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Canned milk corn

Canned milk corn

The corn cobs are cleaned of sheets and silk, then cut at the ends. In a large bowl put a layer of corn leaves, then the cobs, cover with water and another layer of leaves, boil over medium heat for approx. 30 minutes after the first boil.

After the corn has boiled, remove it from the liquid obtained, be careful not to throw it away, we use it for preservation.

Peel the corn cobs, the grains, the easiest to cut with a knife, along them, then separate the grains.

In sterilized jars add the grains, then add the liquid obtained by boiling corn. Add a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar, seal and heat sterilize, approx. 60 minutes on low heat after first boiling.

What does it mean to be hot sterilized, on the bottom of a half-pot, put pieces of newspaper or simply kitchen towels, then put the jars, filled with goodies and sealed, add lukewarm water, to below the lid of the smallest jar in the pan , if there are jars different in height, then cover with towels or newspapers, possibly put a lid and let it boil over low heat, and after the first boil let it boil for 30 or 60 minutes. be careful on low heat, so as not to break the jars, which are under pressure.

Leave to cool in water until the next day, then label and store in a cool pantry.

Lots of fun and good appetite!

What you need to make really great, crispy cornbreads

Here's what you need to make these cornbreads:

  • of Corn - as mentioned above, fresh is better for both flavor and crunchiness. But also canned food and ice cream, you just have to work hard to dry them as much as you can
  • corn flour and corn / corn starch - cornmeal is fried crispy but makes the dough to be & # 8222rated & # 8221. So we will use both to get the best of both worlds
  • Baking soda (bi-carb) OR baking powder - just a touch, to air each dough so lightly (without it, it's a little thicker)
  • Parmesan - for a good shot of appetizing flavors AND to make crispy donuts!
  • green onions and coriander for a fresh hit.

Top 6 protein-rich salads for a healthy diet

Here are 6 delicious salad recipes, which are very light, are very simple to prepare, from few ingredients, are tasty and healthy, contain many vitamins, proteins, fiber. Write down these wonderful recipes and prepare a salad every day!

Cucumbers + tomatoes + feta cheese + olives + olive oil + lettuce leaves + bell peppers.

Salad no. 2

Baked eggplant + baked bell peppers + tomatoes + paprika + sesame seed oil + peas + spinach (arugula).

Salad no. 3

Seafood cocktail + arugula + cherry tomatoes + soy sauce + lemon juice + sesame seeds.

Salad no. 4

Baked chicken fillets + baked bell peppers + green beans + lettuce leaves + tomatoes + olive oil + black pepper.

Salad no. 5

Oil-free fried chicken fillets + canned corn + greens + lettuce leaves + omelet (1 egg + milk) + cucumbers + green onions + natural yogurt.

Salad no. 6

Boiled shrimp + cucumbers + tomatoes + lettuce leaves + skim cheese.

Canned milk corn - Recipes

Experienced housewives have proven recipes that make it possible to build a tasty and satisfying dish from scratch in 5-7 minutes. Some have cheese and sausage sandwiches, heated in a microwave, while others have a quick salad of canned corn, biscuits and ham with mayonnaise. However, the easiest option for feeding hungry children or teenagers is to make them croutons, to make pieces of bread in milk and eggs. The snack is suitable for breakfast and lunch, goes well with tea, cold drinks, jam.

Croutons with milk in an egg is a great idea for a quick snack when there is only one piece of white bread left over from the delicacies of the house. In some families, this uncomplicated treatment is called instant pies, because the aroma comes from them, as from the actual baking. Yes, and the taste deserves all the praise, no wonder that hot toast with appetite is consumed by households of any age. All cooking takes about 5 minutes, only a large pan, a bowl and a minimum of simple products are needed for cooking.

Canned milk corn - Recipes

Solyanka fish is a hearty and high-calorie food. Its main advantage is that it can act as both the first and the second dish. We offer excellent recipes.

Fish solyanka & quotCream & quot

It is necessary to prepare a small pan with a non-flammable bottom. Put it on the fire, put a large spoonful of butter on the bottom. While it is melting, finely chop the onion, two celery stalks and three cloves of garlic. Put them in a saucepan, cook for five minutes, stirring constantly. Then add three tablespoons of flour, a little cake and gradually pour into two liters of milk. Bring to a boil. At this time, you eat five sliced ​​potatoes, and salmon fillets (two hundred grams) - cubes. Put the ingredients in hot milk and pour a jar of canned corn. The fish solyanka should be cooked over low heat for about twenty minutes. Serve with salt biscuits.

