Traditional recipes

Crispy carrot and cereal muffins Nestlé Fitness

Crispy carrot and cereal muffins Nestlé Fitness

1. Wash and peel 3 carrots and an apple and set aside.

2. In a salad bowl, mix 90g of melted butter, 80g of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt until the composition is homogeneous. Add the juice from an orange, 3 eggs, 150g of flour, 50g of almond flour, 50g of hazelnuts and an envelope of baking powder.

3. Crush 100g of pecans and add them to the composition with 50g of crushed Nestlé Fitness whole grains. Then add the grated carrots and apple and mix well.

4. Add the composition in silicone forms or the muffin tray lined with baking paper. Sprinkle a few Nestlé Fitness cereal flakes on top and put them in the oven (preheated to 160 ° C) for 30 minutes. You can serve them after they cool a little.

What do Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian have in common? It's an object I can't live without!

Diet equals poor menu, limited in options, with many of your favorite foods removed from the allowed list? Sure, you'll have to make some sacrifices, but that doesn't mean your new regime can't leave you speechless!

Breakfast options

Day 1: 250 ml skim milk (1.5% fat) or dietary yogurt to drink with half a cup of cornflakes.
Day 2: 2 slices of black bread with eggplant salad (prepared with onion and olive oil, without mayonnaise), a large tomato.
Day 3: 4 slices of lean chicken ham, a tomato, a bell pepper, 2 slices of toast from Natur House.

Lunch options

Day 1: 200 grams of sautéed chicken breast with green beans.
Day 2: a portion of Bulgarian salad (Eisberg salad mix, boiled egg, a teaspoon of olive oil, salt, lemon juice).
Day 3: 2 au gratin mushrooms, 200 grams of grilled beef.

Dinner options

Day 1: a portion of chicken soup with vegetables (carrot, zucchini, tomatoes, kidney beans), slightly salted, with olive oil.
Day 2: a can of tuna in its own juice.
Day 3: a portion of polenta with 2-3 tablespoons of skim cheese.

BEVERAGES ALLOWED:black coffee sweetened with natural sweetener with Stevia, calorie-free, from Sweet & Safe, slimming tea from Canadian Tea.
TASTING VARIANT:Nestlé Fitness cereal bars.

Nestle piure pere williams

Nestle Romania launches a new version of FITNESS Original cereals, with an improved formula that contains 30% less sugars compared to the previous recipe, without influencing the taste. [continuation]

Nutritional information about pears

Generalities Pears have been recognized as some of the most popular fruits and you should not be surprised. Pears are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C, for only 100 calories per serving. In addition, they do not contain sodium, fat or cholesterol. It is therefore a complex nutritional content in a sweet and juicy fruit. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables should be the basis of a healthy lifestyle, and pears can be a delicious part of the menu. Calories, fats, cholesterol and sodium A large pear contains 133 calories, with 0.28 g of fat and no cholesterol. Such a pear contains only 2 mg of sodium. Sodium, like fats, is widespread in most processed foods, and although the body also needs sodium to maintain its health, excess salt can be extremely harmful. According to experts, most adults should limit their daily intake to a maximum of 1500 mg of sodium. [continuation]


Generalities Pyuria is a condition characterized by the presence in the urine of a larger number of white blood cells than normal. The high concentration of leukocytes can be detected following urine tests. There are several explanations for the high level of white blood cells in the urine. The causes can be multiple and different. Pyuria can be found in laboratory tests, usually performed to detect urological diseases, many of which represent urinary tract infections. Pyuria usually indicates the presence of bacteria in the lower or upper urinary tract. They cause an inflammatory reaction of the lining of the urinary tract, in the area where they are present. What is the difference between urine or pus in a urine and a urinary tract infection? The difference between these two conditions is often impossible to establish without a microscopic test. First of all, the possibility of other infections, such as those with. [continuation]

Characteristics of williams syndrome

General Williams syndrome is a very rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder that presents with mild learning or developmental difficulties, high levels of calcium in the blood and urine, and excessive sociability. In most cases, people with Williams syndrome have an unusual appearance, with prominent lips, fleshy nose, small chin. Unique personal traits include a high level of sociability and very good communication skills. High levels of verbal skills can mask other developmental problems and can sometimes contribute to late diagnosis. Challenges for a person with Williams syndrome include difficulty understanding spatial relationships and abstract reasoning, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, mild to moderate mental retardation, attention deficit, delayed psychomotor development, and eating disorders such as colic and vomiting. . Williams syndrome, also known as. [continuation]

Nestle honey cheerios, 'o' shaped cereal with delicious honey for a fun breakfast

Now, Nestle Honey Cheerios bring a delicious combination of whole grains and golden honey, making it a practical solution for a nutritious and tasty breakfast. [continuation]

Microwaves destroy germs in sponges and household brushes

Microwave ovens can be a powerful weapon in the fight against germs that can cause serious illness. A recent study showed that microwaves can sterilize sponges and brushes used in the household, destroying bacteria such as E. coli. After 4 minutes of exposure to maximum microwave power, no bacterial growth survived. [continuation]

Nestle fitness tiramisu, a new delicious snack with whole grains

Nestle Fitness Tiramisu is a delicious combination of whole wheat flakes and tiramisu, which ensures a delicious and nutritious snack, which you can have at hand regardless of the place and time of day. [continuation]

Through dance, nestle fitness and c.r.b.l promote a balanced lifestyle!

