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Pineapple Recipes

Pineapple Recipes

  • Brown Sugar Baked Ham with Pineapple

    Go retro with this Brown Sugar Baked Ham with Pineapple! Massage brown sugar and spices into the ham 24 hours before you serve it. Cover with pineapple, and bake slow and low for a juicy, succulent Easter or Christmas ham.

  • Garrett McCord

    Piña Colada

    Easy Piña Colada! A summer staple, learn how to make piña coladas with traditional piña colada ingredients of rum, coconut, and pineapple. Grab your favorite tiki glass for this delicious blender drink!

  • Elise Bauer

    Hawaiian Pork Burger

    A Hawaiian-inspired pork burger with ground ginger and green onion in the patty, topped with barbecue sauce, grilled pineapple and ham.

  • Elise Bauer

    Mexican Fruit Cocktail

    15 min

    Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Delightful Mexican fruit salad with pineapple, orange, apple, onion, jalapeño, and lime juice

  • Elise Bauer

    Ginger Pineapple Fried Rice

    25 min

    Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Ginger pineapple fried rice, a perfect use for leftover rice, makes a delicious side dish for shrimp, pork, or chicken.

  • Elise Bauer

    Pineapple Salsa with Jicama

    1 hr, 15 min

    Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian

    Tangy tropical Pineapple Salsa with jicama, pineapple, red bell pepper, cilantro, and fresh ginger root.

  • Nick Evans

    Ambrosia Salad

    This Classic Ambrosia Salad recipe is a throwback to a simpler time. It’s just fruit, whipped cream, marshmallows, and almonds. Ambrosia salad is a light, airy, sweet treat.

  • Watch the video: 2-Ingredient Pineapple Sorbet. Sugar-Free + Just 45 Calories! A Sweet Pea Chef (August 2021).