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URSA: High-Concept Food with a Mission

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High-Concept Food with a Mission

When a restaurant boasts that its tartare contains something called "elk velvet," you know that dining there is going to be a wild ride. At Ursa, which opened last year in Queen West, that’s exactly the case.

Owners Jacob and Lucas Sharkey Pearce are what you might call a bit eccentric. Health fanatics who previously designed raw food menus for professional athletes, they opened this restaurant with an eye on not only using the healthiest ingredients available, but also foraging for some of the menu’s ingredients themselves.

A meal at Ursa is a bit of a challenging experience, but it's worth it if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind combining deconstructed, styled elements on a plate into one perfect bite. Each dish is bright, colorful, and a bit puzzling, but it all adds to the fun. While it might appear a bit overblown, the techniques that the duo uses are meant to retain as much nutrition as possible (vegetables are vacuum-sealed instead of blanched, for example), and the flavors are all dialed up to 11, even though some dishes might be vegan.

And as for that elk velvet? It’s the fur from elk’s horns, and is full of nutrients.

Our Story

Our story begins with our co-founder and Head of Technology Driando and our Head of Research Elvira, who grew up in Indonesia where tempeh originates. For a long while, they took tempeh for granted: seeing it as the basic, street food everyone else perceived it to be. But soon enough, they realised they had something special here: a protein source that was all-natural, plant-based, versatile, great for the gut… (the list really does go on). If that was the case, why weren’t Indonesians celebrating it, let alone those further afield? This drove Driando and his family to set up a charity to promote tempeh in Indonesia and beyond (the wonderful ITM ). But there was still a long way to go and more voices needed to share tempeh with the world…

Meanwhile, another founding member, Fabio, went on a trip to Java where he tried tempeh for the first time and fell in love. Literally head over heels. He couldn’t believe that something so natural and nutritious could be as delicious and versatile as it was - and even more surprisingly, how it could be so overlooked in Indonesia, let alone elsewhere. He knew the world needed to know about tempeh and was ready to help however he could.

Passion for plant-based

Over in the UK, one of our founding members Elin was a long-time vegetarian and vegan, passionate about promoting a plant-based diet for the health and happiness of people, animals and the planet. Soon enough, she had encouraged one of her friends and soon-to-be co-founding member Chris to adopt a veggie diet, then vegan (what can she say, she’s pretty convincing!). With both of them keen on health and fitness, they were searching for an all-natural, tasty protein source. Then they came across the magic of tempeh.

Match made in heaven

Then we all came together (ok, it wasn’t quite that easy but we’re all busy people so let’s just focus on the highlights!). With a love for tempeh, a passion for plant-based eating and a common will to make the world a healthier, happier, fairer place, Better Nature was born!

Since then, the wonderful Noora, Ursa, Lidwina, Thalis and Anand have joined our growing team, all with the mission to live life without compromising on people, the planet or animals! You can learn more about our Superbean Squad (aka our team) right here .

5 Ways to Use Seafood Scraps

The James Beard Foundation is guided by our mantra of &ldquogood food for good TM ,&rdquo which encompasses all aspects of the food system, from safe workplaces, to culinary innovation, to the environmental impact of the methods used to grow and catch our food. Below, Naomi Tomky, author of The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, argues that full-use cooking shouldn't be limited to fruits, veggies, and nose-to-tail meat, and shares tips from chefs for reducing waste when seafood is on the menu.

Fish heads always seem to make their way back to the kitchen at San Diego&rsquos Serēa. Chef JoJo Ruiz serves the fish whole, but despite his hope that diners will dig into the juicy meat of the heads and tails, he admits, &ldquoHonestly, not many people do.&rdquo Even as nose-to-tail cooking has become commonplace in the meat world and food waste warriors work to make sure ugly vegetables and their trim are all used up, seafood scraps still tend to end up in the compost.

In researching my book, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, I watched fishermen toss roe sacks back in the water as they cleaned their salmon, and saw shrimpers pull the heads from their spot prawns before we even docked the boat. But chefs disagree with that mentality. &ldquoJust using the center cut is so 1985,&rdquo says Ruiz. In the hands of the right cook, and armed with the right recipes, these less-celebrated seafood scraps can transform into menu stars.

Trim it to Win it

&ldquoNothing goes to waste,&rdquo says Ruiz, so even if only a carcass remains after breaking the fish down, he&rsquoll scrape the bones to use for tartare or ceviche. It&rsquos not just a cost savings measure: &ldquoWe get all the flesh that&rsquos right on the bone, which gives it more flavor.&rdquo At Ursa Minor on Washington&rsquos Lopez Island, Nick Coffey buys most of his seafood whole, often straight from the fisherman. &ldquoI definitely think of it as a creative endeavor, trying to find new ways to utilize and introduce people to those flavors and ingredients.&rdquo He grinds up any meat they can&rsquot serve as a fillet or find another place for, then adds koji to ferment it into fish sauce.

