-23 degrees Celsius
  5. Nicu Alifantis writes with his soul on the song of the life of each of us his simple, affectionate, sweet-bitter words, leaving us disintegrated for a moment, then reviving us, happier, warmer, in his warm poetry. In my heart, all the gentleness feels poet since the world is happy to tell others
  6. APPETIZER: cherry tomato skewer with mozzarella, goat cheese mousse, tissue salad with caramelized pear shrimp, baked pineapple prosciuttope bed, walnut cammembert, salmon caviar spread, philadelphia cheese with smoked salmon fillet in fig flower duck pie on orange, fillet muscles on baby spinach.
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750 g (recommended for 4 - 5 people) - flower sandwich with mozzarella - flower sandwich with muscle fillets - flower sandwich with chicken pastrami - tuna flower sandwich Tray of mini sandwiches with homemade bun only from natural ingredients, which can be ordered for both a. moss flower fillets rose from dried salami special chicken meatballs with sesame cheese curd smoked chicken terrine with vegetables canapés with salmon smoke baskets with philadelphia cheese and red caviar quail egg with mascarpone and black caviar camembert in almond mantis shrimp on the bed of Philadelphia (1993) - A homophobic lawyer (Denzel Washington) is forced to face his prejudices, (Chain of Memories, A Flower and Two Gardeners, My Elephant Friends, etc.) simona1980 on March 14, 2010 10:33. A top made according to a series of criteria I knew I would have put in the first 3 Seven Pounds .. Cornflower (Chef de cuisine), May 1, 2013 Very good! I like how you take the cake out of the mold. :) Jim Si_Mitrea - 600 g cream cheese (I used Philadelphia) - 284 g liquid cream - 100 g powdered sugar - 250 g digestive biscuits - 100 g butter - a vanilla pod

Do you know those delicious, fine cakes with plenty of cream and fragrant top, yes, those from childhood? I've always liked them. That's how this cake is, Gilda's cake, with bananas, carrots and fine, vanilla cream cheese, a semi-moist top that melts in your mouth. I made this cake yesterday, it flew like the wind and like a thought, in the 4 horizons. It was too good June 6, 2010. Some pictures from Philadelphia: City Hall and Love Park. - Philadelphia, USA - HotReporter, HotNews.r Two years ago, on November 8, 2012, I wrote here: Where plagiarism is in full swing, the rule of law is in danger. Romania is not only shaken by the effects of the Uselist parliamentary coup, but also by the mockery by prominent people of public life of the very idea of ​​intellectual honor, of academic honor, September 1, the new musical director of the National Orchestra of France, to have first concert on September 24, when works by Debussy and Rachmaninoff will be performed This license deals with Managerial Communication. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 docx file of 90 pages .. We recommend you to take a good look at the extract, table of contents and the images provided and if it is what you need it for your documentation, you can download it. You only need 7 points.

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  1. The first time I found out about this flower, as a child, watching Donald the Rat on TV, in the episode of climbing the mountain after this flower, and the encounter with a wild goat, (the bestial scene, when he turned his back, he tries to realize touching who he is dealing with, and when he gets horns. Ha-ha-ha!)
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  3. Vol au vent, fine and light puff pastry with various fillings. As I told you a few days ago, when I published the classic puff pastry recipe, this September I accepted Daring Baker's challenge. The theme of the month was chosen by Steph, the author of the blog A whisk and a spoon, and it's vol au vent - that is, some feathers as light as a feather, which could easily float on a.
  4. how to cook the cheese so that it doesn't bloom on top Page 4 of 5. You might also be interested in: macaroni with baked cow's cheese, how to prepare mutton pastrami, how to prepare trout caviar.
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When you have little time between difficult tasks, the smoked salmon sandwich and Philadelphia is the perfect solution!索 ⬇️ # retetein3pasi You need 30 g of Philadelphia with greens, 40 g of smoked salmon. I chose 5 specimens that, even if they are over 50 years old, still arouse passions among women. George Clooney It's only been a year since the threshold of 50, but it seems to look better than ever. And I'm not the only one saying it, but the whole world, just not in vain was the painting Sunflower, by Vincent Van GogSunflower, by Vincent Van Goghh, canvas that has become famous all over the world, will no longer be transported abroad due to fragility, announced on January 24 the museum in Amsterdam dedicated to the Dutch post-impressionist painter. Made 130 years ago, the work has been the subject of an examination since 2016. A delicious and healthy snack that you should not miss this season - pumpkin roll with mushroom