On the eve of summer we are more concerned than ever with our figure and what other more pleasant and motivating physical activity we could have if not dancing outdoors with friends. That's why Nestle Fitness thought of coming closer to you, right in the middle of the city, where we know you're always caught up in the daily hustle and bustle. For a week we will be with you in parks and in front of university campuses for a few minutes of relaxation and good mood. [continuation]

Nestle fitness is involved in the prevention of breast cancer

Starting this year, Nestle launches in Romania the Pink Ribbon campaign, which unites women from all over the world in the fight against breast cancer. The new campaign, whose ambassador is the Nestle Fitness brand, wants to popularize among Romanian women the importance of their own breast examination, [continue]

Rice pudding with pears and cinnamon

Rice pudding with pears and cinnamon is a perfect dessert for people suffering from hives. Both pears and rice are considered hypoallergenic foods, and the combination of ingredients in the recipe helps reduce sensitivity to various allergens! [continuation]

Beef muffins with mashed potatoes

Satiated and interestingly presented, this recipe with beef and mashed potatoes can be safely consumed by people suffering from duodenitis, due to the dietary method of preparation. [continuation]

As part of the nestle fitness campaign, checkyourselfie bows from Romania rank second worldwide

Through the CheckYourSelfie campaign, held in October, the month to promote the fight against breast cancer, about 400 pink bows were "hung" on the map of Romania, our country ranking globally, in second place after Portugal. The campaign was a real success, thus popularizing among Romanian women the importance of their own breast examination. In addition, Nestle Fitness was involved in the cross organized by the Cassiopeia Association and helped raise funds for the purchase of prostheses, through a donation. [continuation]

Banana and biscuit puree

Banana and biscuit puree is a recommended recipe in the diet adopted after an episode of intense vomiting. Bananas, ginger and cinnamon are some of the ingredients that soothe an upset and "upset" stomach and can be successfully consumed when a person is convalescing after an episode of vomiting. [continuation]

Mashed sweet potatoes with orange flavor

In the treatment of gallbladder diseases, a diet as recommended as possible is recommended. Sweet mashed potatoes (vegetables beneficial in gallbladder diseases) with orange flavor is a low-fat, highly flavored dish, an excellent garnish for meat. [continuation]

Nestle launches gluten-free cereals for a family breakfast

Nestle launches in Romania gluten-free breakfast cereals for the whole family - Corn Flakes and Gold Flakes - intended for consumers who have gluten intolerance or those who want to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet. [continuation]

Oatmeal with pears and grapes

This muesli recipe for breakfast is a great way to start the day. Its main ingredients, pears and red grapes, rarely cause allergic reactions. In addition, grapes of this variety contain quercitin, a bioflavonoid that has been shown to be effective in preventing hives. [continuation]

Nestle fitness launches the flat abdomen program

The Flat Abdomen program from Nestle Fitness is the partner you can rely on to shape your waist and be in top shape this summer! It provides you with tricks and techniques to tone your abdomen, fun and effective methods to burn calories and simple and smart strategies for a balanced diet. [continuation]

Filiform elements very rich in proteins called keratins, which are part of the veneers, appendages of the skin. Until puberty, the body is covered with a fine down. At puberty, the brushes grow, thicken and darken under the armpits, on the pubis and most men and some women on the torso, limbs, nostrils and external auditory canals, as well as the face. The morphology of the bristles is variable: oval section in Europeans and blacks, round in Asians. The importance and topography of hair depend, on the one hand, on androgenic hormones (abundant in men) and, on the other hand, on a hereditary factor. Melanin is responsible for the color of the bristles, while the keratins give them consistency. Structure - Brushes and hair have the same structure. The part of the hair located in the skin, which arises in the dermis and crosses the epidermis, is called the root, and the visible part, the stem. The root and stem comprise 3 concentric cylinders: the marrow in the center, surrounded by bark. [continuation]


The presence of pus in the urine. Pyuria is evidence of an excretory urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, acute prostate, etc.). Urine is cloudy and often foul-smelling. Treatment always consists of the administration of antibiotics. [continuation]

Birch anti-cellulite set - massage brush & weleda gift bag - online remedies

Benefits: Intensive toning and smoothing in a month! The anti-cellulite set from Weleda includes: -Anti-cellulite oil with birch -Exfoliating shower lotion with birch Gift: massage brush & transparent Weleda bag. Anti-cellulite oil with birch. Through a regular massage with anti-cellulite oil with birch and the special massage brush from Weleda, the skin gains in elasticity, becomes visibly smoother and measurably firmer. To obtain an optimal toning effect, apply anti-cellulite birch oil by circular massage movements on the thighs, hips and buttocks. In the first 4 weeks you should apply the oil daily, twice a day. For a lasting result it is recommended to continue daily use after this period. Anti-cellulite oil with birch extract launched by Weleda was considered the most successful product introduced on the natural cosmetics market in 2004. Exfoliating shower lotion with. [continuation]

Periute harvest endo cervical brushes pp

Disposable endo cervical harvesting brushes pp brush - nylon hairpins rubber handle Packing: 50 pcs / box The price is per piece [continue]

Brushes parasitized by an ecto-endotrix trichophyton

1 year ago I had an analysis of my hair because I have ecto-endotrix trichophyton, I had treatment with nizoral pills and shampoo, anaphase ampoules slowed down my hair a bit and now after 1 year my hair came out again parasitized by a ecto-endotrix trichophyton, my hair falls out with my fist and the thread is very thin and breaks only if you put your hand a little through your hair. at the blood tests I don't lack vitamins, I have a balanced diet but I don't know how to stop the fall, I am currently taking anacaps 2% alopexy capsules. please tell me a good shampoo, a solution [continue]

Advantages of oral ketoprofen compared to injectable ketoprofen?

I read the articles about Ketoprofen with great interest and I was not able to distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of the routes of administration, could I choose oral administration and give up the injectable administration of Ketoprofen? Thank you. [continuation]

Nestle romania: iron deficiency anemia and eating habits of Romanian schoolchildren in 2016

How many of the 6-year-old children in Romania suffer from iron deficiency anemia? What do school meals in Romania look like and what are the iron-rich foods preferred by children? [continuation]

The new bars nestle musli. with you everywhere

Snacks are part of our increasingly fast pace of life, being a pleasant and convenient way to meet our nutritional needs. The choices we make are reflected in our daily tone and, therefore, our thoughts turn to nature as our source of healthy eating and balance. [continuation]

Enjoy every moment with the new crispy nestle muesli!