More Than One Way to Skin a Salmon

&ldquoIf you remove the scales but leave the skin, the fish lasts longer,&rdquo Ruiz explains. Removing the scales helps eliminate the moisture pockets they hold, keeping the fish fresher and setting you up for a nice crispy skin. Even if you&rsquore doing a skinless prep, you can save all the skin in the freezer to turn into chicharrones (recipe in my book)&mdashbasically fish-skin chips with the same satisfying texture as the traditional porky version, but smaller and lighter.

Mutsuko Soma's spot prawns two ways photo: Celeste Noche

Insides Story

Fish guts might be the world&rsquos least-sexy phrase, but chefs work magic with innards. &ldquoWe always hope for roe,&rdquo says Coffey, but if they end up with salmon milt (sperm) instead, he turns the liver-y gland into a terrine that&rsquos something like a boudin blanc&mdashpoached and sliced thin like a mortadella. For smaller fish hearts, like salmon, he&rsquoll toss them on a grill, but in late summer when he gets a wealth of albacore heart, he&rsquoll salt-preserve it to grate over dishes like bottarga, for a topping that is &ldquosalty, slightly fishy, and full of umami flavor.&rdquo
Aaron Verzosa of Seattle&rsquos Archipelago tapped into the Filipino tradition of using crab fat to season rice and adapted it to the big rich Northwest crabs. &ldquoIn its simplest form, making this dish comes from snatching a Dungeness crab head before anyone noticed, and using it as a bowl to mix in a couple heaping scoops of hot rice into the fat.&rdquo Along with a little garlic, butter, and shallots, the wildly savory, complex flavor of a single crab fuels a meal for many.

Heads Up

Although Ruiz&rsquos diners opt out of eating fish heads, he still uses them himself: &ldquoThe best part of the fish is the collar and cheeks.&rdquo He collects the biggest collars he can find, vacuum seals them with a marinade until he has enough to run as a special (about once a month), and then grills them. He uses any other spare heads or bones to make stock for his bouillabaisse. It&rsquos a common method: in The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, Celeste Noche and Erlinda Beltran give a recipe for the Filipino sour soup sinigang using salmon heads and carcasses. And Coffey adds his spare parts to a broth that&rsquos almost always on his menu. &ldquoWe kind of use it as a catch-all.&rdquo

Big Shrimpin&rsquo

&ldquoPeople don&rsquot have experience eating prawn shells,&rdquo Coffey notes, &ldquobut they are totally edible and delicious.&rdquo For smaller prawns, you can just eat them,&rdquo but he suggests frying bigger ones into chips. With the spot prawns he brings into the restaurant, he dehydrates the shells into a powder used for seasoning. And while spot prawns don&rsquot last without their heads on, so most fishermen toss them immediately, if you can get live prawns, the flavor the heads give is the key to the miso soup recipe below from Best Chef: Northwest semifinalist Mutsuko Soma, the soba genius behind Seattle&rsquos Kamonegi and Hannyatou.

Food and travel writer Naomi Tomky is the author of The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook. Follow her on Twitter @Gastrognome and on Instagram @the_gastrognome.

The 15 Best Colleges for Dining Hall Food

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Personally, when I was making the decision to go to college, there were three things that were important to me. “How far from home is it?” “How cute is the lacrosse team?” and “How good is the food?” All joking aside, food was a very important factor in my decision of choosing a college. These are schools that come highly recommended in the food category according to the 2016 Princeton Review.

15. Gettysburg College

Photo courtesy of

Starting off our list, Gettysburg strives to keep things local on campus buying seasonal fruits and vegetables from a local CSA (which stands for community supported agriculture). Students also have a unique opportunity to enjoy the honey in the dining hall from a bee hive located on campus! This bee hive was brought to campus in the summer of 2012 and they pollinate much of campus and provide that delicious honey.

14. Claremont McKenna College

For being known as a small school, Claremont McKenna students are pretty spoiled with the amount of food options that are easily accessible to them. Although there is only one dining hall on campus, it steps up the game with several stations that offer a vegan and vegetarian section, as well as ethnic and American eats as well. Getting bored of the dining hall? Students are able to hit up any dining hall on the 5 college campuses in their area, migrating to whichever one is offering the best meals that day.

13. Bates College

Photo courtesy of

Number thirteen on the list, located in Lewiston, ME, Bates College has a commitment to sustainability. They cut down overuse in the dining halls by dissecting every process from food prep to serving. The main focus of the dining services are to stay environmentally-friendly. They divert more than half of their solid waste away from landfills with the creation of a comprehensive management system.

12. Scripps College

Photo courtesy of

Run by Sodexo, there is a focus on the community members at this women’s college in Claremont, CA. They focus on the fact that Sodexo is working to end world hunger and the entire team at Scripps College is committed to this mission. Some favorites among the students include the sushi bar, and the infamous freshly-baked cookies that instantly melt in your mouth. When the dining hall gets repetitive, students hit up the social hub on campus for an eatery that serves all-organic foods, including coffee, health shakes, and organic cookies.

11. University of Scranton

Photo courtesy of

The electric city, as it is dubbed, is home to many different delicious dining options. The University of Scranton, which is located in Scranton, PA, is located very close to the Krispy Kreme distribution center and therefore, every weekend plates of Krispy Kreme’s are placed in the dining hall. I can say I ate close to twelve after visiting one weekend. With no limit on the amount you can have, Scranton continually supplies you with these sugary snacks.

