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MRelay Food Schedule, 2014.

MRelay Food Schedule, 2014.

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Relay for Life at the University of Michigan has been one of my favorite days here at Michigan. With the amazing mission of fighting against cancer, this is an incredible organization close to my (and many student’s) hearts.

Year after year, Relay for Life continues to serve as the second most-attended event by students (after football games) here at U of M. Last year, over 3,000 people attended the event and MRelay raised over $310,000.

There’s an endless array of baked goods sold on-sight, and all proceeds going to cancer research. BUT bonus: free food from Ann Arbor hot spots arrives every few hours, and…wait for it…a chocolate fountain will be on the premises.

Check out below the break down of food-related happenings for this year’s MRelay:


Festivities kick off at 9:30 AM, and coffee from Starbucks and Expresso Royale will be there to wake you up. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so indulge in bagels from Bagel Fragel and an assortment of items from Northside Grill and Afternoon Delight.


Photo by Alex Weiner

Brace yourself people. To name just a few of the donors: NYPD, Tios, Chipotle, Ray’s Red Hots and Domino’s.

BBQ Dinner:

Get ready for a delicious BBQ on Palmer Field. You probably won’t even be hungry by this point, but that’s never stopped me…


Photo courtesy of Flickr

The moment I’ve been waiting for since my last Relay for Life-the giant chocolate fountain. Don’t be intimidated by the long line, it’s merely a testament to how unreal it is. There will also be insomnia cookies at 1 am, so save that chocolate sauce my friends, because there’s nothing like fresh cookies drizzled in chocolate.

Spoon University of Michigan will also be there hosting a booth, selling homemade baked goods throughout the day. Check us out.

Come to Palmer Field this Saturday, April 12th to support this incredible event. Walk, eat and help fight against cancer.

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