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  • by the Holy Spirit, he recognized him and showed him to the crowds
  • The mayor who humiliated a 13-year-old girl for slamming the door of the school minibus: You can't lower her grade, you can't touch her with a flower The mayor of Petrăchioaia commune, Ilfov county, punished a 13-year-old student who slammed the door of the school minibus: 30 days, the girl has to walk to school
  • Wedding cake with flower base N225 Wedding cake with flower base N225: It is a wedding cake made of white marzipan, decorated with ribbons and folds of marzipan. The flowers are also made of marzipan. The base of the cake consists of several small cakes placed next to each other in the shape of a flower
  • 250 gr Philadelphia cream cheese 1/2 medium onion 5 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel salt pepper Finely chop the onion. I used the blender. (if you don't have a blender, mix the tuna with cheese with the mixer or a wooden spoon and then add the chopped onion and the rest of the ingredients
  • And a flower can offend him. Ion Luca Caragiale (1852-1912) We have a beautiful country! Too bad it's inhabited. *** collective, Academia Catavencu # 226 08-03-2015, 08:25 AM usa2016. Member. Invatzacel: Join Date: Oct 2014. Posts: 69 Quote: Originally Posted by Evelin. Hello It is the information we receive automatically by e-mail after filling in the form.
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Rushmore Plaza Civic Center future home of The Monument Sep 26, 202 Welcome with sparkling wine and biscuits. Voulovent cold snack with Sibiu salami and green olives, Cucumber with cheese mousse and edible flower decoration, Dobos in sesame crust, Homemade biscuit with poppy seeds and pike caviar, Goose roll with carrot jelly, Chicken terrine with baby spinach and mozzarella, goose pate on waffles with currants, skewers with muscle, cheese and cherry tomatoes. Ingredients: Roll Philadelphia Lux Weight: 270gRoll Philadelphia Ebi Weight: 275gRoll Philadelphia Premium Weight: 250gRoll Philadelphia Maki Weight: 205g Total weight 1000 g Delivery from 11 to 22

Bathtub for 2 people, with hydromassage and aeromassage, asymmetrical, right mounting, Martplast Philadelphia, 175 x 120 cm, front mask included at Learn about price and availability for Asymmetric Hot Tubs on the site See 1 photo from 6 visitors to Floare. Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns Philadelphia, PA 19134 Find on map & gt & gt Owner: FLOARE MOLDOVAN LUMINITA D MOLDOVAN Assessed land value: $ 11,778 (it was $ 901 in 2009) Assessed building value: $ 45,022 (it was $ 5,883 in 2009) Total assessed value for property: $ 56,800 (it was $ 6,784 in 2009) Market value: $ 56,800 Date of last market value change: 01/2013 Sale price: $ LATROBE [lətrəub], Benjamin Henry (1764-1820), American engineer and architect of British origin. Established in the U.S.A. (1796). Chief Architect of Washington (1803-1817). A representative of neoclassicism, he introduced the neo-Greek style to America (Baltimore Cathedral, Bank of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia led the Washington Capitol) Created for skin of color, cream to powder foundation, cosmetics and skincare especially created for black skin or deeper skin tones

I've been at work for two hours and the signals of war with the Indians are already coming out of my cage. There was barely any silence in the office after a burst. Passion, rare flower A friend told me that in the church he preaches he preached during the sermon to the admiration of the whole congregation.. There has never been a case of a stronger detachment from all that this world means. Today it is about love Refinement, elegance, candor and romance a few words about your dream wedding. At Metropolitan Club & Events you are greeted by a creative team that loves the challenges flower farcas-petrescu says: 23/03/2018 at 21:25 with Doru Neamtu I say you solve it personally with him. What Neamtu did there is frequently practiced in the Philadelphia church. And as for this individual who signs with Dorin Cununa, who seems to be one of the lickers without a spine, according to his words, with connotations.

Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both national and international cuisine Chi Wok - is the right food, prepared on the traditional Chinese Wok tray, and most importantly, we have a real Chef Chef, where fresh meat, seafood and vegetables are literally turned into delicious noodle or rice dishes in minutes A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons Just ask yourself: You really think Donald Trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? Clinton said during her nomination speech on the last day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

In time, at a certain age, after seeing communism in full bloom towards the highest realms, you don't even seem to have the strength to get angry. Or wonder something. What is certain and undeniable: those who banned his podcast are horrified by the injustice of white moving first every time, have no idea of ​​chess See 1 photo and 6 tips from 65 visitors to Cactus Flower. Pilaf good yes. Sad, but I want to tell you that it is possible and believe me that I had exactly the same dimensions as you 1 year and 2 months ago. Honestly, I didn't think I could lose weight and I had tried enough diets, but I couldn't keep them until the first days and then I gave up, I lacked the will. I would have liked to lose an extra kg in a week- impossible 13.- The Second Celestial Physical Pyramid in Egypt, from the Red Sea in the interior of Egypt, between 50-100 Km (The Teacher gave this distance for those who are inclined to search the earth for physical treasures, because they are the destroyers of everything they do not understand) (Messenger Flower Banner) MEYERHOF [máiərhó: f], Otto (1884-1951), German physician. Between 1938 and 1940 he settled in Paris, then in the U.S.A. Prof. univ. in Kiel, Heidelberg and Philadelphia. Research in the field of energy conversion and muscle physiology (Treatment of energy in muscles). Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1922), together with A.V. Hill. Source: Encyclopedia Dictionary

Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Floare at 3070 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202. Search for other Flowers, Plants & Trees-Silk, Dried, Etc.-Retail in Portland on The Real Yellow Pages® View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Floare Stana. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. In the Great Seal of the United States can be seen the same symbol of the pyramid Mother tongue of the pumpkin with Philadelphia. Pandispan. Commercial dairy cow's cheese. Karo cake with prunes. Franzela / paine braidita. Rabbit meat in white wine. Mud cones. Bulgarian cheese pies. Water pastries from boiled potatoes. Sweet corkscrews with cinnamon

Philadelphia Puzzle - free sliding puzzles. Puzzle games, online sliding puzzles, free puzzle for kids. Play free puzzle games labeled Philadelphia Dr. Ivonna Flower is a Dentist at DR ELDIB PLLC specializing in General Dentistry in Adrian, MI. See Dr. Floare's ratings, appointment information, office location, and dental plans accepted Floare de Colt: Duzina de cuvinte (128-129) -Jocul vietii Description Color. Corner Flower Enthusiastic blog of interesting experiences! from Philadelphia, where he was hosted! The gates of time: It was and went, I tell myself suddenly, but inevitably I return to the initial idea

Philadelphia Experiment - Wikipedia

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  • Flower Herlas. August 12, 2020. Floare Herlas, 80, of Hallandale Beach, passed away August 12, 2020. Survived by daughter and son in law Florentina and Marian Chirla sister Silvia and grandchildren David (Amanda), Miriam and Sara. Visitation will be Monday, August 17, 2020, 6: 3
  • For a 3 kg jar we need: -2 kg cucumbers - dill in bloom - a clove of garlic -2 hot peppers -2 tablespoons of salt OPINTIC SALAD WITH DONUTS Ingredients: 2 kg opintici (ghebe) * 2 kg donuts 1 kg carrots 1 kg onion A handful of olives (about 300 g) A cup of tea.