10. St. Anselm College

Photo courtesy of

Nothing beats home-style cooking and that’s just what St. Anselm’s dining services has to offer. If their mac and cheese bar isn’t tempting enough, their holiday celebrations consist of full pies on Thanksgiving and a full throttle Christmas Feast. Students can also enjoy crepes, milkshakes, and a bulk candy station.

9. Bryn Mawr College

Photo courtesy of

With two dining halls and two cafes on this small-scale campus, the eatery options at Bryn Mawr are constantly providing their students with a variety of feel-good food. Students can enjoy personalized quesadillas, panini sandwiches and fajitas, and when you get that late night craving, the food at Uncommon Ground is a great place to pick up that quick fix. Since the campus at Bryn Mawr is so beautiful, it’s like eating in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, which, they use to their advantage in a Harry Potter-themed dinner. The inner nerd in me is seething with envy.

8. Washington University in St. Louis

Photo courtesy of

Local, healthy, and a high variety. What more could you expect from a school that’s located in the heart of St. Louis? This campus leaves no student hungrym with over 14 different dining facilities located throughout campus. The DUC (Danforth University Center) seems to be a hub of all around great food. It offers a variety of food court stops that serve vegan, vegetarian, Asian, Mediterranean and Latin food. The best part of this large array of food vendors? Coffee is basically available anywhere on this campus. Get it with your morning pastries at the Cherry Tea Cafe, or at Ursa’s Cafe for those late-night cram sessions. With such great, sustainable and healthy options, there’s no room for disappointment with the dining at Wash U.

7. Cornell University

Photo courtesy of

At Cornell, your dining experiences will never be like any old cafeteria you’ve been to in the past. This school does a great job at keeping up the variety, with over 30 eateries on campus and over 400 chefs that offer their students exotic tastes from all over the world, as well as your classic buffet assortments. Enjoy the balcony seating overlooking downtown Ithaca in Cascadeli, or the jukebox in the Ivy Room to jam to old-time favorites while you chow down. The chefs at this school take pride in their work, and for good reason! Even the off-campus students are frequently tempted by Sunday brunch, and all-you-can-eat dinners.

6. James Madison University

Photo courtesy of

Hold up. This campus has a Dunkin’ Donuts, a Starbucks, a Chik-Fil-A AND almost 30 other eatery options? Where do I apply? James Madison is notorious for having local, sustainable food, but also for making sure each dining area offers a new food experience for their students. Enjoy burgers, sandwiches, and a Mongolian grille at the Top Dog cafe, or grilled cheese Thursdays at the dining halls. Got too much food? Don’t worry, JMU gives you to-go boxes to enjoy your meal once again as a late night snack.

5. College of the Atlantic

Photo courtesy of

Located in Bar Harbor, Maine “COA” is known for fresh and delicious cuisine using local and organic ingredients as much as they can. Every week day at the crack of dawn bakers are up making cookies and treats. “COA” also rotates the flavors of the world through their menus on a weekly basis. They one dining hall and one cafe on campus that are open Monday-Friday.

4. St. Olaf College

Photo courtesy of

With it’s home in Northfield, Minnesota St. Olaf College makes its mark on the world of college cuisine by buying organically from their local student run farm named STOGROW. All of the meats and poultry served are antibiotic free and downright delicious. They offer three different places to eat on campus with the main dining hall Stav Hall making upwards of 70 entrees a week.

3. Virginia Tech

Photo courtesy of

Blackburg, Virginia, home of the hokies and home of the 3rd best dining in the country is next on the list. Offering a variety of different dining options as well as all the nutritional facts online my mouth was watering thinking about all the food. They promote sustainability by purchasing from local farmers and highlighting them on the dining website. Monday-Friday they have 22 dining centers open and on the weekends they have 7 that remain open.

2. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Photo by Benjamin Dussault

Nestled in the quaint town of Amherst, Massachusetts UMass dining stands alone in quality and variety. They are the second largest campus dining operation in the country serving 40,000 meals a day. The goal of the dining program is to not only feed the mouths of hungry people but educate them as well. There are four dining commons, eighteen retail cafes, Kosher and Halal options, two food trucks, a delivery service, the bakeshop, UMass Catering, concessions, and the University Club.

DISCLAIMER: This writer lives, breathes, and loves UMass Dining

1. Bowdoin College

Photo courtesy of

Ranked number #1 by the Princeton Review, in Brunswick, Maine, Bowdoin has two main centers to eat. They provide nutritional labels on all the food they have. At Bowdoin, they believe there is no such things as good or bad foods, but that everything should be eaten in moderation. They have 24 meal opportunities, for seven days a week.

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Writing Your Value Statement

Most restaurants and businesses jump right to writing a vision and mission statement. What should come first, however, is a value statement. It will help you determine the rest of the statements and create a sense of consistency throughout. Start by listing out the following:

List 10 key items that will make your concept competitive. Example: The customized decor and vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

List five key items you know your guests will talk about. Example: Knowledgeable and attentive staff with effective attention to detail.

