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Ensalada Sabrosa

Ensalada Sabrosa

“The avocado goes beautifully with the corn” says executive chef Brandon Warren of Tortilla Republic, a restaurant that serves modern Mexican cuisine. “It shows how a Mexican salad entrée can be so full of flavor and use farm fresh ingredients.”

Recipe by: Executive Chef Brandon Warren at Tortilla Republic


  • 1 head Romaine lettuce, chopped
  • 2 roma tomatoes, diced
  • 1 16-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • Cooked corn kernels
  • Prepared vinaigrette
  • Monterey Jack cheese
  • Blue corn tortillas
  • 2 avocados, sliced

Ensalada Rusa Recipe (Spanish Potato Salad)

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Ensalada Rusa or Spanish Potato Salad can be found on almost every Spanish Tapas menu. Check out my easy Ensalada Rusa recipe and prepare your own salad at home.

Ensalada Rusa is popular in many countries and is also well known as Russian Potato Salad or Oliver Salad.

There are many variations with different vegetables like carrots, onions or peas.

This salad is actually one of my favorite Spanish cold tapas for the summertime when temperatures get very high in Spain.


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The original "Russian salad" recipe was created by the chef Lucien Olivier who worked at the prestigious Hermitage Restaurant in Moscow in the 19th century. The original Olivier salad (as it is still known in many countries) did not contain mayonnaise, but a signature dressing that is now lost in time, which almost certainly contained mustard and oil from Provence.

In some places (like France and Russia) this is still called Salade Olivier, and in Spain, the Spanish potato salad is known as Ensaladilla or Ensaladilla Rusa, and is also served as tapas. In much of Latin America, it is simply Ensalada Rusa. Each country, region, or home has its own variations. Another name by which Ensalada Rusa is known in our country is Ensalada Mixta (Mixed Salad).

In the Dominican Republic, depending on the occasion and preferences, you can make a potato salad with apples, or a pink potato salad by adding beets. The first one is the most common for Christmas. Like all our dishes, there may be as many variations as there are homes in the country.

In our country, it has become what is probably the most popular salad and is always present on all types of occasions, from informal family gatherings to the elaborate Christmas dinner table. From lunch to dinner.

Make a healthy Lima Beans Salad in easy steps. Lima Beans Salad Recipe
0.5 lb (227g) Lima Beans.
0.7 oz (20g) Cilantro.
1 Corn.
1 Bell Pepper.
1 Red Onion.
2 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar.
3 Tbsp Olive Oil.
Salt, Black Pepper.
1Grill the corn and bell pepper..
2Dice the grilled bell pepper..
3Separate grilled corns from the cob..
4Dice the red onion..
5Mince the cilantro..
Directions: for details visit:
Lima Beans Salad is a Grade A food. It contains more than 55 percent vitamin C and about 16 percent vitamin A and it is a very rich source of vitamin B6. It is also very high in… Read More
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Traditional Dominican salads

Another basic, and very common salad on our table is ensalada hervida (boiled salad), where in contrast with this one, all the ingredients are boiled beforehand.

Ensalada rusa is more closely associated with special occasions, as it's more time-consuming to prepare, and the ingredients are more expensive.

Avocado slices, another favorite, can be dressed up to become a full ensalada de aguacate, and will always be welcome.

Of course, we have a pasta salad: ensalada de coditos ("elbow" salad) using macaroni as the base. Our ensalada de pasta is a creative endeavor, the only rule: it has macaroni (or other short pasta) in it.

On the fancier side, tipili --the Dominican version of the Lebanese Tabbouleh-- is a treat better saved for special days.

Common, but more of an acquired taste, ensalada de molondrones (okra salad) is one of my favorites.

Ensalada Navideña + VIDEO

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Ensalada Navideña (or Mexican Christmas Fruit Salad) is a mixture of apples and other fruits covered in a dreamy and creamy dressing. Learn to make this traditional Mexican recipe by watching the VIDEO or follow along the step-by-step tutorial.

Usually around mid December, I start missing Mexico. I love the posadas. They are processions where people carry the nativity scene, or people will dress up as Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem. Afterwards, it’s a big party. We’re talking HUGE spreads of food and maybe a piñata for the kids. I wish I were there…

You’ll always find this Ensalada Navideña, or Mexican Christmas Fruit Salad, during the Holidays and at these big parties. Some people will also make it and eat it during their Christmas Eve dinner. That’s why it’s also referred to as “ensalada de nochebuena.” You can serve it during the meal itself or have it as a dessert. Such a super easy dish to make too.

Start by making the creamy dressing. This is sour cream, but you can also use crema mexicana. Some people will even use mayonnaise. That’s so not me! I say NAY-o to Mayo. Personally, I think it tastes better with sour cream.