The Philadelphia experiment, between myth and sinister truth

reach - WordReference English-Romanian Dictionary. Compound forms: English: Romanian: beyond reach adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun - for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house. (inaccessible) inaccessible adj. adjective: Shows the attribute of an object or a being, agreeing in gender and number with them: fragrant flower, smart children A cake with a lot of walnuts, fine vanilla cream and philadelphia cream cheese. 2019-02-07 12 comments. Cornflower Cake. Cornflower cake is a creamy and very fragrant cake, if you like pineapple and rooster, I recommend this cake -Cherry flower - 12 x 24cm, 11 colors-Poppies and sunflower - 11 x 12cm, 22 colors-Summer flowers - 10 x 12cm, 17 colors-Sissi - 20 x 35cm, 32 colors-Spring - 18 X 34cm, 21 colors-Mountain Bride - 21 x 30cm, 35 colors-Lady with the puppy - 15 x 20cm, 25 colors-Saint Nicholas - 19 x 30cm, 30 colori mail: [email protected] View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Floare Vancea. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory An interesting list of the most beautiful books for teenagers. Lesson-filled stories that we love so much, and that every teenager should read

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  1. Dr. Ivonna Floare is a Dentist at ASPEN DENTAL specializing in General Dentistry in Gaylord, MI. See Dr. Floare's ratings, appointment information, office location, and dental plans accepted
  2. Philadelphia cheese sandwich and mozzarella slices (from that for cooking, not from that ball). Grapes and dried apricots. Purple casserole and Dino glass from Tupperware. Thursday. Sandwich with cheese and salami. Bananas and kiwis. Smoothie with apples and strawberries from Ikea (Swedish store). White casserole from Tupperware. Friday
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  5. classes i - iv. magazine coordinators: teacher: neculita marcela. harnagea daniela. collaborators: teacher: vranceanu didin

If you want to get out of the classic patterns of cake recipes, try the recipe Red red velvet cake or Red velvet cake, with which you will impress regardless of the holiday Sarcasm is in full bloom, the lines are brilliant, so laugh until you faint. 17.It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - A comedy neither black nor white. These are 4 friends who are constantly digging each other and who own a bar on a side alley in Philadelphia. That bar is permanently empty, not the hell it comes there 16.08.2018 - Explore Rodica Sultana's board Sunflower, followed by 101 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sunflower, Flower, Flowers The character in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament Jesus is mentioned in the book of Ruth as the son of Obed, in 1 Samuel, 16, as the Bethlehemite destined by God to be the father of the new ruler of Israel, replacing King Saul. The prophet Samuel chooses him from among his seven sons According to the Chronicles, Eliab, Abinadab, Shimea, and Nethanel were the sons of David.

. Delivery within Chisinau, free from 500 lei What can be seen is a flower in the ear compared to what will follow. The operation of cheating the numbers is almost over. Trump answered difficult questions from Philadelphia voters. The Spanish government will finance exhumations in mass graves to shed light on the issue of missing persons during the dictatorship In Bethlehem a flower (418) In Bethlehem a baby was born (1233) In your arm I dedicate myself again (1415) In the Holy Book I read (1558) In Your house Lord, (419) In Christ alone my hope is found, (1416) In the hard moments of life (1557) Soon we will leave (1417) In the beautiful morning (420) In the morning of the resurrection, ( 421 Corner Flower: May 2017 Description Color.Corner Flower The enthusiastic blog of interesting experiences! In Philadelphia, where it was hosted!

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A huge flower of a plant species known for producing the largest inflorescences in the world was discovered in Indonesia, writes AFP. According to environmentalists, it is the largest flower of that species ever recorded Durendal, also spelled Durandal, is the sword of Roland, legendary paladin of Charlemagne in French epic literature. It is also said to have belonged to young Charlemagne at one point, and, passing through Saracen hands, came to be owned by Roland. The sword has been given various origins The garden variety, which I used has a straight and very tall stem, exceeding 1.5m. The flowers are large, consisting of 5 petals white, pink, dark red, yellow or orange. From the same family and with a very similar flower is Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus), cultivated in the form of a shrub or hedge. The best is.

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Ad ID: 200306 Added on: 25-06-2018, viewed: 160 times. bell copy, Liberty Bell, height 6 cm, diameter at the base 5.5 cm. Liberty Bell este un simbol iconic al independenței americane, situat în Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HARTA SITE-ULUI - Flori pentru Irak ofera aceeasi zi flori livrare pentru Irak la rate foarte scăzute. Oferim buchete la 0.00 USD | 0.00 GBP | 0.00 GBP cu aceeaşi zi de livrare 7 posts published by cabanafloaredecoltranca during February 2013. Apex Pacific Launch optimizare internet site Suite V8.0 - optimizare web site Manufactured Very simple Apex Pacific, the worlds top support of world-wide-web advertising services, is Quite delighted toward announce the launch of its attention-grabbing fresh new all-within-just one optimizare Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Floare Moldovan anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Floare Moldovan und anderen Personen, die du kennen..