List 10 key items that you dislike when you’re a guest at another restaurant. Example: Dirty dishware, floors, tables, menus, and washrooms. Make sure to turn these into positives for your restaurant or bar.

List five key ways you can recover from a poor customer service scenario. Example: Taking the corrective and fast action to resolve the situation.

List 3 key ways (for each) that your team can increase awareness, revenue per customer, and repeat business. Example: Being active within community, using suggestive selling techniques by understanding menu, and by creating consistency.

Now summarize your findings and create a top five list using short, powerful words on how you’re going to drive importance, worth, and usefulness. This should be used as your value statement. This is a great exercise to complete with your team or new hires to not only see their answers, but ensure there is cohesiveness between your values and theirs.

Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

Alright. New day, new parts of the Labyrinth to explore.
. Asriel, it's 7 in the morning.
Labyrinths wait for no one.
Exploring while tired seems like a bad idea.
Well, we're not getting any less tired standing around. Let's go.
. Wait, do we still have that whip the other Dark Hunter gave us?

We still have two Hedgehog needles, too.
No sense in hoarding. Let's go sell them.

Yeah, I forgot to sell the 2 Rat Needles that Cass didn't need. Whoops. Selling them unlocks:

Kalinga (+30 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Rat Needle. It's. well, it's an upgrade from what the shop had to start with. I wouldn't personally spend money on it.

Harpoon (+27 ATK) is unlocked by selling 2 Rat Needles. Again, it's an upgrade from what the shop starts with, but is it really worth the money?

Now that that's over with, into the Labyrinth.

Alright, we're entering unmapped territory. Let's be careful that we don't run into--

More deer. Of course there're more deer. Why wouldn't there be more deer?
These, um, don't seem that difficult to walk around though.

Just wait for the Ragelope trailing behind the first one to pass by you before you walk forward here.

Hm? You hear something, Ursa?

SYSTEM: Wondering what it could be, you look closer and discover it's one of the hedgehogs you see often here. The spines on its back seem to be caught in the roots, preventing it from escaping. Under most circumstances, it would be safest to leave it where it is. Even if you were to render aid, it would not feel indebted to you--it may even attack out of instinct.
Please, let's just leave it. It could be related to the hedgehogs that nearly killed Ursa and I.
Ursa? What're you doing?!

SYSTEM: Ursa carefully tugs on the hedgehog to pull its spines from the tree's roots. Surprised by your actions, the hedgehog squirms even more frantically, scratching Ursa's face terribly!

SYSTEM: But Ursa remains undeterred through it all and successfully frees the hedgehog from the tree. The hedgehog immediately retreats to a safe distance and bristles threateningly. You hardly wish to fight, since you just saved the creature. You keep your weapons sheathed and stare at the hedgehog. When it realizes that you intend it no harm, the hedgehog scrambles away. Satisfied with your success, you return to the task at hand.

You stupid bear, what did you do that for? That thing could come back and try to kill us later!
I don't know what that means!

Another shortcut we can't use yet.

Uuuuggh. I know how these deer move now, but looking at them still stresses me out. Can I put down "emotional distress" as a surcharge?
We've gotten around them fine so far, Realga. I'm sure we'll be fine.
Big caterpillar approaching, everyone.

  • Ensaring Web: Uses the head. Attempts to bind each party member's legs, with a 70% base chance. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Normal: Small Nail. 75% chance. Sells for 15 en. 1 needed to make Leg Guard (immunity to leg binds). 3 needed to make Nail Whip (+26 ATK). 4 needed to make Amud Staff (+19 ATK, +8 TP, +1 TEC). 3 Carapace Pieces and 2 Small Nails needed to make Targe (+7 DEF). 5 Small Nails and 2 Ray Flowers needed to make Breastplate (+13 DEF, +5 HP).
    "Crawler's twisted black nail. Widely used due to its hard outer surface."

A caterpillar of unusual size that relies on its spinnerets to ensare adventurers.

Crawlers are massive pains in the ass, especially if you run into one while you're doing the first mission. Remember how the Hedgehog and Mole had HP in the upper double digits and still took over a turn each to take down? Yeah, say hi to 200 HP. Running isn't even a very reliable option, because Ensaring Web can bind your party's legs, which disables Escape. On its own, one Crawler isn't that bad, but you can run into 3 of them at once. Your best option at that point is to just use a big all-target Force Break, because that's a fight you are unlikely to get out of unscathed.

P-please don't spit web at us. That's my job.
Spitting web is your job?
N-no, tying things--you know what I mean.


Crawlers hit HARD. Bear in mind that's after the Hit-Taker damage reduction. A Crawler's basic attack would kill Asriel and probably Freyja if Ursa wasn't tanking.

Caterpillars are as flammable as spiders. Good to know.

Not a lot to comment on. I'm building towards Flame Grater on Asriel so he can contribute some multi-target damage (which our party is sorely lacking at the moment). I also took one point in Salve on Realga, and that's all I'll invest in it for now. Stardust's also building towards Compression.

SYSTEM: Perhaps some sort of key is necessary to gain entry.
Don't think it's gonna open. I've seen these things in Tharsis before.