Vitality and good mood are reflected from the early hours of the morning, when at breakfast, through the nutritional choices we make, we ensure a good start to the day. [continuation]

Cauliflower soup (cabbage) with milk and egg

For: 2 servings Difficulty: easy [continue]

Orange and pear cocktail

For: 1 serving Difficulty: easy [continue]

Mashed carrots with rice

This preparation recommended in recovery periods after the onset of vomiting is easy to cook and digest, being beneficial even for pregnant women with persistent nausea. [continuation]

Celery root puree

Vegetable purees are among the recommended culinary preparations among people suffering from gallbladder diseases. Celery is an excellent food for regulating blood pressure, reducing acidity and cholesterol, regulating fluid levels in the body and facilitating the elimination of gallstones and bladder. The recipe below follows exactly the needs of patients with gallbladder diseases. [continuation]

Try the vegetarian diet

The vegetarian diet has an important role in regenerating the body. The purpose of vegetarian diets is to help the body eliminate toxins.

It's a kind of spring cleaning & # 8211 we get not only our home, but our own body.

Beyond the purifying purpose, there is also the aesthetic one, this diet helping us to get rid of the extra kilograms. Natural medicine recommends this type of diet, especially in spring and autumn.

There are many vegetarian diets, from the strictest (allow only the consumption of vegetables) to the most permissive (allow the consumption of milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs (ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet).

It is good that before asking for the advice of the family doctor, who knows your health and can assess whether it is appropriate or not, possibly recommending vitamin and mineral supplements.

Children, adolescents and adults with bone problems definitely need a doctor's advice.

The three basic elements are: eggplant, cereals (muesli), bread. Duration: minimum one month, maximum & # 8211 depending on the doctor's advice. Weight lost: 4-5 per month, the weight stabilizing over time.

Recommendation: especially those with cardiovascular disease, as it cleanses the body of harmful fats.

Fibers & # 8211 important in the vegetarian diet

• Fiber is a compound found in food and plays an essential role in maintaining the body's health.

They are complex carbohydrates and are found only in vegetarian products, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berry plants (beans, peas), seeds. Animal products (meat, cheese and eggs) do not contain fiber.

Cereal fiber is good for the body because they prevent the appearance of certain diseases (bowel cancer and cardiovascular diseases), lower cholesterol levels and help to adopt a balanced diet.

Fiber has a low caloric intake in the daily diet because they are not dissolved by digestive enzymes. So don't get fat! Depending on their reaction in contact with water, the fibers are of two types:

o Insoluble fibers & # 8211 are found in the shell of cereal grains, are hard and do not dissolve in water, but soak, increasing their volume.

o Soluble fibers, less voluminous, which dissolves in water and is found in soft fruits and vegetables. They form with water in which a gelatinous substance dissolves, which helps to transport and eliminate toxic substances from the body.

• Both soluble and insoluble fibers are important for the prevention of bowel cancer. Their role is to speed up digestive transit.

• Soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart attack. And if we want to keep a diet to lose weight, it is good to choose one that contains fiber, because they create the feeling of satiety and, because it is not digested, does not supplement the calorie intake for the body.

Before starting a vegetarian diet, seek the advice of your family doctor, who knows your health.

How many fibers and where?

Fiber is found in different amounts in cereals, vegetables and fruits. For example, half a plate of boiled carrots contains twice as much fiber as the same amount of spinach.

Regular daily consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains provides the body's fiber needs, which is, on average, 30 g.

To provide the body with the necessary amount, American nutritionists propose that the daily diet include a cup of cereal and a banana for breakfast, two slices of wholemeal bread with hummus and an orange for lunch, and for dinner a potato, half of bowl with cereal and 100 grams of strawberries.

Nutritionists recommend that two of the daily meals contain cereals (preferably, breakfast and a snack during the day), to provide the body with the necessary fiber, but also as part of a healthy, fat-free diet.

To provide the body with the necessary fiber, it must be taken into account that a slice of bread contains almost a gram of fiber, a raw carrot has two grams, a banana contains 3 grams, an apple or 100 grams of green peas have 4 grams of fiber . A significant amount of fiber is found in cereals, which can reach up to 12 g per serving.

If you want a sweet snack, the best vegetarian option is the cereal bar. It is completely & # 8220vegetarian & # 8221, while cereals are usually consumed with milk or yogurt. And for milk or yogurt there is the variant of soy milk or yogurt or soy cheese.

During your lunch break or on your hurried walks through the city, a cereal bar solves the problem of lack of time. It is tasty and nutritious & # 8211 for example, a simple or apricot Nestlé Fitness cereal bar provides 17% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for eight vitamins and iron and 20% of calcium RDA.

Simple recipes for dessert or breakfast

In a bowl, mix the cottage cheese well until it becomes softer. Add the cereals, fruit juice and milk then mix gently until the composition gets a firm texture & # 8230 2 bananas.

350 g natural yogurt, fat-free

With a blender, mix the bananas (sliced), orange juice, honey and yogurt for 30 seconds.

Pour the resulting mixture into two tall glasses and add muesli on top.

Lose weight with Special K Diet

  1. Science - How Does the Special K Diet Help Lose Weight?
  2. Special Plan K Diet
  3. Alternate members
  4. Food to eat
  5. Food to avoid
  6. The best part of this diet
  7. K Recipes for special diets
  • Baked Special K & amp Vegetable cutlet
  • Special DIP K Nachos And Yummy Yogurt
    1. The role of Exercise
    2. Dos and Prohibitions Of The Special K Diet
    3. The benefits of Special K Diet
    4. Side Effects of Special K Diet
    5. Frequent questions

    1. Science - How Does the Special K Diet Help You Lose Weight?

    • Special K multigrain is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It makes you feel full, making you less prone to feeling hungry.
    • You will also eat other healthy foods such as fruits, yogurt, skim milk, fish, chicken, vegetables, dairy, which are low in carbohydrates and high in fat.
    • Regular exercise will help you spend stored fat as energy.
    • You will not be allowed to drink alcohol, artificially sweetened, and carbonated beverages. This will help you maintain your daily calorie intake, which will help you lose weight.

