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Familist chicken drowned in wine

Familist chicken drowned in wine

The chicken is cleaned, washed and greased with oil, seasoned with salt, paprika, pepper, garlic flakes. The Romanian vessel is left in cold water for approx. 25 minutes. Place the chicken in the damp bowl, add the wine, put in the oven over high heat, covered, approx. 30 minutes. Put the lid aside and leave approx. 20 minutes to brown.

It is served as such with seasonal salad or various garnishes, rice, natural potatoes, french fries or puree.

Familist chicken drowned in wine - Recipes

Bachelor dishes. Tips, tips and kisses with Adi Schiop

May 4, 2021
By Adi Schiop -> ->

Don't try to cook stuff on Paprika TV, not even when there is talk of comfy food and other PR traps. Paprika TV is not about food, but about the great culture of the world, anthropology, fusion and shit like that. Nobody dresses in the extravagant clothes from the big fashion shows, because people laugh at him, nobody puts a work of conceptual art in the house, that it cuts off his zest for life or his neighbors are scandalized. So rest assured, the food on Paprika is not to be cooked either, but to be watched.

Carrots in meatballs are a horror. In general, carrots in an oil bath are a horror. The deep fried combination of carrots with mushrooms is LETHAL.

Don't put carrots in the chicken stew because that's what you saw on Paprika TV. It's wrong, they put sugar in everything and, if not sugar, then (at least) three carrots. Instead of a stew, you will get a cake, and this is not the third way. The honest ingredients are hardened onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, parsley and (possibly) wine.

Jamie Oliver's 15-minute meals take three times as long and cost three times as much. It's Jamie's trick - after wasting so much time, nerves and money, it won't let your heart admit that it turned out to be stupid like the police, you must have made a mistake somewhere, that you didn't follow any procedure. Jamie Oliver does not make art for art like the other chefs on Paprika, but art for the people. I mean plays in the Hollywood category, builds culinary mirages for unskilled corporates.

Thanks, Jamie, we were wrong, we didn't understand your recipe, we're still trying, maybe we'll succeed if we put more money and soul.

Don't try to make Asian food at home. There is also a doubt, no matter how much you follow the recipe and no matter how organic and expensive the ingredients are. Avoid the anniversaries where the host entices you with Asian cuisine, with the recipes he learned on vacation in Thailand or at Chinese chef classes at Zen Garden. Take comfort in the fact that Jamila doesn't get out either, even when she turns into stews. The Middle East is the limit of our culinary horizon, do not try transgressions, try in vain.

Green coriander is so refined and interesting that it spoils any food. Therefore, read the green parsley where it says coriander leaves, you will not regret it.

Humus is stupid. The chickpeas are bland - the beans beat in the ass at any time to taste - and you don't have much to get out of there, no matter how much cold-pressed olive oil, organic garlic from Corabia and pine buds you stuff into it. You have to be a vegetarian to understand its depth, like sugar-free black tea. Tip: instead of chickpeas, use dried peas, it is much tastier and the final product brings food.

The bachelor party, Adi Schiop, sharing the secrets of the Bulgarian salad (photo credit: Carmen Lidia Vidu)

Take recipes from the Net, not from Paprika. On the Net, avoid those who put a story around your neck first: "I ate this cake for the first time at Aunt Neni, a good Hungarian woman who, having no children, gathers all the children in the neighborhood on Sunday to" . Food is NOT a story, food is NOT anthropology, food is good for you and saturates you. This sad phase with anthropoculinaria began with Radu Anton Roman who, in addition to writing terribly cringe, exalted and with archaic atmospheres, also cooked badly. My sister tried two recipes from him, a lamb soup with sheep whey and I don't know what "chosen scents" she lost half a day with that soup, she stinked her kitchen - and in the end she didn't have no taste. He put the plant in to save her, what else was there to do to her.

Double the amount of salt, pepper and spices in the recipes posted by women. Women tend to cook more dietarily - first because they think about children, then because they want to live long.

Buy a pressure cooker, the cooking time when you have old meat or large bones is reduced by three quarters. Connoisseurs will tell you that slow cooking, that damn it. No way?! In the pressure cooker the flavors stay together, do not escape into the environment to be deposited as petrified lard on the tiles and hood. Do you enjoy scraping the tiles between the tiles for a month? Are you absolutely sure it works as a stress reliever for work every three months?

Buy a kettle: you can make coffee or noodle soup directly in the cup and no longer dirty two dishes. They are made even faster and who the hell wants to wash two things for a Gimoka coffee shit for 6 lei a quarter of a kilo?