Get a can, man! This is one case where fresh is actually not better. You will need the juice of 1 can of pineapple. It will help thin out the dressing. See why I like this recipe? You might already everything you need already in your cupboard.

Sweetened condensed milk adds a lot of sweetness. If you like your Ensalada Navideña to be more sugary, by all means add the entire container. This recipe only calls for half of a container. For me, that is plenty sweet.

Just beat it! Cue Michael Jackson! There should be no lumps in the dressing. Once you’re done, place this in the refrigerator until ready to us. You don’t want anyone to get sick. By the way, Mexicans love MJ. Then again, who doesn’t?

The main ingredient: Apples! Johnny Appleseed took a wrong and probably ended up in Durango. That is where my family has their apple orchards on the ranch. We’re talking acres and acres of Ensalada Navideña waiting to be made. You can use whatever combination you like. For this recipe, I used Gala apples because they were on sale. Chop and dice.

Note: If you don’t want the diced apples to get too brown, put them in water or drizzle them with a little lemon juice while you’re getting everything else ready.

This is canned pineapple. We used the liquid from the can for the dressing, remember? You can use pineapple rings and dice them up. Or buy them already diced. Whatever you get is fine, but don’t get crushed pineapple. That don’t work well in this dish.

Go nuts! Chopped pecans give great texture to the Ensalada Navideña. You can also use slivered almonds or walnuts, but pecans are traditional. Then again, you always start your own tradition.

Can’t forget raisins and shredded coconut. Add everything to a large bowl. Isn’t it gorgeous? My friend, Rachel, lent it to me for this picture. Not sure if I got the essence of its beauty, but the antique green glass is something to be seen in person.

Other ingredients: Some people will also add carrots or celery. Those are completely optional and great additions especially since it’s an easy way to get in your servings of fruits and veggies.

Add the cream dressing to the fruit and mix thoroughly. It kinda looks like a Waldorf Salad. Truth be told, that is how it originated. Over the years, the recipe morphed into a truly traditional Mexican creation in Ensalada Navideña. All cultures steal (borrow) from other cultures. Mexico is no exception.

Finish it off with a cherry on top. Be sure to add plenty of cherries. We used to fight for the cherry as kids. Almost as intense as the battle for the last tamal. That’s when the gloves came off and no holds barred.

Ensalada Navideña is a yummy fruit salad that’s sure to be enjoyed by one and all. Hope you enjoy!

For the ones who never saw cactus leaves before and do not know how to eat them, nopales are generally sold fresh in Mexico, cleaned of spines, and sliced to the customer&rsquos desire on the spot.

They can also be found canned or bottled.

The cactus leaves contain a lot of water and are also very rich in vitamins and minerals. They are usually cooked and then used in the recipes. The taste is almost the same as green beans after cooking them.

In United States you can find fresh nopales in the Mexican grocery stores, but also canned ones.

The nopales have a mucilaginous texture inside, due to their rich content of soluble fiber. The fiber helps with digestion, constipation, but also helps controlling the cholesterol and the blood sugar.

For that matter, the nopales are considered a healthy vegetable. Many recipes require boiling them in order to remove that texture.

However, the leaves can also be grilled or fried.

How To Cook Cactus Leaves or Nopales:

1. Place a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil, adding a hefty pinch of salt.

Add sliced nopales and boil for about 15-20 minutes, or until tender. When tender, drain well and then add to recipe.

2. Place a medium skillet over medium-high heat and add in a bit of oil&ndashnot too much. Add the sliced nopales and a pinch of salt (to taste) and cook for a couple minutes.

Cover with lid and reduce heat to medium. Let cook and sweat about 20 minutes, or until the goo has seeped out and dried up.

How to make the Mexican Cactus Leaves Salad:

I bought the nopales at the Mexican grocery store and the leaves did not have any pricks.

If spines are present, remove them carefully by holding the pad by the stem end (wear gloves or hold with dish towel) and cut with a sharp knife against the grain removing the bumps that are around all of the spines.

They should look like this:

Slice them thin and put them in a pot with water. Simmer them until tender.

They should have the texture of a cooked green bean, not too soft, with a little bit of bite to it.

While the nopales are cooking , slice and chop the rest of the ingredients, green onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

When the cactus leaves are cooked, remove them from the hot water and let them cool down. You can also do this by placing them in cold, icy water for few minutes.

In a salad bowl place the cactus leaves, tomatoes, green onion and cilantro. Add salt to your taste, squeeze lime or lemon juice over them and a little bit of vegetable oil(I used olive oil).

Sprinkle crumbled queso anejo over the salad and serve with grilled meats, frijoles de olla(Mexican beans), tacos, scrambled eggs etc.

If you do not have queso anejo, some crumbled feta cheese or queso cotija works as well.

I hope you make the recipe. It is easy, delicious and super healthy. If you are also a vegan or a vegetarian, this recipe could be good for you as well. Enjoy!