    Now that you know the science behind the Special K diet, discover the specially designed 6-meal-a-day plan with your calorie and time-consuming diet.

    2. Special Plan K Diet

    • A special bowl k multigrain and honey with a cup of low-fat milk.
    • Vegetable soup
    • Sandwich or tuna salad
    • A special bowl k multigrain and honey with a cup of low-fat milk.
    • Grilled fish or chicken with white asparagus and spinach salad.

    This diet plan is flexible and gives you a daily intake of 1200 - 1250 calories. Be sure to include Special K in any two meals a day. Avoid fatty foods. Eat foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein. Follow the Special K diet plan for two weeks and see visible results.


    Be careful about the portion size. Consuming too much Special K will not produce the desired results. Limit the portion to the size of the palm.

    3. Substitute members

    If you are allergic to any of the foods listed or simply do not want to eat the same vegetables or fruits for 14 days, here is a list of food substitutes to help you break the monotony.

    • Honey - Organic maple syrup
    • Lemon - apple cider vinegar
    • Green tea - black tea or white tea
    • Apple a - pere
    • Orange - Grapefruit or kiwi
    • Banana - 2 days
    • Skim milk - soy milk
    • Grapes - Blueberries
    • Berries - Orange
    • Vegetables or chicken soup - mushroom or vegetable soup mix fried
    • Tuna - salmon or chicken breast
    • Yogurt - Buttermilk
    • Digestive biscuits - multigrain biscuits
    • Baked Veggie waffles - steamed spring rolls
    • Grilled fish or chicken - beef or lentil soup
    • Asparagus - Leek or celery
    • Spinach - bok choy or Chinese cabbage
    • Chocolate mousse - Sour cream
    • Carrot cake - fruit juice cake or beetroot cake
    • Fruit salad - fresh fruit juice (strain the juice if you suffer from IBS)

    If this list is not enough, the next section has a list of foods you can eat (in measured portions) while on the special K diet.

    4. Food to eat

    • Vegetables - celery, carrot, beetroot, spinach, green beans, kale, radish, glass gourd, bitter gourd, cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, leeks, cabbage, bell peppers, copan, fruit juice, etc.
    • Fruits - Peach, apple, orange, grapefruit, melon, melon, plum, and pomegranate.
    • Protein - tuna, salmon, chicken breast, lean turkey, lean beef, mushrooms, pieces of soy, lentils, chickpeas, beans and kidneys.
    • Fats and oils - rice bran oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, and ghee (clarified butter).
    • Dairy products - skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and eggs.
    • Spices - cinnamon, ginger powder, garlic powder, nutmeg, fennel seeds, fenugreek, onion powder, turmeric powder, hot pepper powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, nutmeg and black pepper.
    • Herbs - coriander leaves, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and dill.
    • Drinks - Zara, fresh fruit juice and fresh coconut water.

    While trying to eat healthy foods, make sure you avoid consuming high glycemic index or cardiovascular food causing foods.

    Here is the list of foods you should avoid or eat less.

    5. To Avoid Foods

    • Vegetables - potatoes and sweet potatoes.
    • Fruits - Mango and jackfruit.
    • Fats and oils - lard and sunflower oil.
    • Dairy products - cheese, butter, margarine and.
    • Drinks - alcohol, packaged fruit juices, carbonated drinks and packaged coconut water.
    Useful advice

    Avoid adding sugar to Special K cereals. Add fresh strawberries or add chopped jam for 2 days.

    How will you feel while on this diet?

    By the end of day 1, you will feel great about yourself, as you have successfully completed the first day of this diet plan.

    However, by Day 3, you may feel a little worn out as you will have to avoid all the carbs and high sugar temptations. Don't give up so easily. Sticking to the plan will not only help you lose weight in water and fat, but also help you become mentally strong to overcome the need to eat any fattening foods.

    Day 6 will be a challenge as you get tired of eating healthy foods. The best way to do this is to include Special K in recipes in creative ways.

    By the end of the 8th, you will notice a big difference in your body. You will weigh at least 4 pounds less now. Once you see the results of hard work, you will be able to deal with the last 6 days with momentum.

    Day 12 will be tough as most successful diet keepers feel the urge to eat a lot of junk food because they have lost a good amount of weight. Wait for the reward. You have not reached the target weight. Be patient and stay hydrated.

    Day 14 will bring a big smile on your face. About 6 pounds lighter in weight, you will feel much lighter and you will rock any dress you wear!

    Beyond Two Week

    It is not recommended to take with this diet beyond the second week. Your body's immunity and strength levels will be low, and continuing indefinitely will lead to serious health problems. If you want to follow this diet plan again, take a two-week break and then start the special K diet again.

    6. The best part of this diet

    The best part of this diet - to lose weight fast, without depriving the body of nutrients, or without killing the taste buds.

    As a result of this diet plan is very simple and easy. All ingredients are readily available in supermarkets, and do not require much cooking time. For example, if you are tired and do not feel like cooking, you can rely on a bowl of Special K and milk. However, if you are in a mood to eat interesting foods without affecting your diet, the next section will give you two special K recipes that you will love to eat.

    7. K Special recipes

    Here are some simple, easy to cook and interesting special K recipes. Who knew multigranular flakes could taste so delicious!