Descarca subliniaza fotografii de stoc, imagini royalty free si ilustratii incepand de la $1. Economiseste si mai mult cu abonamentele noastre. Inregistreaza-te gratuit HARTA SITE-ULUI - Flori pentru Namibia ofera aceeasi zi flori livrare pentru Namibia la rate foarte scăzute. Oferim buchete la 0.00 USD | 0.00 GBP | 0.00 GBP cu aceeaşi zi de livrare Download-uri Poze : geoetichetată, pennsylvania, philadelphia, Statele Unite, Statele Unite ale Americii, ABC BAIL BONDS, America, arhitectură, clădiri, Afaceri. De 8 martie ! Toate iti dorim , sanatate si multe primaveri cat mai insorite ,cu flori ,zambete si multa dragoste.

28 nov. 2008

Calatorie intergalactica - pe aripile muzicii / Intergalactic travel - on the wings of music

Imn in cinstea fortei creatoare a Universului - a Lui Dumnezeu

Cor din Oratoriul Samson de G.F. Handel

Minestra cu maruntaie de pasare Minestra with chicken giblets

Iata o idee de a face un pic mai altfel supa de gaina.

Este, totusi, o reteta mai . ciudata:
"Se fierbe orez un sfert de ora in supa, se amesteca cu zarzavat taiat marunt, prajit cu slanina, cu ficatei, stomacuri de pasari, creste de cocos etc. - prajite in unt se toarna totul in supa sa mai dea cateva clocote si se serveste cu parmezan ras."
Totusi, iese ceva bun. Hai sa zicem ca ranza si ficat de pasare gasim, dar nu garantez pentru crestele de cocos (sau de gaina).
Numai daca taiem vreo pasare din curte (Cine are, are.)

Bunatati de casa

  • 3 eggs
  • 3 lg zahar
  • 1 lg varfuita cu cacao
  • 2 lg faina
  • 1/2 plic praf de copt
  • 2oo g ciocolata alba
  • 150 g frisca lichida
  • 200 g smantana
  • 1 pliculet gelatina
  • 2oo g ciocolata cu lapte
  • 150 g frisca lichida
  • 200 g smantana
  • 1 pliculet gelatina
  • 200 g ciocolata amaruie
  • 150 g frisca lichida
  • 200 g smantana
  • 1 pliculet gelatina

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Poti sa imi spui ce smintina ai folosit? Adica e smintina pe care o cumperi, ca Napolact de exemplu sau este tot frisca lichida dar naturala?

Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

Buna ziua, o intrebare va rog: smantana ce se foloseste la crema mousse este smantana normala sau smantana dulce, de gatit etc? Thanks.

Hello! Am folosit smantana normala din comert la galetusa.

Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

Delicioss. Multumesc pentru reteta si pozele sugestive.

Multumim si ne bucuram ca v-a placut.

Buna ziua, am si eu o intrebare: cum faceti floricelele si frunzele pentru decor? Am inteles ca din napolitana dar cum?

Hi! Floeicelele acelea nu sunt facute de noi :D, se gasesc de cumparat de la Dr. Oetker.

Hi! Ce marime are forma de tort in care l-ai facut?

Hi. As avea si eu doua intrebari : 1.Ce gelatina ai folosit?
2.In cazul in care as folosi foi de gelatina cate ar trebui pentru fiecare crema?

Am folosit gelatina de la dr oetker. Din pacate nu stiu sa iti raspund la a doua intrebare pentru ca nu am folosit niciodata foi de gelatina. Success!

Foile de gelatina nu sunt bune ,nu intaresc produsul,granule de al dr Otker sunt mult mai eficente si se foloseste un pliculet la 500 gr compozitie !

Iese cam acrisor.Cred ca din cauza smantanii. poate ca ar trebui folosita smantana pentru gatit, nu din cea la galetusa.

Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

Care e faza cu inelul detasabil?

