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Yoghurt with Granola and Berries recipe

Yoghurt with Granola and Berries recipe

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I either add jam, or fresh fruit depending on what I have. Make this with natural yogurt or any flavoured yogurt that you like.

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IngredientsServes: 1

  • 2 tablespoons berry jam
  • 4 tablespoons yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon of granola

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. Spoon the jam into a large glass. Add yoghurt and top with granola. Serve immediately so the granola stays crunchy.

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Photographer, television personality and meat-free food advocate Mary McCartney is joining TODAY to share a few of her favorite quick, easy and healthy breakfast recipes. She shows us how to make lime-scented coconut yogurt, homemade granola and minted berries with citrus.

Homemade Granola with Dried Fruit

Homemade granola with that toasted, baked deliciousness — it's just so perfect and comforting. I make mine all in the one saucepan, then keep a batch in an airtight container. It's great with plant-based milk or a dollop of coconut yogurt. At the moment my go-to is a heaped spoon of chia pudding, the granola, a spoonful of my lime coconut yogurt and a sprinkle of minted berries. Happiness in a bowl.

Minted Berries

Fresh berries infused simply with a squeeze of orange juice and fresh mint burst with flavor. I like to add them on top of chia seed pudding with granola and a spoonful of lime-coconut yogurt for my breakfast bowl.

Lime-Coconut Yogurt

I love the hint of coconut flavor in this plant-based yogurt with an extra citrus kick of lime. Nothing else necessary! I think it is perfect spooned onto granola for an instant breakfast bowl.

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Yogurt with Granola, Berries, and Honey

I realize that yogurt with granola, berries, and honey isn&rsquot a revolutionary recipe idea, but after eating it for breakfast for over a month now, I thought it was worth sharing. Sometimes it&rsquos the simplest things that are the most delicious and wonderful. Right? We may just need a little reminder or inspiration to make them.

Yogurt with granola and berries has been a go-to of mine for a while. When I go out for breakfast or brunch and want to avoid overindulging on eggs Benedict or French toast, I will order some combination of yogurt, granola, and berries. I love the flavor, and it always fills me up. I also feel good about myself after eating it. To me, that&rsquos a triple-win!

The concept for this recipe is simple, but I thought I&rsquod share a few tips and ideas that make it especially good. I&rsquom also going to give you the details on some of the ingredients and products that I love to use.

Berries yoghurt and granola Breakfast

I’ve just posted a breakfast dish too. It must be something about the weekend. I do love your yoghurt and granola cup. So pretty & tasty!

Will have to check your breakfast out too. I am sure its a delicious one

ohhh my goodness! looks so delicious and very healthy breakfast. It’s a perfect combination of fruits and granola which is perfect for my diet. I wanna try this asap!

I made this granola and it’s the best but I added raisins and sultanas.

This granola is fantastic – I have made it numerous times and keep adding mixtures if nuts and seeds to make it different each time

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Berries Yoghurt And Granola Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is always easy to prepare, but the combination of yoghurt and granola bars is something special. This delicious combination can make a great healthy treat for kids, as well as an enjoyable way for adults to get some exercise.

Berries and granola are a delicious and easy combination when mixed with other ingredients such as honey. Mixing these two healthy ingredients is a great way to have a tasty breakfast without spending a fortune.

Berries yoghurt and granola breakfast are a very delicious combination. I used to get sick every single morning because of the symptoms of some horrible food poisoning and it was so hard to get back into shape after being ill for so long.

The good news is that I found out about natural remedies for curing the problem. After doing some research, I learned about how to make a smoothie that includes Berries yoghurt and granola.

It was delicious and my sinus infection cleared up in no time! The combination of honey, yogurt, granola and raisins is called the Berries yoghurt and granola breakfast.

I have seen this combination of ingredients in almost every place I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even if I miss breakfast it’s a comfort food for me. If you are looking for a healthy, delicious and filling breakfast then look no further than Berries.

What to serve Granola With?

There are numerous ways to serve granola. Some people even like to snack on it.

My favorite way is to serve it with yogurt. Two Good™ pairs so well with this homemade granola. Don’t forget to check here for even more inspiration on how to use it!

Just add some fresh fruit of your choice. I like to have my yogurt granola with berries, but you can also add bananas, peaches or kiwi.