Teflon pans: you get drunk and scratch them, in a year they are dusty even if you wash them with glasses solution and wipe them with suede. Instead, focus on the classic pans - heavy and lifelong - that have disappeared anyway, so you still end up with non-stick pans. Her mother of life!

Fearlessly heat food in the microwave, do not get any colon cancer - but do not use the defrost function. In addition to consuming electricity like an airplane, there is either a flicker (for fish) or a boot (for beef or sheep). So thaw the meat slowly at room temperature - but, hey, who the hell remembers putting the meat the day before it cooked? Therefore, two hours before, put it in a household waste bag and keep it in a bowl of ice and cold water (are you na, where is the ice ?! & # 8230 If you are a wine drinker, you have to ice safety for spray in the conge).

When depression and unwashed dishes in the kitchen invade you, carry them in the bathtub and let them soak in water and laundry detergent. Clothes cleaners fuck the liver a little - but why not fuck the liver in this world? - and they are much better degreasers than kitchen detergents.

Dishwashing detergents are like beetle poison: the more it complies with EU rules and the healthier it is, the more inefficient it is - try, for example, to get rid of beetles with the new solutions on the market: also in the hands of traffickers in the Republic You will arrive in Moldova, paying exorbitant sums for two bottles of Regent that you gave 5 lei a few years ago.

Don't make ocean fish with tomatoes, you can turn it into canned fish into tomato sauce. Use white wine instead.

Expensive wine is to drink it, not to put it in food, as Paprika TV recommends. In no name supermarkets there is white wine in a two-liter plastic can at 10 lei. It is true that he has not seen, poor thing, grapes in his miserable life, but he has the advantage that forgotten for a week at room temperature does not vinegar, it's like new.

Do not try to drink it when you run out of alcohol, for two days you will crawl in your teeth like a worm.

It's true, you kind of like drinking alcohol and it's like putting a glass of wine in all low-fat foods. However, do not put wine in stuffed peppers, they taste like vomit.

Foods cooked after the fifth beer are eaten on the spot and the next day they are thrown directly into the toilet.

The fish recipe where tomatoes go best is carp brine. Do not improve this recipe with basil-oregano-rosemary, leave it in its pain, do not torment it for free, because you are not at Masterchef.

Carp brine goes better with carp, which is a better and sweeter fish than carp. Disclaimer: It has a lot of bones, so don't try to eat it drunk. Don't drown in fish bones, stay with your loved ones.

Tomato and cucumber salad is made as the name suggests, with tomatoes and cucumbers (and onions, of course), so do not innovate with peppers, thyme, basil that comes out a mess. Thyme is for cabbage, basil for tomatoes, and pepper for baked pepper salad, what's so hard to understand ?! Cucumbers HATE all three the MOST.

Tomato soup is made with hardened onions, parsley (root and leaves) and 3 kilos of tomatoes (the more, the better the soup). No basil, no Provencal herbs. Not celery, parsnips - and especially not carrots and peppers, which will divert the pure and hard taste of tomatoes to a soup stuffed with vegetables. I know, it sounds weird, but the tomato soup must taste like tomatoes, that's the taste her mother left her with.

Don't blend the tomatoes in the soup, but squeeze them by hand to get rid of that white woody thing. If you pass them or, worse, put basil, a pasty depression with the smell of fruit will come out, which will inevitably remind you of work.

Pasted soups are crap: they have an undecided texture between puree and soup, which puts the tongue and palate in severe cognitive dissonance. Avoid them, keep them for rainy city breaks in Vienna and job depressions.

Vegeta is the wow factor in soups. In order not to feel a miserable cheat, you can replace the wow factor with soy sauce (put from the beginning to lose its taste). Parmesan cheese also works in sour cream soups, also as a flavor enhancer, but shaved on a plate.

Chicken steak and grills come out much better with chemical chicken than with country chicken. That's for soups and stews.

Although it's like a pity to spoil the country chicken on the stew, it comes out just as good with frozen legs at 6 lei per kilo. Country chicken is the best minimal dish, respectively taken out of the soup with vegetables, put in the fridge and eaten so cold with horseradish (or, come on, beetroot with horseradish).

Like Mozart, Gabi Pavel combined the flavors in her head, she didn't have to hear them to realize they weren't working. He is responsible for lentil soup for poor bachelors (25 minutes in total): fry onions and carrots with thyme and cumin (not cumin), a little lentils, add water, and at the end add tomato juice . Serve with a quarter of a lemon. It is not passed, yellow lentils are not used because it is expensive and it is shared, but that is why it is firm and green. Nobody wants fruit in the house.