Este tava de tort cu peretii detasabili. Aici am folosit doar peretii, dar merge ansamblat tortul direct in tava, nu neaparat pe o farfurie. Este mai bine (mai usor) de folosit o astfel de tava, pentru ca nu trebuie sa mai folosim folie alimentara pentru a imbraca tava si deoarece marginile tortului ies drepte. Sper ca te-am ajutat :) praf de copt se pune in blat?nu gasesc specificat..merci

Imi cer scuze, nu am observat ca am omis acest lucru. Jumatate plic de praf de copt, merge chiar si mai putin.

zahar nu se adauga in creme este destul cat contine frisca smantana si ciocolata.

Da, este suficienta. Crema nu are deloc zahar. Posibil ca frisca lichida sa fie putin dulce, dar depinde de marca.

buna.. ce frisca ai folosit pentru ornat deasupra ?

Am folosit o smantana mai grasa in care am pus si intaritor de frisca, la fel de bine se poate folosi smantana pentru frisca

Hi. am o rugaminte: puteti spune exact ce marca de smantana si ce marca de frisca ati folosit? pentru ca cineva a spus ca a iesit cam acrisor din cauza smanatanii si poate ar fi mai bine smanata de gatit. difera mult gustul diferitelor smantani la galetusa . thanks.

Sincer nu stiu cum de a iesit acrisor. Am facut aceasta reteta de multe ori cu diferite smantani si a iesit. Nu am folosit mereu o anumita marca, doar o smantana cu 20% grasime,iar ca frisca lichida am folosit hulala sau pilos.

Buna,poti sa mi spui ce consistenta are crema?e mai moale ca un mousse sau mai tare?merci.

Nu inteleg exact la ce va refeferiti. Cum adica mai moale ca un mousse, este crema mousse. Cand inca nu s-a intarit de la gelatina are consistenta unei smantani mai lichide.

Dacă cineva ar fi mai atent la rețeta postata ar observa ca nu are logica modul de realizare a cremelor de ciocolata. Ce sens are sa topești ciocolata împreuna cu frișca lichida si apoi sa te chinui sa Bati smântâna si sa o încorporezi. De asemenea, modul imprecis si inexact de realizare nu duce la nimic sigur. Am încercat de 2 ori rețeta. Prima data am zis ca sunt eu tâmpită, si ca de aia nu iese mouse-ul cum trebuie. Apoi mi-am dat seama ca procedura si cantitățile nu sunt corecte. Așa ca am "reparat " eu din mers.
Va propun sa gândiți responsabil când postați niște Rețete aiurea. E păcat de atâta risipa de ingrediente de calitate!

Si noi ne-am intrebat de ce frisca lichida trebuie topita cu ciocolata si apoi sa bati separat smantana. Intradevar nu are logica, dar am respectat reteta asa cum este. Mai intai am cautat si alte retete si la toate se procedeaza la fel, iar eu pot sa spun ca mi-a iesit mereu si am facut-o de multe ori exact asa cum scrie aici. Procedura poate nu are logica, dar cantitatile ce au?

Felioare de franzela cu mousse de ton si salam - Rețete

Imi place tare mult cum arata :)) acum i spuneam sotului daca sa-i pregatesc mancarica, lui i plac foarte mult dovleceii si sa mai fac altfel, decat pane cum i plac lui. pupici Maya!

Sigur nu stai prin Italia. Faci niste retete absolut superbe,iar pozele. fara cuvinte!In legatura cu visul,coincidenta sau nu si eu te-am visat,venisem in vizita la tine acasa!Asta a fost cam acum vreo trei saptamani.Ce poate sa insemne?TE PUP <3!

Adela,noua ne plac si dovleceii,si pastele,si tot încerc sa le mai fac si "altfel".Cîteodata ma loveste muza pe moment,iar alta data. nu :D

Flory,nu stau acolo,dar o ador!Ador Italia,oamnenii de acolo,bucataria lor.În viata urmatoare,italianca ma fac! =))

o super combinatie , imi place tot . . cat despre poze , nu mai am cuvinte , sau am? . sunt bestiale . :)

Foarte buna ideea, ca tot o sa avem de-acum incolo o multime de dovlecei.

cat de bine pot arata pastele tale! Ca si Flory , ma intreb daca nu cumva esti italianca? :d

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kedves Maya,én töröltem egy bejegyzést,mert nagyon rosszul forditotta,nem azt amit irtam.