Berry Granola Yogurt Bark

Your kids are going to love this frozen yogurt bark &ndash it&rsquos a perfect summer treat and is healthy enough to serve as a quick breakfast 👌 on those crazy busy mornings!

The colors are so bright and vibrant 💜 and thanks to the granola and berry toppings there are lots of different textures to enjoy. So much more fun and interesting to eat than a boring yogurt tube!

Super quick and easy to make, this yogurt bark is fun to make with your little ones. My kids can not get enough of it😋!

Granola, ricotta and yoghurt cups with iced berries

Add the frozen berries, icing sugar and berry juice to a bowl and blitz using a hand blender.

Pour the puréed mixture into a container and freeze until set.

Meanwhile, whip the ricotta, then fold in the yoghurt until smooth and dense.

Spoon into individual cups, dust half the top with crushed granola and top with a teaspoon of creamed honey and another of the berry "sorbet".

Perfect for a glam brunch, the combination of granola and ricotta is a match made in heaven. For something special, add a dash of berry liqueur.

Recipe by: Abigail Donnelly View all recipes

Nothing excites Woolworths TASTE's Food Director quite as much as the challenge of dreaming up recipes with innovative new foods – or the thrill of creating deliciousness on a plate with the humblest of ingredients. With Abi by your side, you’ll be a cooking expert in no time at all.

Banana Berry Granola Yogurt Parfait

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A Banana Berry Granola Yogurt Parfait that&rsquos easy and quick to make and is a nice change from what&rsquos on your usual breakfast menu.

Weekday breakfasts around here can be a bit boring for me. On the weekends, when everyone is at home, it&rsquos all about waffles, pancakes, and all the delicious things that take time to make&mdashthe things that I can&rsquot make on a busy weekday morning.

On those weekday mornings, after everyone is out the door, that&rsquos when I have my breakfast and it&rsquos usually cereal, or a smoothie. I love my smoothies, but cereal? Ugh. I can do better than that. So I&rsquove been trying and it started with a Banana Berry Granola Yogurt Parfait.

I don&rsquot think I had ever had a yogurt parfait before this (yeah, I know). I had just made a new batch of my maple coconut granola clusters (you have to try that recipe!) and I had some berries in the fridge that I had bought on sale (it&rsquos January here in Canada and these berries are FAR from being local but I needed a summer fix!).

I had also recently found a new vegan coconut yogurt that I actually like and can&rsquot get enough of (I had given up on yogurt before this discovery, but that is a whole other story!). I was excited to try the yogurt with something else and not just eat it plain.

Along with the granola, berries, and yogurt, I added a banana and it only took about 5-minutes to make. It&rsquos delicious, SO MUCH better than cereal, and so simple to put together (even your kids can make it).

You probably don&rsquot even need a recipe for this, you could wing it by using whatever berries you have, using only one type of berry, or adding another fruit into the mix&hellipit&rsquos up to you and what you like. But for me, this is the way I like it.

Make your banana berry granola yogurt parfait as described in the recipe or use this recipe as a springboard for your tastes and what you have on hand.

I like to use unsweetened coconut yogurt and I don&rsquot add any sweeteners, but if you want, you can drizzle on some maple syrup if you prefer a little more sweetness. Your call!

This parfait isn&rsquot only great for breakfast, I also have it as an afternoon snack when I need something to keep me going. It&rsquos better than grabbing chips!

I said above that you probably don&rsquot need a recipe because of the simplicity, but I still chose to share to serve as a reminder to myself and to you. The reminder is that if you ever get stuck or are already stuck in a breakfast rut, to step outside of the (cereal) box and think of other delicious and different things to make with the ingredients you have on hand!

If you like this granola yogurt parfait recipe, be sure to pin it and then check out these other recipes you may also like:

Click for more delicious breakfast and snack ideas and be sure to follow my vegan breakfast Pinterest board for even more ideas.

How to make a blueberry granola yogurt bowl

Making a yogurt bowl only takes a minute one you have all your ingredients.

1. Add yogurt: scoop the desired amount of yogurt into a bowl

2. Add toppings and serve: top the yogurt with fresh berries, granola, nut butter, and ground cinnamon. It’s ready to be served.