Like tomato soup, the best low-fat pumpkins are the most sober: hardened onions, a lot of dill, with tomato juice poured over the pumpkin from the beginning to keep them firm - and, finally, garlic. Take them off the heat after 20, let's 25 minutes: the thermal cooking process continues anyway until they cool down. Leave more on the fire turns into a poppy that only my father can eat.

Don't put cream in the pumpkin dish, leave it in its gloomy vegan austerity you don't want a final product that only my dad can eat.

Don't waste your time making cakes, it takes a long time and, anyway, since you've had a bottle of wine a day, you're a little run out of sweets, so it's going to dry in the pan and taste like rust - and still in the toilet. to arrive. Buy those real and chemical cakes with a lot of cream and a lot of cream to satisfy your cravings, eat as much of them as you can, because what's left will spoil in the fridge anyway.

OK, you'll end up making cakes when you stop drinking and you'll have to fill the endless void of each night with something - and then, inevitably, you'll try your talent at making cakes. Those will also reach the toilet.

Ștefan Iancu. Ștefan Iancu invented the minimal cake: put on a slice of sour cream bread and the rest of the hardened jam, left in the fridge for 6 months since his sister from the province visited you - and that's it, you have type 3.

A more elaborate version is with the cake received from the Christmas job, dried and turned into a boot. Break it, put fragments of it in the steam to soften and grease them with German ice cream in a casserole from Lidl (of berries, because it is more sour).

If your mother cooks badly, you have all the chances to cook just as badly, no matter how much you stick to the recipe on the Net, simply the bad food from childhood will upset your taste buds and there is no escape from that, that bad food past in your taste and way of feeling. Therefore, cook for yourself and refrain from tormenting your friends with culinary talents

Risotto is a rice pudding with a texture of nasal secretions.

Shrimp are divine, the soup in them exceptional. Unfortunately, they are expensive. Make a chicken throat soup instead.

Bake chicken with lemon and garlic

A recipe that you will want to cook several times once you discover it. It is extremely easy to prepare because all the ingredients are put in the same dish and left in the oven to brown over low heat.

Place the chicken pieces in an ovenproof dish, add the uncooked garlic cloves, the lemon pieces and the thyme.

Add the oil and mix everything by hand. Place the chicken pieces with the skin side up. Pour the wine, season with salt and pepper and cover the bowl with aluminum foil.

Bake for 2 hours. Then, remove the foil, raise the temperature to 200C and brown the chicken for 30-45 minutes.

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Top 3 most sophisticated recipes in the world

If you want to surprise your guests with sophisticated recipes and unique dishes from international gastronomy, you can always opt for French or Mediterranean cuisine. And, if you don't know what to choose, we have prepared for you three interesting recipes that you can try.

Duchess potatoes

Duchesse potatoes are a real delight of French cuisine, being often served as an entree, along with other delicacies. They are distinguished by their unique appearance, similar to meringues, but also by the tender taste and aroma of nutmeg.

● about 1 kg of potatoes
● 4 yolks + 1 whole egg
● 1/2 tablespoon flour
● 100 ml cooking cream
● 60 g butter
● 1 teaspoon salt
● a nutmeg powder + pepper

How to prepare Duchesse potatoes

Boil the potatoes with a pinch of salt and pass them as for puree. After cooling, add the yolks, butter, flour, 70 ml of cooking cream and spices and mix well. Then put everything in a pastry bag, with a star-shaped end attached. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper and with the help of the pos, pour with circular movements, part of the composition, in the form of small meringues. After filling the tray, grease it with a little yolk mixed with sour cream. Then, put the potato shapes in the hot oven and let them bake until golden brown.

Cacciatore chicken or game chicken is an Italian delicacy and a real explosion of various flavors, vitamins and vegetables. It is a full and healthy food, which is prepared quickly, and which contains a lot of vegetables.

● 4 pieces of chicken breast / 1 whole chicken divided into about 8 parts

● 200 g sliced ​​mushrooms
● 800 g canned chopped tomatoes
● 2 tablespoons oil
● 250 ml dry white / red wine
● 1 medium chopped onion
● 1 stalk of chopped celery
● 3 cloves of chopped garlic
● 1 chopped pepper
● 1 teaspoon oregano
● basil, to taste (fresh or dried)
● salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare chicken Cacciatore

The chicken is cut into pieces, seasoned with salt and put to harden, in a large pan, until browned on all sides - about 5 minutes. After it has browned, you can put it on a plate, and, in the pan, put the onion, pepper, celery and sliced ​​mushrooms for about 10 minutes, until the onion becomes translucent. Then add the garlic and let it cook for another 1 minute. Pour the wine over the vegetables, cover everything with a lid, and leave the food on the fire, until the amount of liquid is reduced by half. Then add the tomatoes and season everything with salt, pepper, oregano and basil. After another 5 minutes, you can add the chicken pieces and leave everything on low heat. Stir the food from time to time, and after 30-40 minutes, you can turn off the heat. Cacciatore chicken is served with a light garnish, such as a portion of puree or noodles.