    A. Baked Special K & amp Vegetable Cutlet

    What do you need
    • 2 cups of Special K
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 beetroot
    • 4 - 5 French beans
    • 1-2 onions
    • 2 potatoes
    • A handful of peas
    • 1 or
    • 1 tablespoon flour
    • 50 g breadcrumbs
    • A handful of coriander leaves
    • 1-2 teaspoons garam masala
    • 1-2 teaspoons dried mango powder
    • Salt 1 teaspoon
    • Pepper 2 teaspoons - 1
    • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    How to prepare
    1. Cut all the vegetables into very small cubes.
    2. Boil the potato.
    3. Grind Special K.
    4. Beat the egg in a bowl.
    5. Add white flour and a little water and mix them into a thin consistency.
    6. Heat the vegetable oil in a pan.
    7. Discard the chopped onion and fry for about two to three minutes.
    8. Add other vegetables and boiled potatoes.
    9. Now add three tablespoons of Special K soil and peas.
    10. Add salt and pepper and cook for about 1-2 minutes.
    11. Add garam masala and dried mango powder.
    12. Mash the potatoes and fold the vegetables into the mashed potatoes.
    13. Take the pan off the heat. Let the vegetables cool for about 15 to 20 minutes.
    14. When it has cooled, either use a spoon or your hands to make the flattened oval meatballs.
    15. Dip chops in lightly beaten egg or flour and water mixture.
    16. Grease chops with breadcrumbs.
    17. Put them on the baking tray.
    18. Drizzle a little vegetable oil on them.
    19. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 15-20 minutes on each side.
    20. Decorate with coriander leaves.
    21. Serve hot with ketchup and fresh cucumber and yogurt dip.
    Why this recipe is recommended

    This recipe is super delicious, healthy, easy to make. This recipe can also rock your home party as a finger food. De asemenea, puteți utiliza orice legume sau carne pentru a prepara acest cotlet.

    B. DIP special K Nachos Și Yummy Iaurt

    De ce ai nevoie
        • 2 - 3 cani de fulgi speciale K
        • 100 g iaurt
        • 1 cucumber
        • 1 carrot
        • 1 linguriță praf de chimen prăjită
        • 15 g brânză de cedru
        • 2 fulgi chili linguriță
        • 1 lingura de lamaie
        • 1 ou (ușor bătut)
        • 3 - 4 linguri faina
        • A little salt
        • Un vârf de cuțit de piper
        • 100 ml of water
        • Ulei vegetal 1 lingura
      Cum să se pregătească
      1. Se toarnă puțină apă într-un castron și se adaugă treptat fulgi Special K. Nu turnați prea multă apă.
      2. Să fulgilor speciale K absorb apa și să devină umed, moale și pufos.
      3. Adăugați puțină sare, piper, chili și fulgi, și începe amestecarea cu spatele unei linguri.
      4. Adauga faina pentru a obține o consistență de aluat de pâine.
      5. Puneți aluatul pe o hârtie de unt și începe de rulare ca aluat de pizza cu un sucitor.
      6. Asigurați-o foaie subțire de aluat cu sucitorul.
      7. Începeți tăierea aluatul în forma dorită cu ajutorul unor dispozitive de formă.
      8. Puneți cu grijă acestea pe o tavă de copt.
      9. Ușor strat de sus cu spălare ou.
      10. Presarati putin piper.
      11. Pune-l într-un cuptor preîncălzit la 200 ° C timp de aproximativ 15 - 20 de minute.
      12. Între timp, ia iaurtul intr-un bol.
      13. Adăugați castravete tăiat în felii subțiri și morcov.
      14. Răzui o brânză de cedru puțin.
      15. Adăugați o linguriță de fulgi de chili.
      16. Adăugați un vârf de cuțit de fiecare sare și piper.
      17. În cele din urmă, se adaugă un pic de suc de lămâie.
      18. Stir well.
      19. Scoateți nachos Special K din cuptor si le lasa sa se raceasca.
      20. Mananca nachos Special K cu dip minunat.
      De ce aceasta reteta este recomandat

      Deși nu este ușor de a nu rezista pofta de mancare, nachos Special K sunt cu siguranta un mod sănătos de a îndeplini aceste pofte - acestea sunt ușor de preparat și sunt perfect gustări sănătoase și crocante.

      Sper ca aceste retete vor satisface poftele. Amintiți-vă, pur și simplu ca urmare a dietei speciale K nu va ajuta pierderea în greutate. De asemenea, trebuie să-și exercite pentru a cheltui energia, mobiliza grăsimea depozitată, și arata foarte bine. Check out regimul de exercitare a recomandat să fie urmat în fiecare zi, timp de cel puțin 30 de minute.

      8. Exercitarea Regimen în timp ce pe Special K Dieta

      Exercitarea este foarte importantă pentru a vă menține activ și sănătos. Deoarece dieta speciala K este doar un 1200 - dieta 1250 calorii, nu opta pentru antrenamente riguroase. Mai degrabă, stick la yoga și exerciții de stretching. Practica yoga timp de cel puțin 20 de minute pe zi. Aici este lista de exerciții, care va ține muschii tonifiati si celulele active.

      • Cercuri Arm - 1 set, 5 repetari (sensul acelor de ceasornic și antiorar)
      • Cercuri încheietura - 1 set, 5 repetari (sensul acelor de ceasornic și antiorar)
      • Cercuri Umăr - 1 set, 5 repetari (sensul acelor de ceasornic și antiorar)
      • Cercuri gleznă - 1 set, 5 repetari (sensul acelor de ceasornic și antiorar)
      • Pawanmuktasana - 15 - 30 de secunde
      • TRIKONASANA - Stai confortabil până
      • Supta Matsyendrasana - Stai confortabil până
      • Anulom Vilom - 2 seturi, 10 repetari

      Consumul de dreptul de alimente în cantități potrivite și exercitarea va ajuta să piardă în greutate. Dar, trebuie să elimine alte erori în practica dumneavoastră. Dos și Interdicții vă va spune exact unde s-ar putea greși și cum să facă cele mai bune rezultate din planul de dieta Special K.