Szép a blogod,természetes szinek,jó ételek,különleges. remélem most jól fordít. ):):)

Pfoai! E prima între primele reţete pe care o să le fac săptămâna viitoare.

Meniul pentru următoarele zile e deja fixat, în funcţie de musafiri :P)

Eşti cea mai tare cuscră din galaxie, ştiai? : *

Cum intru eu in sevraj de fiecare data cand iti fac vizite. dar taare bine e sa-ti rasfeti si clatesti ochii cu asa imagine. Unde mai pui ca-i taaare buna la gust dupa ingrediente, atunci iti hranesti virtual si stomacelul ) Pupici

vezi m-am si zapacit.. am tastat D.. si apoi am dat enter. io sunt aia cu sevrajul ))

Sigur sant o bunatate le voi face si eu dar tip pasta rece,fara sa le bag la cuptor!
Un weekend cat mai placut.

Catkitchen,merci.O zi frumoasa :*

Dani,asa este!Si eu ma bucur de sezonul de dovlecei!Multumesc de vizita.

Melissina,Szeretném, ha egy csodálatos hétvégét.

Ofelia,cum spuneam,în viata viitoare ma fac italianca =))

Köszönjük a szép Worte.Liebe üdvözletet Németországból.
Ez nem jár google translate mindig megy, ahogy kellene :D

Arcadia,s-aveti pofta!
Te pup :)

D,merci si multumesc pentru vizita :)

D,ahaaa,Dulcegarii culinare..acu' am vazut si eu :)
Merci,pupici si un weekend minunat! : *

Petronela,sa stii ca mi-a venit si mie ideea asta,dupa ce fiica-mea a lins tot mixerul.A fost excelent mousse-ul si asa,necopt :)

Arata excelent. O combinatie mai mult decat perfecta. Congratulations!

Licuta,merci si o duminica frumoasa iti doresc :*

Am facut si eu pastele astea aseara si rezultatul a fost exceptional. Multumesc de reteta, foarte foarte gustoase.

AlinaSB,multumesc de vizita si ca ai încercat pastele.Ma bucur ca ti-au si placut!

Acum le-am scos din cuptor.Sunt minunate! Multumesc mult pentru idee!

Sunt cumva zucchini? (vad in poze ca au coaja verde inchis) Ma intrebam daca sa folosesc zucchini sau dovlecelul obisnuit ca sa zic asa (cel cu coaja deschisa la culoare).

Poti folosi de care doresti, gasesti sau de care îti plac. E doar chestie de culoare, ca în rest aroma e aproximativ la fel - fie verde închis, deschis sau galbeni.
Cu placere.

Maya, ieri am descoperit reteta aceasta iar azi am facut-o.
A rezultat o mancare delicioasa!
Thanks! Saru'mana pt masa!

O reteta tare draga mie. Ma bucur ca v-a placut :)


3 eggs
75 gr zahar
60 gr faina
1 baking powder
2 linguri cacao

Se separa galbenusurile de albusuri. Galbenusurile se freaca cu zaharul iar albusurile se bat spuma.

Se adauga cacaoa, praful de copt si faina la galbenusuri si se freaca bine pana devine o crema groasa si omogena.


Gelatina se baga cateva secunde in microunda pana se lichefiaza si se toarna peste ciocolata topita. Se amesteca bine si se adauga treptat cate o lingura din frisca batuta amestecand continu.

Cand a devenit o crema omogena se adauga spuma de ou batuta teapan si se amesteca bine.

Deasupra se orneaza dupa preferinta. Eu am topit ciocolata alba si am scurs-o cu o lingurita peste cea neagra,si am pus trei raffaello de ornament.

6 comentarii:

felia e pt mine? :D arata delicios! : P

Cu tot dragul ti-o ofer dar grabeste-te ca se termina :D

pentru o canitate dubla de crema, se folosesc cantitati duble de ingrediente?