Lemon salmon soup

Mediterranean cuisine is rich in fish and seafood delicacies, and salmon soup with lemon is a unique recipe that is worth trying at least once.

● 200 g spinach
● 1 piece of bell pepper
● 2 pieces of carrots
● 2 pieces of onion
● 1 piece of hot pepper
● coarse salt, ground pepper
● 4 pieces of lemon
● 3 pieces of salmon fillets
● butter croutons

Peel onions, carrots and peppers. Then, wash the vegetables well and cut them into large pieces, like for soup. Separately, you can wash the salmon and boil it in water with a teaspoon of coarse salt. After it starts to boil, you can take the foam off the surface and add the vegetables and spinach leaves. The ingredients are left to boil, at the right heat, so that they do not fall suddenly and the fish does not fall apart. All the while, you can wash and squeeze the lemons.

After the vegetables have boiled, you can pour lemon juice over them and let everything boil for a few minutes. At the end, the salmon soup is served with lemon slices.
So, these are just three of the most sophisticated recipes in the world, which you can now prepare at home, if you have the necessary ingredients.

And, if we made you want dishes from French, Italian or Mediterranean gastronomy, don't forget that, through food delivery applications, you can order food at home in Galati, Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara and in many other cities in Romania.

Chicken with vegetables on the tray & # 8211 RECIPE OF THE DAY

RECIPE OF THE DAY: Chicken with vegetables on the tray & # 8211 Mmm, it sounds delicious, doesn't it ?! Well, today I present a chicken drowned in wine, tomato juice and covered with a blanket of all kinds of vegetables.

To prepare the chicken recipe with vegetables on the tray we need:

pieces of chicken & # 8211 choose your side you want, less the chest because it is made faster than vegetables

green / yellow and red bell peppers (if you can't find them, you can also add capsicums)

garlic or garlic powder

red wine (preferably dry or semi-dry)

Preparation: Preheat the oven to a temperature of about 220 degrees. The sliced ​​/ sliced ​​chicken to be placed in the tray is seasoned with salt, pepper, a little paprika, thyme, garlic powder, after which, the pieces of meat are placed one on top of the other in a bowl. Pour over the wine almost enough to cover it and stir so that the wine blends into them. Then cover with aluminum foil and set aside until you have finished cutting the vegetables.

After washing the vegetables, we cut them: into cubes the potatoes, the striped carrots about 3 cm, the bell pepper cut into rectangles neither too big nor too small. Onions, a quarter of a large onion, cut it into juliennes, but very thin, and mix it, as if we were crushing it, separately with salt, olive oil and a little vinegar. Cut vegetables to fit in the pan.

On a tray we spread an aluminum foil, which we sprinkle with plenty of olive oil. Remove the meat and distribute it in the pan to make room for the vegetables. After we put the vegetables, we put the onion on the pieces of meat, with the juice left. Over these, pour plenty of tomato juice, and then a few slices of lemon or orange. I used lemon because I didn't have oranges then, but I assure you it wasn't sour. Before putting the tray in the oven, drown everything in it with red wine. It will give an extraordinary flavor.

Leave for about 1 hour and add more water, when the composition has decreased, until the chicken and potatoes are done, which are harder to boil. Check from time to time with a fork.

When the chicken and potatoes are almost cooked, add, over, the mushroom caps, washed and cleaned, stuffed with grated cheese.

Once everything is done, it will give you a great smell, and the taste, mmm & # 8230 try it, is light, cheap and very tasty. App, close the oven after. :)

Why does the child want to be in his arms? & # 8211 the psychologist explains

Some children seem to have a purpose in life from their first birthday & # 8211 to never touch the ground with their feet. 'Maybe he's an aviator!' - jokes the proud mother of her 15 kilogram smell, which never goes down in her arms & # 8230You would say that it is only about pampering when a child wants in her arms. It's not really like that - explains the psychologist Cristiana Haica.