      9. Dos și Interdicții Of The Special K Dieta

      Lucruri de făcutLucrurile nu trebuie făcute
      Începeți ziua cu yoga, exerciții de întindere sau plimbări cu putere. Nu vă treziți prea târziu și vă dor de băuturile detoxifiante dimineața devreme sau micul dejun.
      Respectați planul de dietă. Puteți alterca și efectua unele mici modificări, dar aportul caloric de bază ar trebui să fie același. Nu sari peste micul dejun.
      Mănâncă două porții de k speciale în fiecare zi. Nu adăugați zahăr în k și laptele special.
      Mâncați fructe, legume și proteine ​​sănătoase. Nu mânca prea mult.
      Utilizați lapte cu conținut scăzut de grăsimi și iaurt. Nu gustați pe alimente nesănătoase.
      Bea suficientă apă și suc de fructe. Evită alcoolul și băuturile îndulcite și carbogazoase.
      Consultați-vă medicul înainte de a începe această dietă. Nu funcționează până noaptea târziu.

      Deci, acum știi greșelile practice care le-ar fi făcut și împiedicau pierderea in greutate. Dar știi de ce susținem cu tărie dietă specială K? Aruncati o privire la beneficiile speciale K dieta pentru a debloca misterul.

      10. Beneficiile Special K Dieta

      • Ușor de urmat.
      • Toate alimentele recomandate în tabelul de dieta sunt ușor disponibile.
      • Menține greutatea sub control.
      • Acest mediu la dieta hipocalorica asigură că vei pierde în greutate mai repede.
      • Puteți pregăti alternative mâncați între mese sănătoase cu ușurință la domiciliu.
      • Puteți adăuga fructe, miere de albine, sau fructe cu coajă lemnoasă într-un bol de Special K si lapte pentru a face mai delicios.
      • Special K este format din cereale integrale, adică este bogat în conținut de fibre.
      • Dieta Special K va păstra chinurile foamei la golf.

      Ei bine, sigur este o altă parte a monedei. Să flip-l!

      11. Efecte secundare ale Special K Dieta

      • Din moment ce acest lucru este un mediu pentru dieta saraca in calorii, poti simti obosita sau slab.
      • Zahărul prezent în cereale Special K ar putea duce la o creștere a nivelului de zahăr după ce ați mâncat.
      • Sare prezent în cereale Special K poate fi dăunătoare pentru persoanele care au diabet zaharat.
      • Este posibil să simțiți modificări ale dispoziției iritate și experiență.

      Ca un dieter, aș spune că dieta speciala K face mai mult bine decât rău. Incercati aceasta dieta, dacă aveți o agendă de pierdere în greutate pe termen scurt. De asemenea, este important să se păstreze obiectivele dvs. De pierdere în greutate reală. Nu manca dreapta poate duce la mai multe condiții care s-ar putea dovedi a fi fatale mai târziu. De asemenea, consultați medicul înainte de a urma acest plan de dieta.

      Răspunsuri Expert pentru întrebări de la cititori

      Cât de mult în greutate pot pierde cu K dietă specială?

      Puteți pierde până la șase lire dacă urmați K Dieta specială și exercita în mod regulat.

      Cât de mult de cereale ar trebui să ia în timpul acestei diete?

      Puteți lua 8 - 10 linguri sau aproximativ o jumătate de castron de mărime medie de Special K per portie in fiecare zi.

      Pot să urmați acest plan pentru mai mult de 2 săptămâni?

      Dieta speciala K este destinat pentru pierderea în greutate pe termen scurt. Prelungirea duratei se va face numai corpul tau mai slab ca aceasta este o dieta saraca in calorii. Aceasta dieta nu este recomandat pentru pierderea în greutate pe termen lung.

      Ce se va întâmpla dacă am opri dieta inainte de a termina de 2 săptămâni?

      Dacă opriți dieta între, în primul rând, nu veți pierde grăsime, și în al doilea rând, vă va pune pe greutate mai mult decât înainte. Opriți imediat în cazul în care acest plan de dieta afectează sănătatea dumneavoastră și medicul dumneavoastră v-a cerut să facă acest lucru. Nu te opri pentru că sunteți în imposibilitatea de a rezista ispitelor tale.

      Care ar fi cel mai bun timp pentru a urma aceasta dieta?

      O ocazie specială în două săptămâni, se va cel mai bun timp pentru a urma acest plan de dieta. Începeți în orice zi pe care doriți să în funcție de confortul dumneavoastră.

      Contează ce KI speciale aleg?

      Există mai multe varietăți de Special K. Întotdeauna vedea conținutul înainte de a alege o varietate. În cazul în care conține prea mult de zahăr adăugat și sare, se evita. Consumul de Special K, care este ridicat în conținutul de zahăr nu va servi scopului. De asemenea, conținutul de sare prea mult nu este bun pentru sanatatea ta.

      Există vreo limită de vârstă pentru dietă specială K?

      Nu există nici o limită de vârstă. Desi dieta speciala K nu este destinat pentru pierderea in greutate pe termen lung, puteți începe programul de pierdere în greutate, cu aceasta dieta. Daca sunt obezi, iar medicul dumneavoastră vă recomandă să piardă în greutate, începe cu dieta speciala K. Medicul dumneavoastră vă va sfătui cât de mult în greutate trebuie să piardă, sau dacă aveți nevoie pentru a pierde in greutate, la toate. Uneori, este în capul tău, chiar și atunci când aveți corpul perfect.

      Piureul contine doar zaharuri prezente in mod natural in ingredientele componente. Fructele si legumele folosite sunt culese doar atunci cand s-au copt bine, pentru a avea un gust placut.

      Piure bio de dovleac, banana si morcov intr-un ambalaj inovator, usor de luat cu tine oriunde. Datorita sistemului Smart Flow dozarea continutului poate fi controlata mai bine de bebe. Totodata, Smart Flow asigura un contact bland cu gurita celui mic.