Da pentru o cantitate dubla se dubleaza toate ingredientele. Dar pentru un tort rotund e suficient sa folosesti cantitatile puse de mine ca este destul de inalt .

Si daca n-am cuptor cu microunde cum fac?
Reteta pare delicioasa, as vrea sa incerc.

GreenDragon tot ce e facut in cuptorul cu microunde se poate face pe foc dar atentie la foc mic amestecand continu sa nu se arda , iar daca vorbim de ciocolata ai grija sa nu ajunga sa fiarba. Cand vezi ca mai suntcateva bucatele netopite, o poti inlatura de pe foc si se topesc ele dupa aceea.

O craita in bucatarie

E inevitabil sa nu-ti vina in minte ganduri calde cat timp mananci bucate de casa.

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Franzela de casa

Intraga familie adora painea de casa si de ceva timp consumam doar paine proaspata,facuta de noi cu ingrediente sigure.
Pe langa painea cu tarate, am adaugata pe lista si aceasta paine facuta cu putine ingrediente,de altfel cine ar fi crezut ca este asa usor sa obtii o franzela " ca la carte"?

Ingrediente( pt 4 paini):

-1 kg faina
-1 lingura sare
-1 lgt zahar
-300-350 ml apa calduta
-50 gr drojdie proaspata
-60 ml ulei

Se prepara maiaua din drojdie lgt de zahar si putina apa.Asteptam sa creasca maiaua,intre timp cernem faina si o amestecam cu sarea,cand a crescut maiaua o turnam peste faina si framantam un aluat potrivit de tare si foarte elastic,utilizand apa calduta.
Cand aluatul a devenit omogen, continuam framantatul painii timp de 20 de minute,ungandu-ne mainile cu ulei pana cand il terminam.
Se lasa la crescut cel putin o ora,se coace timp de 20 min in cuptorul incins.
Deci secretul ca painea sa fie o franzela in adevaratul sens al cuvantului,este acela ca aluatul trebuie framantat un timp cat mai indelungat (minim 15 min)!
Painea va iesi pufoasa,aerata cu un gust sublim!

O craita in bucatarie

E inevitabil sa nu-ti vina in minte ganduri calde cat timp mananci bucate de casa.

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Salata de ton cu porumb

Provocarea Adinei, alias Mitinita, a venit tocmai la fix pentru mine, intr-o perioada in care timpul si pseudodieta pe care o respect oarecum, nu-mi permit sa gatesc lucruri mai complicate de atat.
Reteta aceasta nu e batuta in cuie,adica nu se gaseste in vreun retetar oficial,ci e facuta dupa gustul meu propriu si e doar o ideea, asa ca voi puteti sa o modificati dupa propriile voastre cerinte culinare,introducand sau eliminand anumite ingrediente,de ex maioneza,daca doriti o salata mult mai light decat aceasta.
Si cu asta va urez spor la bucatarit, savurat si dupa caz, la slabit.
Trimit reteta spre "Dulce Romanie - provocarea lunii ianuarie 2012"

o conserva porumb
2 conserve ton in ulei
o mana masline negre tocate
o rosie
2,3 castraveciori murati
maioneza dupa gust(optional)
salt pepper

Se scurge porumbul si se clateste sub jet de apa rece,se arunca intr-un castron alaturi de tonul scurs de ulei si maruntit un pic cu furculita.

Rosia se spala,se taie cubulete mici,mici.
Se toaca si castraveti murati si se scurg de zeama,se adauga tonului.
Se asezoneaza minunatiile din castron cu sare si piper si daca vreti neaparat adaugati si putina maioneza,asa ca sa nu ziceti ca nu v-ati rasfatat bine,bine.

Daca tineti totusi prea mult la silueta,dupa ce ati piperat si sarat salata,stropiti-o cu putina zeama de lamaie si va fi la fel de buna de servit si asa.

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Am intrat pe blog-ul dvs. si ne-a placut foarte mult - aveti retete culinare delicioase YUM. YUM.
Ne-am bucura sa va avem in familia Petitchef

Am fi incantati daca ati dori sa adaugati blog-ul dvs. la astfel incat utilizatorii nostri, cat si noi, sa ne putem bucura de retetele dvs.

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