Ever since he was born and was able to sit on his ass, his favorite gesture is to stretch his arms and push himself up his ass to be taken in his arms. He can walk very well on his feet, he even runs, but all he wants from his mother is to be carried in his arms.

If I think about it, I would do the same for him, because there are many advantages in his arms: he sees the world much better, not just legs, car wheels, puppies, garbage, grass and flowers, everything seems to make sense from there, from above: those legs also have people on them, with head, eyes and mouth, the puppies don't seem so big anymore, the stones don't seem so threatening anymore, the gas doesn't come towards him anymore, he doesn't smell suffocating when he passes by a car, he even sees that it has windows and people in it & # 8230
Many see when he is up there, and do not even feel when the hour of walking passes.

Standing close to mom, he feels her warmth and love if he becomes insecure, the tightness of her arms makes him feel loved and accepted.

If he is in his arms, he feels safer, he has nothing to happen to him, because his mother defends him.
In addition, the mother is right next to him, and she can answer his questions, she doesn't have to shout out loud to hear him.

Many mothers fear that holding a baby in their arms leads to excessive pampering. If it's not excessive, they have nothing to fear.

However, Mommy doesn't seem too happy when she wants to. Why? Because her back hurts, the chicken already weighs a few kilograms, because she also has other things to carry…

I remember my son, from whom I bought one of the most beautiful and, unfortunately, heaviest strollers on the market at that time, a stroller in which he only stayed until he was nine months old, when he started walking. and, since then, it has only worked in my arms or next to the cart, and I will, of course, push the cart with one hand.

But, especially, mom is afraid of spoiling the baby, carrying it so much in her arms. Or only in his arms. Regardless of the reason why the mother no longer wants to carry her child in her arms, she must take care to negotiate with the little one.

To offer him as an alternative his hand ("I can't take you in my arms right now, but I'm holding your hand") or holding him in the arms up to the corner, then walk alone, for example.

If he is asked in his arms because he can't see what's around him or because he's crowded, he's dirty on the floor, he's tired (and they get tired pretty quickly), don't insist: pick up the child or sit somewhere where you can rest or get out of the crowded or dirty area.

Believe me, the child is not meant to exhaust or annoy the adult with this request in his arms & # 8211 he just wants to be loved by the adult, to be loved and to feel close to you.

But there are also children (as I was) who only want to be held by one person & # 8211 in my case, mother. I don't know how he managed to get dressed, to go to the toilet. Of course, I don't remember why I would do that whole circus if he put me on my feet!

I only know (from the stories) how it fooled me ':
he used a makeshift bag from a larger headscarf to do his housework
She would put me on her sheepskin robe in the bathroom door when she had work there. He still lets me cry when I didn't understand that it's safer in the pen than on the stove.

Ingredients grilled chicken breast

  • 1 kilogram of chicken breast (6 slices of about 175 grams each)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • yellow peel, finely grated, from ½ lemon
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 3 thyme branches
  • 2 tablespoons TABASCO ® green pepper sauce (for those who appreciate a spicy note in the dishes they eat)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cucumber and avocado sauce

  • 350 grams of fresh cucumber, cut into cubes (1 large Fabio cucumber)
  • 3 well-ripened avocados
  • 3 green onions, chopped into rounds
  • juice from 1 lime
  • 1 bunch of fresh, chopped mint (about 3 tablespoons of mint)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Preparation of grilled chicken breast & marinating

1. As much as possible, try to slice the chicken breast into slices of equal thickness, about 2-3 cm in the thickest part.

2. Obviously, we will start with the preparation of the marinade that will make the grilled chicken breast incredibly delicious and tender. An effective marinade for tenderizing and flavoring meat has several principles: to contain an acidic substance, which in my case is lemon juice. It can be replaced, as desired, with orange juice or even a little dry white wine. The acidity of the marinade helps a lot in the tenderning of the meat, practically, the cooking process begins now. Fear not, the flesh will not be sour.

Then the marinade should contain your favorite flavors, well balanced between them. I opted for lemon peel, garlic and thyme, as well you can use rosemary, mustard, all kinds of spices as you like. For a delicious spicy note, I added TABASCO ® green pepper sauce, which has green jalapeno pepper as an ingredient and is moderately hot.

3. Crush the garlic and place in a bowl. Add the lemon peel and thyme leaves, lemon juice and honey and finally the olive oil. They all beat well with a pear-shaped target. The chicken breast slices, well tamponed with absorbent paper towels, are put in the marinade. Rotate the chicken breast slices so that they are dressed with marinade everywhere. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Just as well (or even better) marinate the chicken breast overnight.