      Ofera-i micutului tau piureul turnandu-l intr-o lingurita de dimensiuni mici. Dupa varsta de un an il poate consuma direct din recipient.

      Piureurile NaturNes Bio reprezinta o gustare delicioasa fara conservanti*, fara coloranti* si fara zahar adaugat** din fructe si legume cultivate special pentru hrana bebelusilor. Pentru ca sunt pasteurizate si ambalate in atmosfera protectoare, acestea nu necesita refrigerare.

      Piureurile NaturNes Bio nu necesita refrigerare, astfel sunt usor de depozitat. Pot fi transportate cu lejeritate si consumate pe loc la temperatura camerei, o temperatura preferata de bebelusi. Piureurile NaturNes Bio pot fi manevrate in siguranta in preajma bebelusilor sau chiar de catre acestia dupa varsta de un an.

      Bebelusii cu varsta de peste un an pot fi incurajati sa se hraneasca singuri, ambalajul tip "pouch" contribuind la dezvoltarea dexteritatii acestora.

      Caracteristici si beneficii

      Datorita procesului de pasteurizare si ambalare in atmosfera protectoare, piureurile NESTLÉ NaturNes Bio isi pastreaza calitatea de-a lungul perioadei de valabilitate si nu contin conservanti sau coloranti.

      Piureurile NaturNes Bio sunt ambalate intr-un format practic denumit "pouch", gata pentru a fi consumate oricand si oriunde.

      Sistemul Smart Flow permite o dozare controlata a continutului si asigura un contact bland cu gurita celui mic. Recipientul sigilat nu necesita refrigerare si se poate pastra la temperatura camerei. Dupa desigilare se mai poate pastra in frigider cu capacul inchis maximum 24 de ore.

      Piureurile NaturNes Bio respecta atat standardele de calitate ecologica cat si cele pentru mancarea de bebelusi.

      O echipa Nestlé de agronomi si ingineri tehnologi din industria alimentara colaboreaza cu furnizorii de fructe pentru a asigura profilul nutritional, gustul, mirosul, textura si culoarea materiilor prime folosite.

      Ingrediente: Dovleac piure* (45%), banana piure* (43%), morcov piure* (10%), suc concentrat de lamaie*, antioxidant (acid L-ascorbic). Nu contine gluten.

      Livrarea Piure Nestle NaturNes Bio dovleac banane morcov de la 6 luni 90 gr produs de Nestle Romania se face de obicei in 24-48 ore de la data comenzii la magazinul online de produse naturiste
      Livrarea produselor naturiste se face prin Curier Rapid sau Posta.
      Transportul produselor naturiste comandate in magazinul online de suplimente si produse naturiste este gratuit daca comanda depaseste 299 lei.

      NOTA: Fotografia produsului Piure Nestle NaturNes Bio dovleac banane morcov de la 6 luni 90 gr produs de Nestle Romania are caracter informativ si poate contine accesorii ce nu sunt incluse in pachetul standard al produsului sau pot exista diferente intre aceasta si produsului Piure Nestle NaturNes Bio dovleac banane morcov de la 6 luni 90 gr.

      Dieta cu supe de toamnă: slăbește 2 kg. în 5 zile!

      Cum toamna îţi oferă o mulţime de legume bogate în vitamine, îţi prezentăm o dietă eficientă, care te va ajuta să slăbeşti aproape 2 kilograme în 5 zile. Regimul se bazează pe supe calde, foarte gustoase.

      Toamna te răsfaţă cu o mulţime de variante de supe din legume proaspete, pe care le poţi folosi şi ca… dietă pentru slăbit.

      Important pentru reuşită este să încerci să mănânci echilibrat la micul dejun (cereale integrale, iaurt degresat, pâine neagră cu brânză de vaci şi legume crocante, un ou fiert tare) şi la cină, iar cele 2 gustări din timpul zilei să includă fructe proaspete (nu mai mult de 3 fructe pe zi: pere, pepene galben, pepene roşu, struguri, mere, prune).

      Cele care nu sunt prea coapte sunt mai indicate, deoarece conţin mai puţină fructoză. Evită mezelurile şi orice fel de dulciuri din comerţ.

      Luni. Supă de mazăre (180 kcal/porţie)

      Ingredient: 400 g mazăre fină, 1 morcov, 1 ceapă, 1 ardei gras roşu, 1 ţelină mică, 1 roşie, 1 lingură ulei de măsline, sare, piper.

      Preparation: Cureţi şi speli mazărea, morcovul, ceapa, ardeiul gras, ţelina şi roşia. Tai legumele mari în cubuleţe şi le pui la fiert cu puţină sare şi cu ulei de măsline. Când sunt gata, le strecori (păstrează apa în care au fiert acestea) şi le pasezi. Piureul rezultat îl amesteci treptat cu zeama rămasă şi adaugi sare şi piper după gust.

      Info dietă: Pe lângă faptul că ajută la eliminarea grăsimilor, mazărea fortifică organismul datorită conţinutului bogat de vitamine, minerale şi de fibre.

      Marţi. Supă-cremă de sfeclă roşie (150 kcal/porţie)

      Ingredient: 2 sfecle roşii, 1 cartof, 120 g iaurt, 1 ceapă roşie, 1 lingură ulei de măsline, sare, piper.

      Preparation: Cureţi legumele, le tai cubuleţe şi le pui la fiert. După ce au fiert, le mixezi pe toate, adaugi ulei de măsline, sare şi piper după gust şi le amesteci. O poţi servi cu o lingură de iaurt şi cu crutoane de pâine integrală.

      Info dietă: Sfecla ­e o legumă indicată în diete (conţine multe vitamine, dar puţine calorii). Conţinutul ridicat de fibre încetineşte asimilarea glucidelor şi depunerile de grăsimi.

