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How to Avoid Super Bowl Party Clichés (Slideshow)

How to Avoid Super Bowl Party Clichés (Slideshow)

Making your watch party distinctive doesn’t have to be hard

How to Avoid Super Bowl Party Clichés

You don’t have to order chain pizza, serve up cheap beer, and fill out the same, tired betting games year after year. For Super Bowl LI, resolve to throw a better party, free of clichés. From mixing up signature cocktails to considering a sit-down dinner to changing up your guacamole with some unique ingredients, you can easily have a Super Bowl party that is unlike any other out there.

Consider Alternate Ways of Betting

It seems like every single Super Bowl party has the same old way of waging on who is going to win what quarter, and ultimately, who will win the game. We’ve seen football squares hundreds of times. To make your party original, consider taking some inspiration from Las Vegas by betting on Super Bowl oddities, including who will win the coin toss, how many outfit changes Lady Gaga will have during the halftime show, and who will win MVP.

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Decorate With Subtlety

Forget tacky football motifs and banners. Instead, decorate your Super Bowl party with classy colors inspired by the battling teams. If your household will be cheering on the Atlanta Falcons, consider silver tablecloths, accented by dark red and black table settings and flatware. If you’re rooting for the New England Patriots, channel the spirit of Boston with patriotic red, white, and blue streamers, tablecloths, and floral arrangements.

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Invite a Mixed Group of Friends

Oftentimes, Super Bowl parties are filled with the same ol’ buddies that you see every weekend. To shake up your party, consider inviting over friends you see less frequently, your co-workers, or even your family. Mixing friend groups will help expand your various social circles and give your Super Bowl party a genuine celebratory vibe instead of making it seem like just another Sunday of watching football.

Make the Food Yourself

One of the signatures of a Super Bowl party are classic American junk foods. You know the menu by heart: pizza, chicken wings, barbecue, burgers, and a variety of dips. Instead of phoning it in (literally) and getting fast food to cater your Super Bowl party, make these favorite party foods yourself. This way, you can put unique, personalized spins on these staple dishes.

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Mix Up Your Sauces and Dips

Plan Alternative Activities

Not everybody at your party is going to be super into watching the big game. These easily distracted guests will talk over integral plays, make everyone hush for the commercials, and could potentially be a source of mild annoyance for the sports fanatics in attendance. If you know some of your friends love a party but hate football, plan things for them to do in another room, such as a dance party, board game night, or Puppy Bowl viewing party.

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Serve Dinner

Yes, the Super Bowl is a total “eat-in-front-of-the-TV” type of event, but if you’re really looking to hold a party that is free of clichés, you should consider a sit-down dinner at a dining room table. You can still serve Super Bowl Sunday classics like burgers, chili, and chicken wings, but you can elevate them to a table setting. Hold the dinner before the game, and then put out popcorn and desserts for the game itself.

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Think Beyond Beer

Super Bowl Sunday is a day typically filled with millions of people drinking America’s favorite beers. It’s beyond expected to see a 24-pack of Bud Light or Miller High Life at any football watch party. This year, think beyond the beer and serve a variety of cocktails at your Super Bowl party. Use classically American spirits, such as bourbon, to give the day a patriotic feeling with a twist.

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