How and how long we cook a grilled chicken breast

4. The most common mistake we can make when preparing grilled chicken breast is to kill the meat, drying it with the last drop of juice and turning it into a piece of hard-to-chew yolk. So that's what we're going to avoid!

After marinating, remove the chicken breast slices from the marinade and carefully dab with paper towels. Any trace of marinade on the surface of the meat can burn, adversely affecting the final taste. The marinade is thrown away, it has fulfilled its purpose. Leave the chicken breast slices for about 10 minutes, covered with foil, on a tray, at room temperature, to acclimatize.

Meanwhile, heat the grill or grill pan over medium-high heat. It is important that the surface on which the grill will be cooked is well heated. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper the slices of marinated chicken breast and place on the hot grill. It should sizzle loudly when the meat touches the hot surface.

5. Chicken breast slices & # 8211 cut to the thickness specified in point 1 and acclimatized & # 8211 are cooked for 2-3 minutes on each side. It doesn't take another minute. We will not move the meat from here to there on the grill and we will not turn it more than once from one side to the other. This is the only way to get traces of beautiful grill. During cooking, the meat will form a beautiful crust and penetrate perfectly. Be careful, the process of cooking the meat does not end when it is taken off the grill! Place the meat on a plate, cover lightly with foil and let it rest for 10 minutes, during which time it will continue to penetrate.

Avocado sauce with cucumber & # 8211 an extremely pleasant accompaniment next to a grilled chicken breast

6. While the grilled chicken breast is resting, the diced cucumbers are salted and placed in a sieve. Place the sieve on top of a bowl and let it drain from the water that the salt will extract from the cucumbers.

7. Meanwhile, cut the avocado lengthwise and remove the seeds. The process is described in detail at guacamole recipe. Once the seeds have been removed, the avocado pulp is peeled from the shell. Put all the creamy pulp in a bowl and immediately add the lime juice, stirring, to prevent oxidation. Add sliced ​​green onions, chopped mint and finally drained cucumbers. Season with salt and pepper to taste and mix. For a delicious common note between the main course and this fresh garnish, I added a few drops of TABASCO ® green pepper sauce to the salsa.

The grilled chicken breast, after resting, is extremely fragile and juicy and looks perfect. It goes well with all kinds of side dishes, I opted for baked sweet potatoes, spicy and tasty and, of course, salsa full of fresh avocado and cucumber. It would go perfectly with new potatoes with butter and dill. If I think about it, it would be perfect with some delicious and rosy new potatoes with garlic and rosemary, baked. This grilled chicken breast fits perfectly with un sos tzatziki. It goes just as well with a simple garlic sauce, with tomatoes or mustard. It only remains to choose the one that perfectly suits your taste.

Marinated muscle

Many friends have asked me how to marinate various types of meat before putting them on the grill or in the oven / pan. And if it's good to do it or better not to bother. I answered them all according to their situation and according to their specific needs. This time I will answer in public, with a particular case that can be expanded, adapted, modified according to your imagination and tastes. Am făcut în dimineața asta un mușchiuleț de porc la cuptor, pe care-l lăsasem de ieri până azi la marinat într-un amestec de…dar hai mai bine să vă arăt:

Condimentele pe care le-am folosit: piper negru, piper verde, chimen. Puteți folosi orice, de la cuișoare, scorțișoară sau salvie până la anason ori coriandru, important e să vă placă aromele și să știți că unele mirodenii se potrivesc mai bine cu anumite feluri de carne (de exemplu, coriandrul și puiul se înțeleg bine, anasonul și porcul se iubesc de-a dreptul iar mielul e topit după ienibahar și rozmarin).

Pentru marinare mai avem nevoie de o soluție acidă, de exemplu, sucul de citrice (eu am folosit portocală și lămâie, pentru o aromă mai proaspătă puteți încerca limeta sau dacă vă place gustul ușor amărui puteți pune zeamă de grapefruit, ori, în alte cazuri, puteți folosi un vin alb, de calitate). Pentru că-mi place să folosesc la marinare ceapă și usturoi, le-am folosit și aici. De asemenea, fiind vorba despre porc, am pus foi de dafin. Ardeiul iute e aici pentru că-mi place mâncarea picantă.

Ce am făcut? Mai întâi am tăiat citricele, după ce le-am rulat pe masă înainte, să li se spargă alveolele și să obțin cât mai mult suc.

Le-am stors într-o caserolă și am lăsat și cojile împreună cu zeama.

Am tocat pătrunjeliul (mare, nu mărunt) și l-am pus în zeama de citrice.