Solyanka fish team with seafood

In the depths of the small town to fry a large spoonful of flour (twenty grams). Add the diced onion, celery stalks and five strips of bacon to it. Cook, stirring constantly, for a few minutes. Then put large cubes of potatoes, pour a liter of water and cook for twenty minutes. In a separate pan, first boil a piece of salmon fillets (100 g) in such a way that the fish can be easily divided into pieces. Then add three hundred grams of seafood mixture. Cook for five minutes. The water is drained and added to the potatoes. Put a cheese of "Philadelphia" cheese, put a liter of milk and bring to a boil. Beat with a blender and add them to a saucepan. The dish should be cooked for ten to fifteen minutes over a low heat.

Fish scales fish with greens

Bring two liters of salted water to a boil, put in it cubes of different fish fillets (three hundred grams), slices of six potatoes, chopped celery stalks and onions, grated carrots. Cook for twenty to thirty minutes. In a deep saucepan, three tablespoons of butter left to melt and add a hundred grams of flour. Gradually add milk, stirring so that there are no lumps. Put the crushed cream cheese (one hundred grams) and wait for it to melt in the milk. Add to vegetables, bring to a boil. Serve with chopped green onions.

Solyanka fish with vegetables

First cut the vegetables into cups. To prepare a pot for four people, you need three bulbs, half a kilo of large tomatoes and six potato tubers. One kilogram of assorted fillets of different species of fish (salmon, cod, perch) must be cut into cubes. Taste two hundred grams of cheese and cut a bunch of fresh greens. Lubricate the special form with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Then start placing the layers in the following sequence: potatoes, onions, assorted fish, tomatoes, potatoes again. Repeat until the ingredients are exhausted. Sprinkle the top with cheese and simmer for forty or fifty minutes. Serve, sprinkled with fresh herbs

Delicious and special-looking appetizers for the holiday table! Discover the 2 best recipes!

To give the holidays a warm and pleasant atmosphere, we urge you to surprise your guests with the most original appetizers. We present below 2 the best recipes for some particularly delicious, aromatic and appetizing snacks, which conquer both in taste and appearance. From the simplest ingredients you get the most original delicacies, which will surely please everyone.

Recipe No.1 & # 8211 Aperitif "Snowmen"


-1 can of canned corn

-mayonnaise (high fat)

-coconut flakes (or cheese)


1. Boil the eggs in a saucepan with water and salt. Let them cool and clean them.

2. Peel the onion and cut it into slices. Marinate the onion in boiling water with vinegar and sugar for 20 minutes.

4. Put the boiled rice, marinated onion, boiled eggs, crabs and corn through the meat grinder. Add the mayonnaise and mix well.

5. The aperitif can be served in various ways. The simplest way is to form small balls from the mixture and pass them through coconut flakes or grated cheese. You can also serve the appetizer in the shape of a snowman: form 3 balls of different sizes and pass them through coconut or cheese flakes. Overlap the balls starting with the largest. Cut the boiled carrot into the shape of a hat and fasten it to the snowman. For the eyes you can use black caviar (natural or artificial) or olives.

Recipe No.2 & # 8211 Small pancakes with salmon and spicy cream sauce


-25 g of soft butter (at room temperature)

-250 g of lightly salted or smoked salmon



1. Mix the sifted flour with the baking powder, salt and chopped dill.

2. In a bowl, beat the egg with the milk, cream cheese and melted butter.

3. Pour the resulting mixture into the flour bowl and mix well. Get a homogeneous and dense dough.

4. Put a pan on the fire and grease it with vegetable oil. Pour 2 teaspoons of dough and bake some small pancakes for about 1 minute on each side. Let them cool.

5. Mix the cream with the horseradish and salt. Cut the fish into small, thin pieces. Arrange 1 teaspoon of cream on each pancake and place a piece of fish. If desired, decorate with dill.

Corn cake 27 delicious recipes to enjoy family recipes

Present at everyone's table, the word corn has an indigenous origin meaning "life support". Corn cake is a traditional food that Guarani Indians prepare for the baptism of their children, known as Mbojape.

Considered the largest crop in the world, corn is part of the menu of the people of the world. Cheap food and easy access can be used in many ways, only the chef lets creativity flow. In addition, corn is rich in fiber, carbohydrates and helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

Due to its ease of preparation and versatility, the corn cake conquers fans at the first bite. With the possibility of preparation in sweet or salty recipes, mix well with an afternoon tea. Check out the following recipes for this delicious dish: corn cake

1. blender tort

Traditional corn: practical and easy recipe uses canned dolls, cream cheese and grated coconut in the dough. To make the preparation easier, simply beat all the ingredients in the blender. To sprinkle, use confectionery or refined sugar.

2. Corn cake: with soft texture, light, softness this recipe is guaranteed yogurt, and leaves even tastier, powdered sugar for powdering.

3. Corn Corn Cake: In this recipe, low-fat yogurt guarantees fewer calories on the plate. In addition, the flour used is white rice, removing gluten from the bowl. Ideal for those who have celiac disease or follow a food restriction diet.