So how do we go through here without the deer catching us?
Let the group on the right go up the middle. Then we run.

I think the group on the left are catching up to us! Oh gods oh gods--
Calm down, Realga. They move as fast as we do. We're fine.

Think she wants us to go up here.

Wholly unnecessary for us. I guess if you didn't take Abigail's advice to buy one back in town this'd be nice.

Alright, we should be safe. Go!

I. hah. hate. these stupid deer.
Why are you terrified of them? They aren't aggressive towards us.
We spent an entire month at school talking about the dangers of FOEs as a frontline medic. Lots of illustrations of explorers and their medics gored by deer.
. How does that help you heal us at all? Why would they teach you this?

Got into a random encounter shortly after that. It's completely unremarkable, so let's use it to demonstrate Horse Slash.

The stairs must be over there.
Rrr, rr!
Ursa wants us to go the other way, I think.

'Nother materials point. Let's grab what we can and mark it down for the Byeahs.
. What ARE those. things, I guess, anyway?
Marion said they're some primitive type of automaton. Hence why they repeat "byeah" incessantly.
Mm. Heard some stories that there's an underwater city in the ocean to the south with a bunch of intelligent robots. Maybe they're related.
Um, are you sure you should take that story at face value?

The other ingredient you can find from 1st Stratum Take points.

Ignore the fact that I marked the stairs with a door I fix it soon enough.

Ursa. Hey-hey-hey, wait!

Ursa? Realga?
We're fine! We're in the room where we got the token before.
Mark this on the map. Could be useful.

When you've drawn what the game considers a sufficiently complete map and reach the stairs, Floor Jump for that floor and that particular stairs becomes enabled. Essentially, Floor Jump lets you freely travel between floors you've completely visited. See this GIF:

Alright, new floor, new monsters.
I say we go back to town first. I'm tired after running from the deer.

Rrrrghh. rrf.
No luck?

And this is why Ariadne Threads are less useful than they used to be. If you're on a Floor Jump-enabled floor, you can just jump to the 1F down stairs and be back in Lagaard.

When we return to Lagaard:

Yes. What is it?
I am a member of the ducal guards. I have a message from the Minister to relay to you. There is something that the Minister would like you to do. If you could, please come to the Duke's Palace immediately. I haven't been told the details, but it seemed as thought he Minister was very troubled about something. He would appreciate it even if you come merely to hear him out. or so I'm told. I will be taking my leave now.
Is it another mission? We could use more funds.

Doubt it, but we don't have much choice.

I've been hearing a great many rumors about your guild. Now, I would ask your assistance on a specific matter. And that would be. to help run the Lagaard Cafe! Now, I'm not asking you to throw aside your weaponry and equipment in favor of the humble skillet, of course. What I would like you to do is colelct ingredients for certain recipes. These recipes were created long ago by a man named Apicius. He was a gourmet that revolutionized the culinary arts. High Lagaard's harsh climate is hardly suitable for agriculture, so Apicius had to turn to the Labyrinth for his ingredients. His cooking had a curious effect on his diners, energizing them and sparking unprecedented progress in High Lagaard. . Unfortunately, everything was lost upon his sudden passing. He was a secretive man, and he ensured that all his recipes were hidden. Until recently, it was believed his recipes were lost to the ages. But only the other day, we stumbled upon a portion of his recipes by a happy coincidence! We wish to use these recipes to encourage the growth of Lagaard and the happiness of its people. But we require your help. I have already arranged for a cook. Ahem. Please enter.

Regina, what are you looking so cross for? Come now, introduce yourself.
. I am Regina Dubois. I have been given the chance to run my own cafe.

U-um, did we do something to ups--

It's nice to meet you.
The pleasure's mine. I've heard about you. You sound like trustworthy explorers. . I still have some preparations left for the cafe. You should come by the place once you're ready. I'll explain the rest there.
Now, Regina, don't be so rude to the explorers! . I must apologize for my granddaughter's behavior. What can she be so cross about? She's usually not like this, I assure you. Allow me to give you directions to the cafe. I'll be entrusting the cafe and my granddaughter in your care, then.

The Renovating Shop's opened up now. And no, it won't be called that for long.

This. actually looks really nice to eat in.
. But first things first. I may be the granddaughter of the nation's Minister, but I'm a chef before any of that. There's no need for you to put on airs or act respectful for my sake. Just make use of me however you see fit.
Sure, Regina.
Thanks. Let's get down to business, then. First off, let me give you this.

What I just gave you. yes, those are the deciphered recipes that Apicius left behind. Coffee beans don't really work in High Lagaard's climate, so Apicius created this recipe so people could recreate the taste. I need two ingredients--Rye and Sugar Beet. I'd like you to find some for me from the Labyrinth. According to the recipe, blending these two ingredients together creates a drink that's identical to coffee in taste and scent. . Of course, I plan to do my best in order to reproduce Apicius's recipes. Don't forget, Rye and Sugar Beet. I'm counting on you to get them. There's also one more thing that I should probably explain to you. From now on, I'll take responsibility for storing any ingredients you find in the Labyrinth, within the Ingredient Storage. Don't worry about it too much. Just stop by after you've gotten some ingredients.
Well, we got some Rye, but I think Sugar Beets are on the second floor.