Am zdrobit usturoiul, am zdrobit condimentele și am tocat ceapa. Le-am pus în același vas.

Am turnat trei linguri de ulei de măsline extravirgin peste toate, le-am amestecat bine, am pus o linguriță de sare și am pus mușchiulețul. Am amestecat bine-bine, am pus capacul peste caserolă și am lăsat-o la rece, în frigider, timp de 16 ore.

În timpul acesta, aromele, ajutate de acid, au pătruns în carne.

Nu mi-a mai rămas decât să pun mușchiulețul pe o foaie de copt, în tavă. L-am vârât în cuptorul încins (200 de grade Celsius) pentru 20 de minute. Puteți să-l faceți ori așa ori pe grill (chiar și în tigaia grill). Atenție, curățați carnea înainte de a o găti altfel mirodeniile, frunzele, legumele folosite se vor arde și vor strica gustul cărnii.

Am mâncat mușchiulețul ca străbunii, doar cu pită țărănească, de pe un blid de lemn.

Nu mi-e musai să mă laud dar trebuie să vă spun că mușchiulețul a fost perfect, aromat, suculent, teribil de gustos.

Pulpa de miel la rotisor

Cred ca prea putin ne mai gandim in ziua de azi sa mai descoperim gusturi si abordari noi, sau sa redescoperim aromele si mancarurile vechi, simple, cu bun gust si cu gust bun pe care le faceau oamenii mai de mult. Ne e greu sa gasim o linie de mijloc, a decentei, si ori cadem in penibil, amestecand ghimbir in orice mancare doar pentru ca e un ingredient “a la mode”, ori ajungem in banal si nu mai iesim din pieptul de pui la gratar (meca lipsei de inspiratie) cu cartofi prajiti prost, in ulei prea rece sau prea vechi sau prea de palmier.

Refuzam parca cu indarjire sa iesim din supermarket, din zona de confort a ingredientelor mediocre, si ducem prin asta macelariile si bacaniile in pragul falimentului. Luam miere de la mol, carnati de la Auchan si mici de la Kaufland (din aia domnesti, d-aia buni, cu putin mai mult usturoi). Noua ne facem aparent bine – cu doua bonuri de masa iei si pranzul iei si berea. Dar facem toate astea fara sa ne gandim la macelarii, aia putini care mai sunt, care incearca sa aduca o urma de calitate in produele pe care le vand (da, stiu, o gramada au renuntat de mult si au pui de gostat la macelarie si purcel de oriunde).

Si ce ne facem cand vrem altceva, orice altceva in afara de puiul culturist si porcul drogat? Optiuni sunt putine, dar ma bucur totusi ca inca mai sunt. Si inca mai sunt cativa oameni care cauta produse altfel.

Cum faci, de exemplu, daca vrei sa mananci intr-o zi, sa zicem, o gasca indopata la cuptor? Ai de unde sa iei? N-ai! Sau un iepure dolofan pe care il visezi inecat in vin si prajit pe pat de legume, ai de unde sa iei?

Zilele trecute am visat ca eram undeva la munte si faceam la rotisor ceva, o bucata de carne. Nu o vedeam in vis, nu o miroseam, dar stiam ca este un miel gras de toamna. Si cand m-am trezit cam asta am vrut sa mananc. Am exclus direct drumul, inutil de altfel, la supermarket. Stiam o macelarie care nu-i romaneasca la Piata Crangasi (pentru ca da, chiar daca mai sunt macelarii, majoritatea celor cu carne buna sunt ale arabilor).

Si de acolo am luat o pulpa de miel. Proaspata, curata, pe care mi-a aratat-o pe toate partile fara sa cer eu asta (ca sa vad ca nu e jumate carne jumate seu). Am luat-o acasa si m-am bucurat.

In drumul spre casa, pe straduta mea (un fel de parcare infinita unde pe trotuar nu poti sa mergi decat in sir indian stergand toate masinile cu geaca), am dat peste un magazin de produse lactate. Nu-i Mega Image, nici alt hiper/super/mini market. Este un magazin dedicat produselor din lapte, al unui producator din Braila. Joli Ju ii cheama, si le fac reclama gratuita si felicit pentru gestul de a isi deschide propriile magazine de distributie. Au acolo o branza maturata (un fel de parmezan dar fara origine controlata) absolut decenta, lapte cu gust, iaurt gras si altele. Dar gata cu reclama – am luat de la ei de toate, inclusiv iaurt pe care m-am gandit sa il imprietenesc cu pulpa mea de miel.