Lentil Salad Ingredients:

To make this easy lentil salad recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Lentils: I recommend using either brown, green or French green lentils in this salad, as those varieties each have great flavor and hold their shape well once cooked. (I used French green lentils in the photos above.)
  • English cucumber: Or traditional or Persian cucumbers, finely diced (also peeled and/or seeded, if you prefer).
  • Red onion: Feel free to briefly rinse and drain the diced red onion in running water, if you would like to cut the onion-y flavor a bit. Or if you love red onion as much as I do, just add it straight to the salad!
  • Fresh mint: I adore the burst of fresh mint flavor in this salad, which pairs beautifully with the bright lemony dressing.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes: Love the rich flavor of sun-dried tomatoes in this salad. But if tomatoes happen to be in season, feel free to sub in your favorite ripe fresh tomatoes if you prefer.
  • Lemon dressing: I just used my favorite everyday salad dressing here, made with an extra squeeze lemon juice. It’s easy to whip up with olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon, garlic, salt and pepper.


  • Para la ensalada: 100 g. de mix de lechuga
  • 6 tomates secos (conserva)
  • Aceitunas negras
  • 1 lata de anchoas en aceite
  • 100 g. de mozzarella fresca
  • Hierbabuena fresca
  • Alcaparras
  • Para la vinagreta: 2 partes de aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • 1 parte de vinagre de vino blanco
  • 1 diente de ajo
  • Sal fina (al gusto de cada casa)

Cómo hacer ensalada mediterránea.

Una ensalada fresca, fácil de preparar y muy sabrosa, perfecta para comer o cenar de manera ligera, o acompañar un plato de pescado o carne. Con unos ingredientes predominantes en la cocina mediterránea, viajando por varios países.

Desde el blog siempre fomentamos la comida sana y saludable, por lo que encontraréis muchas ensaladas. Tenéis a vuestra disposición un recetario con multitud de recetas, muy variadas, tanto de cocina española como internacional.

Se me hace complicado decantarme por una, pero entre ellas puede destacar desde las clásicas como la Waldorf o la César , hasta mis preferidas en casa, la de Quinoa con gambas y la ensalada griega con queso feta.

Con esta ensalada nos salimos de las ensaladas más convencionales, utilizando ingredientes menos habituales pero que combinan a la perfección. Y para conjuntarlos a todos, una vinagreta con hierbas aromáticas que le dará un buen toque de frescor. Os la recomiendo para cuando vengan invitados/as a casa, porque nos va ayudar a aligerar el menú copioso de las celebraciones.

Os dejo con una nueva idea para sorprender en casa, distintos sabores y pasión por la cocina mediterránea. Rica, rica… de rechupete, ya me contaréis.

Preparación de la ensalada mediterránea

  1. Comenzamos por preparar la vinagreta. En un bol, añadimos 2 partes de aceite de oliva virgen extra (50 ml.), 1 parte de vinagre de vino blanco (25 ml.), y un poco de aceite de las anchoas. Mezclamos bien.
  2. Seguimos ahora troceando la hierba aromática, en este caso hierbabuena. Añadimos ajo picado (o triturado), salamos al gusto y volvemos a mezclar bien. Para que se integren todos los ingredientes. Reservamos algunas hojas de hierbabuena, para decorar al final.

Montaje y presentación de la ensalada

  1. En una fuente, colocamos una base de lechuga mixta. Seguimos troceando la mozzarella fresca, que repartimos uniformemente. A continuación el resto de ingredientes: las anchoas, los tomates secos, y finalmente las alcaparras.
  2. Aderezamos todo con la vinagreta, decoramos con las hojas de hierbabuena, que teníamos reservadas, y a disfrutar de esta deliciosa ensalada.

Sigue paso a paso esta receta de ensalada mediterránea en el álbum.

Consejos para una ensalada mediterránea de rechupete

  • Para la vinagreta, un truco que hago yo en casa es pasarla a un bote de cristal, tapar y agitar con ganas. También os bale un biberón de cocida. De esta manera se emulsiona todo perfectamente y queda como una textura suave y cremosa. Probadlo, que seguro que os gusta cómo queda.
  • Como no a todo el mundo le gustan los mismos ingredientes, es posible darle el toque personal que queramos. Otras opciones que encajarían aquí sería un queso fresco o un queso feta griego, nueces o pistachos, boquerones, menta fresca o albahaca. Lo bonito de la cocina es la capacidad de variación, así que darle rienda suelta a la imaginación.
  • Esta ensalada mediterránea podéis llevarla en un táper, de picnic o al trabajo, con la vinagreta en un bote. En el momento de comerla, agitáis el bote, vertéis el aderezo y poco más de añadir. Una oportunidad más para comer sano y saludable.

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