Oh, I almost forgot. I need you guys to think of a name for this place. I want something good. Memorable. It's going to be the first thing people see when they come to the cafe. You got it?
Hm. I read this story about a human who fell down a hole and befriended some talking skeletons once. why not use that?
. Huh?

In all seriousness, though, this is yet another time to vote on something! In this case, the name of the Ducal Restaurant. Post your ideas and votes in the thread and I'll decide on a name sometime before or when the next update is ready.

Since we can't really do much at Papyrus until we can get some Sugar Beets, we might as well take the one quest that opened up from getting to 2F.

Oh, that one. That request comes straight from the Palace, so listen close. Yeh see, to decorate the roads near the Duchy, we use this pretty little ore called Amazonite. But those roads got damaged a while back. Needs repairin', but of course we don't have any Amazonite just layin' around. The Duchy's guards usually mine the stuff, but they're all tied up right now. So that's where yeh come in. Now, accordin' to the guards, yeh can mine Amazonite from the 2nd Floor of the forest. Yeh just need 1 Amazonite. Just pick it up, an' bring it back. Easy. Besides, yer Lagaardian citizens now, too! Jus' think of it as community service. G'luck!
But none of us know even the first thing about mining.
Again, we'll let the Byeahs take care of it.

And onto Sitoth Trading, where Abigail starts talking to us once we enter:

We're actually selling a new product today at this store! The product is called. um. the Blast Grenade! That was it! Um, it's used for. Just a moment please, it should be somewhere on this note that my dad wrote. Oh, here it is! Let me read it to you. Some of the monsters you'll encounter take a moment to prepare themselves before unleashing a powerful attack. If you throw this Blast Grenade while they're preparing, the blast will shock them out of their focus and leave them open! . I'm not sure I completely get it, but. did it make sense to you?
I think so.
Wow, you explorers are so amazing! Oh, right! Here's some samples, so you can try them out first!

Dad told me to just give them to you, so don't worry about a thing. And besides, Dad says sometimes you've got to spend money to make money. I don't really get what that means, but knowing my dad, I bet it's a phrase that'll make everyone happy! Oh, um, sorry for talking so long. That's all I had to tell you. Please, take your time and look around!

I pawn off all the crap we got while finishing up 1F, which results in the following stuff being unlocked:

Remember that The item trade I was to unlock the Targe, which means the quest is done! Abigail will let us know when we leave the store.

Wakizashi (+36 ATK) is unlocked by selling 5 Carapace Pieces.

Mole Claw (+29 ATK) is unlocked by selling 3 Mole Claws. Unless you're using an offensive Beast, upgrading claws, unless they have extra effects, is generally not worth it.

Hide Gage (+4 DEF) is unlocked by selling 1 Soft Fur. Literally just 1 more DEF than the Thick Gages the store had at the start. I'll pass.

Targe (+7 DEF) is unlocked by selling 3 Carapace Pieces and 2 Small Nails.

Leg Guard (Immunity to leg binds) is unlocked by selling 1 Small Nail./i]

I buy a Wakizashi for Asriel due to how much of a boost it gives his ATK, and nothing else. Ursa has not used Attack once since the game started, so I'm not buying her a Mole Claw. Leg Guards are also a) unnecessary at this point, and b) very expensive at 1000en.

Oh yeah, remember the Binding Whip we got from the Dark Hunter at the bar? Remember how it's completely worthless? Abigail will gladly take it off our hands for a small amount of en. A change introduced in EOU and carried over to EO2U is the ability to sell unique weapons back to the store, which also puts the weapon in the shop's stock for a very low amount of en.

And like I said, when we leave the store:

I'll put it on the show floor today, so please have a look. It's my father's masterpiece! Oh, yes! I left the reward with Cass, so you can collect it at the Stickleback Bar. If I need anything else, I'll leave a request for you all on the notice board!

Hey there! Great work! Sorry to give yeh all the runaround. I've heard the whole story!

Shields can, by default, be equipped by Landsknechts, Protectors, and Sovereigns. We don't have any of those in the party at the moment, so it's useless at the moment.

While we're on the topic of quests, let's go take care of that Rock Water quest.

SYSTEM: It seems that water from some natural source has found an outlet, creating a small stream. After draining your flask, you fill it with the water flowing from the spring.

Aaaaand bottled.
SYSTEM: You have completed the quest! When you have the time, you should visit the bar to report your progress.

Well, well, look who's back. And yeh've got the Rock Water. It doesn't look like much, but I s'pose eve this is a blessing from the Labyrinth. We're a small town here, and I s'pect we'd lay over and die if it weren't for Yggdrasil. Another job well done, all of yeh. Here's the reward.

Analysis Scopes are consumables that adds the target to the Monstrous Codex, without you having to actually beat them. It's not that useful. Yeah, you can look at a monster's Info before you beat them, but there's very few instances where that's useful, especially given it requires using someone's turn.

