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White-red sandwich

White-red sandwich

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 can Delaco cheese something fine
  • 1 red

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION White-red sandwich:

Grease a slice of bread with a generous layer of fine cheese.

Add diced tomatoes.

It is served.

Mini-tarts with "Red White Red" pattern

For the cream:
120 ml of cream
375 g of sweet cheese
30 g of sugar powder Pearl
The contents of a vanilla pod
The peels of half a lemon
2 caps of rum
2 packs of gelatin (granulated)

From this unique combination of flavors will result a dessert full of freshness to pamper yourself in moments of peace. The look can only enhance the intensity with which you will enjoy this dessert.

Beat the cream well. Then mix the sweet cheese with the lemon peel, powdered sugar, rum and vanilla bean juice until a creamy mixture is obtained. Then pour the gelatin according to the instructions on the cream package. Let the cream cool for a few hours.

Beat the eggs with the powdered sugar for several minutes until a fluffy mixture is obtained. Melt the butter and gradually sprinkle it in the egg mixture. Add flour and baking powder, as well as food coloring. Pour the mixture into two bowls lined with baking sheets and bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of 175 ° C. Allow the countertop to cool. Cut small circles out of the dough using a cake tin (or a glass).

Pour the cream into a bag to decorate the cakes and decorate the mini-tarts with small lumps of cream. Place the mini-tart tops on top of each other. Garnish the mini-tarts with red currants or fresh blueberries.

Which is better: white, red, black or brown rice?

White rice

White rice is also known as refined rice. basmati rice considered to be very tasty and which & icircl you can find and unpeeled).

HEALTH horoscope: find out what the stars have in store for you.

White rice is most often used in the kitchen, it has a lower fiber content compared to brown rice, a much poorer content of vitamins (especially B-complex), and many calories. For healthy people, who have no contraindications to the consumption of unhusked foods and grains (eg cereals or seeds), white rice should be the last option, being the most nutritional of all types of rice.

Red and white sandwich - Recipes

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400g - Bolognese Panzani sauce with chicken

Delicious recipe with: tomato pulp with tomato pieces and puree, chicken, vegetables (onions, carrots, red peppers), sunflower oil, herbs, white wine, garlic.

A new style of Bolognese pasta!

Store in a cool, dry place.
Store after opening: 3 days / 4 ° C.

May contain traces of milk
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Martisor. Curiosities and meanings of the white and red cord

Did you know that Martisor was made of a black and white braided cord in ancient times? The color red began to be used only in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. March 1 is the calendar date on which winter ends and spring regains its rights. Thus, the Martisor, a holiday thousands of years old, from the Dacian times, symbolizes death and rebirth, darkness and light, man and woman. Those who wear the magical white and red cord are said to be protected from disease all year round, will have abundance, luck and will be protected.

The origins of Martisor

In the province of Dacia we find the mythical braided cord attached to a coin. It was worn by women, young girls and children to attract health and luck. The Dacians considered martisorum an amulet with solar powers and wore it until the first tree bloomed.

White or red wine?

The general rule & # 8211 that the French, as fine connoisseurs, have established for centuries & # 8211 is that white, light wines should be served with white meat (chicken, turkey, over or Seafood) and red wines with red meat (pig, beef, lamb, vanat). But gastronomy has abdicated from the rigid label, leaving room for fantasy: a light red wine with a low tannin content or a rose wine can perfectly accompany a seafood menu.

Pinot Noir, Burgundy (Valea Calugarteasca, Minis, South Dobrogea) & # 8211 these are red, fruity, semi-dry wines, with a characteristic bouquet.

They are recommended for chicken dishes, seafood, red meat, tomato sauces and Asian dishes.

Merlot (Tohani, Simburesti, Odobesti, Murfatlar, Babadag, Valea Calugareasca, Cotesti, Uricani) & # 8211 are dry wines, with a soft aroma of flowers and berries.

Beef, duck and goose dishes, tuna and salmon salads best highlight the aroma of these wines.

Cabernet, Sauvignon, Babeasca (Cotesti, Uricani, Odobesti, Panciu, Valea Calugareasca, Simburesti) & # 8211 are red, harsh wines, with a fine aroma and astringent taste, but pleasant.

It is consumed on menus that contain beef, game, cow's cheese.

VDQS & # 8211 means & # 8222 quality controlled wine & # 8221

AOC (or DOC) means & # 8222 wine of controlled origin & # 8221 and certifies its origin from a certain region or vineyard

Chardonnay, Incense, Fat (Medgidia, Murfatlar, Cotnari) & # 8211 these are fine wines with floral and fruity shades or mowed hay.

(P) Preparations for each wine: white, red and rose

Combining wine with food can turn a simple meal into a unique culinary experience, but it is important to know a few basic rules to ensure that the two elements complement and enhance each other.

The wines are found in countless variants and can be chosen by variety, area of ​​origin, aroma, taste and many other characteristics, but the first time we choose a wine we must think if we want a white, red or rose wine. The color of a wine is due to the color of the grapes, but also to the method of vinification used or more precisely to the period of time in which the must remains in contact with the skin of the grapes. Thus, white wines are obtained from white grapes, pink or white wines can be obtained from pink grapes, and red, pink or white wines can be obtained from red grapes.

White wines are associated with fish, seafood or white meat dishes, with fresh, soft cheeses and in general with dishes cooked with white sauce, for example pasta, risotto, etc. They can be served with entrees and snacks such as cheese pies, fish spreads or caviar, etc. or with salads like Caesar or Greek. Of course, the type of wine must also be taken into account: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet or sweet. For example, a semi-dry Muscat Ottonel with aromas of linden and acacia flowers complemented by fresh citrus notes, a fresh and balanced wine, can be associated with classic fish or chicken dishes, but also simple summer salads. Instead, a sweet and complex wine like Tămâioasa Românească, with fruity pineapple and citrus aromas complemented by acacia floral notes, is ideal with Mediterranean and Asian dishes or desserts such as a fruit tart or an strudel.

Rose wine, a refreshing and fresh wine, can generally be associated with the same dishes as white wine, white meat, fish or seafood. It also goes very well with a very diverse register of pasta and pizza and can be associated with both white sauce and tomato sauce. All this, of course, if we are talking about a dry or semi-dry rose. In the case of a semi-sweet rose such as a delicious Bohotin Basil by the freshness of the floral notes of roses, basil and izma, it is recommended to be enjoyed with appetizers, a portion of pork ribs or other meat menus with sweet, caramelized notes, but also desserts.

The complexity and stronger taste of red wines recommend them as the ideal partner for fermented cheeses, beef dishes, pork, lamb, duck. It is also associated with dishes with tomato sauce or red wine, but also with the most spicy. A velvety semi-sweet Pinot Noir, balanced, with fruity notes of black cherries accentuated by the discreet vanilla aroma, is ideal with pork, beef or mutton dishes, prepared in the manner of Romanian, Asian or Mediterranean cuisine.

All these wines, Muscat Ottonel semi-dry, Pinot Noir semi-sweet, Busuioacă de Bohotin semi-sweet and Tămâioasa Românească dulce, are part of the new Sigillum Moldaviae range, launched on the market last autumn by the producer VINCON ROMANIA. The four wines can be found in Metro, Selgros or Carrefour hypermarkets, but also in convenience stores.

Video: Vocaloid RUS cover Fruitcake,, Len Genealogy of Red, White and Black Harmony Team (October 2021).