      Miercuri. Supă picantă de roşii (145 kcal/porţie)

      Ingredient: 1 kg roşii, 1 ceapă, 1 ardei iute, 2 căţei de usturoi, 1 lingură ulei de măsline, 120 g iaurt obişnuit, cimbru pătrunjel verde, sare piper.

      Preparation: Opăreşti roşiile, le cureţi de pieliţe şi le tai mărunt. Cureţi ceapa, tai peştişori şi căleşti în uleiul de măsline. Adaugi roşiile tăiate şi o cană cu apă şi le laşi să fiarbă 20 de minute. O potriveşti de sare şi piper, adaugi usturoiul pisat, ardeiul iute şi mixezi supa până devine fină. Presari pătrunjelul tocat şi o serveşti cu o lingură de iaurt.

      Info dietă: Bogată în vitamina C, în potasiu şi fibre, roşia dă o senzaţie de saţietate prin conţinutul ridicat de fibre. Ardeiul iute favorizează arderile grăsimilor.

      Joi. Supă de varză (150 kcal/porţie)

      Ingredient: 1 varză potrivită, 1 ceapă mare, 2 roşii, 2 ardei graşi, 1 ţelină, 2 morcovi, verdeaţă (pătrunjel şi leuştean), 2 linguri ulei de măsline, piper, sare.

      Preparation: Pui toate legumele la fiert într-o oală. Când dau în clocot, adaugi uleiul, sarea şi o parte din verdeaţă. Când s-au fiert bine, adaugi roşiile tocate, mai laşi 10 minute la foc mic, apoi pui piperul şi verdeaţa.

      Info dietă: Supa de varză te satură şi acţionează ca un inhibitor al apetitului. Mai mult, varza ajută la detoxifierea organismului şi scade colesterolul „rău”.

      Vineri. Supă dulce cu praz (185 kcal/porţie)

      Ingredient: 5 fire de praz, 2 morcovi, 1 cartof, 2 cepe, 1 lingură ulei leuştean, sare, piper.

      Preparation: Cureţi ceapa, o tai fin şi o căleşti în ulei. Pui 2 l de apă, celelalte legume tăiate cubuleţe şi le laşi să fiarbă. Când au fiert toate, mixezi supa şi presari leuştean tocat, sare şi piper ­după gust.

      Info dietă: Numită de nutriţionişti şi supa cu multivitamine, te energizează şi împiedică absorbţia grăsimilor şi a glucidelor.

      Mentine-ti silueta fara a renunta la placerea gustului!

      Astazi mai mult ca oricand, a manca reprezinta mai mult decat o necesitate, fiind in egala masura o buna ocazie de desfatare a simturilor. Istoricii si antropologii au evidentiat faptul ca placerea de a manca depaseste simpla nevoie biologica de a ne hrani, deoarece valoarea centrala in societatea contemporana este data de bucuria de a trai.

      &ldquoDintre cele cinci simturi, gustul este cel mai complex, pentru ca orice senzatie gustativa presupune participarea simultana a vazului, a mirosului, a perceptiilor tactile si chiar a celor auditive. In profilul senzorial al unui aliment toate aceste componente se suprapun, pentru a obtine un evantai de efecte gustative, in care se conjuga aroma, culoarea, textura si temperatura. Efectul acestei constelatii senzoriale, prin care hrana solicita intens organele noastre de simt, este tocmai placerea de a manca&rdquo, declara antropologul Alexandru Ofrim.

      Mancarea este evaluata in functie de gradul de satisfactie pe care il procura. De exemplu, caracterul crocant al cerealelor le asigura rolul de aliment ludic, legat de placere. &ldquoExperienta senzoriala a rontaitului este complexa, implicand pe langa gust si senzatii tactile de sfaramare, acompaniate de vibratii acustice&rdquo, subliniaza conf. univ. dr. Ofrim.

      Acum, placerea gustului poate fi experimentata in paralel cu mentinerea siluetei dorite. Alimentatia echilibrata poate fi perfect integrata unui regim de viata modern, activ si are drept exigenta respectarea bucuriei gustului.

      Cerealele integrale NESTLÉ FITNESS sunt oricand alaturi de doamnele preocupate de silueta lor, dar care nu doresc sa renunte la placerea gustului. Cu cerealele NESTLÉ FITNESS poti savura in fiecare dimineata petalele crocante cu grau integral si fructe exotice, ciocolata sau glazura delicata de iaurt! Grija pentru silueta nu a fost niciodata mai placuta!

      50. Ciocolată neagră

      Ciocolata neagră este încărcată cu magneziu și servește ca una dintre cele mai puternice surse de antioxidanți ai planetei. Deși nu te-ai fi așteptat, se numără printre alimente sănătoase.

      Așadar, ai de unde alege pentru a mânca sănătos și a fi sănătoasă.

      Multe dintre alimentele de mai sus nu numai că fac o gustare excelentă, dar sunt, de asemenea, ambalate cu vitamine și antioxidanți.

      Unele dintre ele pot fi sprijinul de care ai nevoie pentruo slăbire sănătoasă.

      5 Alimente pentru combaterea grăsimilor

      5 Alimente pentru combaterea grăsimilor | Slăbește sănătos și eficient În timp ce dieta nu [. ]

      Ce spun cititorii despre "5 beneficii remarcabile pentru sanatate ale semintelor de floarea-soarelui"

      Gustul si aroma deosebit de pl?cuta, dar si substantele nutritive deosebit de valoroase pentru organism, recomanda consumul miezului semintelor de floarea soarelui, dac? se poate zilnic. Miezul semin?elor de floarea soarelui se pot ad?uga la painea preparat? in casa, sau pe felii de paine cu unt la micul dejun, se presara peste cornulete crocante, briose, placinte cu carne cu legume, se pot combina cu alte seminte: de susan, alune de padure, miez de nuc?, etc.

      Video: Salty muffins with cheese salami carrots parsley Full recipe (December 2021).