Now that we've opened Papyrus, everyone in town has one-time Talk dialogue in response to it. Here's Cass's:

Yeh lot hear the news!? Sounds like they're openin' a state-operated shop, and it's a cafe to boot! The hell's the matter with 'em. I know this place is a bar, but we make a lot of our cash from the food we serve at lunch. . Hey, yeh lot. What say yeh go do some investigatin' fer me? Yeh don't want the old Stickleback to shut down. Yeh'll help, right? What!? The minister asked yeh to help at the cafe? Oh, c'mon! Who's more important to yeh, the Grand Duchy or old Cass!? . Okay, yeah, the Grand Duchy. Dumb question. Dammit. Guess I better start addin' some more dishes to the menu!

And here's Cass's normal 2F dialogue:

How're yeh? Seems yeh made it to the 2nd floor! I guess yeh're better than I thought. But yeh know, kids. I've seen plenty of explorers, and yeh lot still have a long ways to go. Well, let me tell yeh one piece of good advice to become a strong explorer. Don't die. . And that's it. Pretty wise words, don't yeh think? Haw haw haw!

And since we reached 2F, the list of bar patrons has been updated! Let's talk to the new ones.

Adventurers in matching gear:

Hey, c'mon! You drinkin'!? Have a drink. We jus' got back from being burned to a crisp!
. Y'know? Okay, list'n up. There's that thing. *hic* Sunflower thing! Right? Y'see, that thing, is. friggin'. dumb. We thought "Oh, it's takin' a stance or something," but then it started to spew burnin' flames! We got *hic* roasted! A plant. Breathin' fire. 's ridiculous! Right?
Well, we eventually managed t'cut it down with swords, but seriously. it was rough.
. Duly noted.

We'll see Sunflowers once we go further into 2F.

Gh. uuurrgh. W. Wa. ter.
Huh. w-w-water!? I-It's water. Yes! . Thank you. You got me back on my feet. I'm Tramonte, a protector. I'm looking for rare things in the forest. For example, this thing. A Perfect Thorn! It drops if you defeat a Sunflower with an attack that's not physical, but. . It's tough for me, of course, since I'm a protector. But I tried my hardest, because it's gonna make someone happy! Heh heh. Hope Lilly likes this.

I work, and work, and work. but I keep getting fired. . Was it really that bad a mistake? It was just one wrong calculation. Bah, I'll think about it later. I need to find some food. right, then, I'll go defeat some Venomflies. . Hmm? Why, you ask? It sounds unlikely, but Venomflies are actually edible. Although it doesn't look the prettiest. The Forest is a scary place, but even if I have no money, I can at least eat. It's not really that bad a place.

Venomflies are also a 2F enemy.

Did you hear the rumor that the Duchy is financing a new restaurant? I. I'm really looking forward to it! . After all, the restaurants in the area now are just bars and pubs for adventurers, so they're not the best for family dining. I hope that it's a place where everyone can sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal. Please, Grand Duchy, make it happen!

Over at the Explorers Guild, here's Marion's cafe dialogue:

Ah, I've heard the news. You're assisting with. a government-funded cafe, is it? The Minister's put a lot of trust in you. I know your exploration of the Labyrinth is difficult, but do the best you can. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you're always welcome to stop by. I don't mind taking a tea break now and then.

Her normal 2F dialogue:

Hm? Ah, you're the ones that established a new guild the other day. How's your exploration of the Labyrinth going? Hm, so you've made it to the 2nd floor. I'm pleased to hear that your exploration is proceeding well. Many explorers underestimate the Labyrinth and slink out of High Lagaard in shame. Then, too, many explorers vanish into the Labyrinth, never to return. Under no circumstances forget the ease with which the Labyrinth can claim your life. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Since I forgot to talk to Dubois before leaving the Grand Duchy earlier, here's his cafe dialogue:

Regina can be rather shy, but at heart, she is a very caring girl. I will be counting on your support, Guild Lumen.
Um, are you sure that "shy" is the right word?

Dubois's normal 2F dialogue:

Hm, explorers. Can I help you in some way? Ah, so you have reached the next floor. That is good news indeed. It looks as though you have proven yourselves to be capable explorers of the Labyrinth. Perhaps I may yet see the floating castle in my lifetime, eh? I am expecting great things from you.

Abigail's cafe dialogue:

Did you hear they're making a new cafe!? I heard they're planning on reviving a certain kind of cooking from a long time ago. Forest cuisine, or something? I really wish I could go. Their food must be so good.

Oh, hello, everyone! It's great to see you all again. Hee hee, thanks for stopping by! Is your equipment still okay? If anything needs repair or gets dull, just tell me. I'll ask my dad to take a look at it! Um. My dad always says, "Adventurers' lives rest on their equipment!" Have you heard that before? We work hard to make things that everyone can rely on!

And to close out the update, Hanna's cafe dialogue:

Hey, did you hear? The Grand Duchy is apparently starting up a new store! Huh? You already knew? Well, that's disappointing. I thought I was going to be the first one to tell you! Now, it's just gossip, but I heard they're going to serve strange and delicious food there. If I wasn't busy running this in, I'd take Quona and go have a look myself! Bahaha!