Inainte sa il imprietenesc cu mielul, i-am facut cunostinta cu niste tahini (pasta de susan), luata tot de la prietenul arab, si niste menta proaspata, tocata marunt.

Cu sare si piper se intelege ca am dat pe carne, dupa care l-am imbalsamat in iaurt.

Dupa vreo doua ore la frigider, timp in care iaurtul, enzimele din el de fapt, si-au facut treaba, am rulat pulpa si am legat-o cum m-am priceput. Daca avea os, nu mai faceam treaba asta, destul de consumatoare de timp.

Invelit in hartie de copt, apoi invelit in folie de staniol (zice ca nu-i bine sa stea staniolul direct pe carne, ca-i da gust) a stat 3 ore la cuptor la foc micut (160 de grade).

Dupa timpul asta, l-am despachetat si l-am dus la mine in vis. Neavand norocul de a avea o curte in jur unde sa beau vin fiert si sa invart la ciolan, l-am pus rotisorul cuptorului pentru rumeneala finala. Si am stat si ne-am uitat la el cum se invarte.

Si cam asta a fost. L-am scos de pe rotisor, l-am lasat cateva minute sa se linisteasca si, pur si simplu, fara prea multe farafastacuri, l-am mancat.

Si ma opresc aici, indemnandu-va sa cautati si sa sustineti macelariile de cartier, produsele locale, oamenii care incearca sa va puna in farfurie altceva. Hai sa iesim din dictatura cefii.

Sa fie bine!

Blog de farmacista

Good. Mă uit în scrisoarea medicală: Arteriopatie obliterantă, neuropatie diabetică. Și-ncep să întreb. Și aflu că are 3 medicamente pentru diabet, din care la unul a fost crescut doza, dar nu l-a luat, că se deranjează la stomac. Dar nu i-a zis doctoriței, chit că glicemia e � – 250, dar și 300, și am avut și 400”. Mai aflu și că pacientul are deja o operație la un picior pentru arteriopatie, că s-a înțepat într-un mărăcine, dar abia după câteva zile l-a găsit „că simțeam că mă tot înțepa ceva acolo, dar l-am scos cu ceva coptură”. O jumătate de oră m-am străduit să-l fac să înțeleagă că trebuie să-și ia tratamentul. O jumătate de oră i-am tot prezentat argumente, inclusiv o posibilă amputație (de care știa că-l paște!). Într-un final și-a luat rețeta, cu remarca „pensia e 700, dar suntem mai mulți pe ea”, și continuarea: „am pierdut eu mai multe…”. Deci pot să pierd și un picior.

Alt minunat, după 6 luni de tratament cu Januvia, pe care n-a luat-o că-i făcea rău, se arată revoltat că doctorița l-a pus pe insulină, că el nu vrea să facă insulină, dar nu vedea nici o legătură între prescrierea insulinei și faptul că nici nu-și luase Januvia, nici nu-i spusese doctoriței că n-a luat-o.

Să ne înțelegem: pacient real, cu boală reală, cu consultații reale, rețete reale și tratament eliberat din farmacie. Totul decontat de stat, nimic fals, nimic fictiv. O groază de bani cheltuiți, efect ZERO. ZERO!!

Nu pot să nu mă gândesc în ce groaznică eroare suntem. Toată luna mai s-a rumegat mărunt subiectul cardurilor de sănătate. Ne agităm de mama focului să implementăm sisteme electronice care să reducă furturile din sistem, dar nu facem nimic să reducem cheltuielile reale, dar care nu produc nici un efect. Ne străduim să învățăm bătrâni să țină minte un PIN de 4 cifre, dar nu facem nimic să le explicăm cum și de ce trebuie să-și ia tratamentul și ce trebuie să spună la medic. Introducem în practica ultimele răcnete în materie de terapii, dar nu facem nici un efort să explicăm oamenilor cât de important este consultul medical periodic și prezentarea la medic încă de la primele simptome. Înainte de calculatoare, carduri și sisteme, oare nu cumva avem nevoie de educație sanitară?

Cine s-o facă, însă? Medici de familie care înghesuie toți pacienții de pe sală în cabinet, ca să poată pleca mai repede? Medici care n-au nici o strângere să pună pe rețeta aceluiași pacient și Enalapril și Eneas? Sau și Simvacard, și Atoris? Asistenți de farmacie care lucrează singuri și care n-au nici un stres să onoreze astfel de rețete așa cum au fost scrise, că doar e nevoie de vânzare? Farmaciști care stau în sala de așteptare a dispensarului ca să racoleze pacienți?

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