And her normal 2F dialogue:

Look at you, you're all filthy! You've been out in the Labyrinth again, haven't you? Tch, you kids! Oh, stop being so lazy! Go back to your rooms to get changed and wash up for your dinner. And why don't you try touring the city instead of rushing to the Labyrinth next time? It might be a nice change of pace!

And a reminder that the name of the Ducal Restaurant is up for voting. Just post the name you want in the thread and I'll tally them up sometime before the next update.

Weight Loss Plan
If you decide to participate in this program, you’ll be asked some questions about your current weight and goal. You’ll also be asked questions about your level of physical activity.

From there, you’ll be given a daily calorie budget and access to the Noom food lists. Nothing will be off-limits, but the app will point out when you’ve eaten red foods so that you can eat more nutrient-dense foods for the rest of the day.

Diabetes Plan
The diabetes management program will focus on the carbohydrate content of your food. It’s recommended that people that have diabetes get approximately 45% of their calories from carbohydrates [4]. The food will help you track the number of carbs you’re eating and make choices that will benefit your health.

How can you decide which plan is right for you? One of the main things you’ll want to consider is your goals. If you have diabetes, or if you’re concerned that you might develop diabetes in the future, the second program might be the best choice for your health.

Dining Out Doesn't Mean Ditch Your Diet

Who doesn&rsquot love dinner on the town? Use these tips to stay on your healthy eating track even when you eat out.

We know how hectic life is &ndash working late, after-school activities, trying to cram in a gym session, and catching up with friends, or better still, your spouse! Sometimes cooking at home just isn&rsquot an option.

What you need to know is that there are healthy options when dining out. Many restaurants now offer delicious meals and menu items that are better for you. But it still takes a little bit of effort and a splash of willpower to construct a healthy meal away from home.


AGUADITO - a hearty cilantro-infused soup stocked with rice and made with chicken but also with fish or seafood.

AJI AMARILLO - a yellow-orange chili pepper with medium heat and a bright, fruity flavor.

AJI DEGALLINA- a classic dish of shredded chicken in a thick creamy sauce flavored with aji amarillo chilies and ground walnuts.

ANTICUCHOS - appetizers of skewered grilled meats, usually beef or chicken hearts, typically marinated in vinegar, garlic and chilies.

ARROZ CHAUFA-Chinese-Peruvian style fried rice.

CAMOTE - sweet potato, often served cold in thick slices as an accompaniment to ceviche.

CANCHA - crunchy toasted corn kernels (like corn nuts), often served as a snack before a meal or as a ceviche accompaniment.

CAU CAU - a tripe stew typically flavored with chilies, cumin and huacatay. Cau Cau de Mariscos is a seafood stew. vegetables, often

CAUSA - an appetizer of cold mashed potatoes (traditionally, the Peruvian papa amarilla) mixed with lemonjuice and chili paste, with a variety of different toppings or fillings - chicken or tuna salad, shrimp, crabmeat, octopus.

CEVICHE (OR CEBICHE) - pieces of raw fish and/or seafood marinated in citrusjuices (typically lemon and lime) and spiced with chili peppers, often mixed with sliced red onion and cilantro. Camote (sweet potato) and choclo (corn kernels) are typical accompaniments.

CHICHA MORADA - a sweet drink made from purple corn, often flavored with pineapple, cinnamon and clove.

CHOCLO - a variety of corn from the Andes with large, starchy kernels, often served as a ceviche accompaniment.

CHUPE DE CAMARONES - a bisque-like shrimp soup with a shrimp-shell stock flavored with aji panca chilies and thickened with evaporated milk.

HUACATAY - an herb in the marigold family, also called "black mint."

HUANCAINA - a thick, spicy, cheesy sauce made with queso fresco, aji amarillo and evaporated milk, typically served over cold sliced potatoes (papas a la huancaina) but which finds its way into any number of other dishes.

LECHE DETIGRE - the citrus and chili marinade used for ceviche, served separately in a glass.

LOMO SALTADO - slices of steak sauteed with onions, peppers and french fries, typically served over white rice.

LUCUMA-a fruit native to Peru, somewhat similar to canistel, with a delicate sweet flavor reminiscent of caramel, maple or pumpkin, used in ice cream and other desserts.

OCAPA - a thick sauce of peanuts, chilies, herbs, queso fresco and evaporated milk, typically served over potatoes.

PARIHUELA - a stew of various seafoods similar to a bouillabaisse.

PISCO - a distilled, lightly aged grape brandy, famously featured in the Pisco Sour cocktail.

ROCOTO - a bright red, pear-shaped chili pepper with a more intense heat than the aji amarillo.

SUSPIRO LIMEÑO - a Peruvian dessert featuring dulce de leche custard topped with a port-infused meringue.

TACUTACU-a mix of white beans and rice, often formed like an omelet into a football or torpedo shape, usually serving as a hearty accompaniment to steak or other meat.

TIRADITO - fish prepared in a style similar to ceviche, but cut into thin slices similar to Japanese sashimi, rather than the chunks typically used for ceviche.

VUELVE A LA VIDA - a sort of ceviche cocktail prepared with finely chopped seafood in an abundance of citrus and chili marinade.


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