4. Creamy green corn cake: using only green corn, condensed milk, eggs and oil as ingredients, this recipe results in a creamy and tasty cake. No fault for the corn lover!

5. Corn pudding cake: with an unusual form of preparation, the author combines corn cake with pudding, which baked the same way as it separates, resulting in corn cake at the bottom pudding and corn on top. Different, but delicious!

6. "Pamonha" corn cake: to make the dish tastier, use additional ingredients such as vanilla essence, coconut milk and butter. The outcome? A cake-shaped mushroom!

Corn cake with combinations

7. Microwave corn and coconut cake: another recipe proving that the mixture of corn and coconut offers more than sure. Here, to make the recipe more practical, the cake is baked in the microwave and is ready in just 7 minutes. To make it even more appetizing, coconut milk syrup and grated coconut.

8. Corn cake with corn flour: easy and practical recipe, use canned corn and corn flour to make the taste of the cake more obvious. To speed up your preparation, simply beat everything in a blender and bring the mixture into the oven in a greased and kneaded form.

9. Corn cake with coconut: gluten-free recipe, use corn flour, canned corn and grated coconut in the dough. In addition to ensuring the taste of the dish, grated coconut adds texture and nutrients to the cake.

10. Corncake with basil: When you add chopped basil to the dough, the recipe guarantees the flavor and freshness of the dish. A delicious blend worth trying.

11. Green corn cake and coconut with hot cascão guava syrup: Corn cake is already delicious, now with a hot guava cascão syrup is the flavor that never ends! A great option to serve as breakfast or in the afternoon, it is great if it is accompanied by tea or coffee.

12. Corn cake and condensed milk: to please sweet fans, condensed milk adds flavor to the cake, along with grated coconut, which is used in both dough and cake. Very tasty!

13. Corn Cake with Curau Syrup: To make this cake even tastier the author chose to add a sauce based on Curau made with just five ingredients: boiled corn, milk, butter, sugar and cinnamon to taste. Beautiful to see.

14. Creamy cake with corn and oranges: simple and functional cake, has a creamy appearance and is rich in flavor. In its mass, ingredients such as coconut milk, orange juice, quinoa flakes, cashews and demerara sugar add nutrients to the bowl and mix the palate.

15. Corn cake with condensed milk and coconut: flourless cake, use grated coconut and a box of green corn to incorporate the recipe. Condensed milk sweetens the cake, replacing whole milk and adding flavor to the bowl. Simple and easy to do.

16. Green corn cake with yogurt: another gluten-free option, use corn flour instead of traditional wheat flour. To leave the cake soft and full of charm, natural yogurt joins the creamy curd, making the difference in the final taste.

Corn special cake

17. Flourless corn cake: Using only four ingredients (eggs, boiled corn, condensed milk and yeast), the chef makes a delicious corn cake without flour and very creamy. To add even more flavor and ensure the success of the dish, the cornade brigadeiro lid.

18. Corn cake with lactose-free cream: with only six ingredients, this recipe is delicious, practical and most importantly: lactose-free. For this, the chef changes whole milk for coconut milk, making it healthier and making it an ideal choice for lactose intolerance.

19. Gluten-free corn cake: very good for celiacs and gluten intolerant, this recipe uses cornmeal instead of wheat flour. For a special twist, the author adds two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese resulting in a mouth-watering mixture.

20. Gluten corn and milk cake, peanut coating: Another version of gluten and dairy this delicious dish. To make it even more beautiful, the author made a coating with the help of peanut protein and vegetable milk with cashew nuts. At the end of the decoration, grated coconut sugar and coconut sugar to decorate.

21. Corn cake: gluten free, lactose free and functional. Instead of milk, water from the corn container is used to facilitate mixing of the ingredients. Coconut flour and rice add nutrients and remove gluten from the bowl. Healthy and tasty.

22. Corn cake with coconut oil: a mixture of brown sugar, rice flour, flaxseed flour, coconut oil and light coconut milk, adding a greater variety of nutrients to the plate and ensure a healthier look than traditional corn cake

functional corn 23. cake: adding oats to the plate, the cake becomes a variety of nutrients because it is rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber, and of course give more flavor to the plate.

Salted corn cake

24. Salted corn cake with ham and cheese: with green scent, ham and cheese cut into cubes, this salty cake besides beautiful has practical preparation. Just hit the ingredients in the blender, add the cheese, ham and green scent and bring to the boil. Get ready in about 30 minutes.

25. Salted Green Corn and Cheese Cake: The salty and practical version of this green corn cake takes the onion meal and boiled me, guaranteed guaranteed taste and simplicity in the platter.

26. Salted Corn Cake with Onion Cream: To add even more flavor to the food, this recipe uses onion cream among the ingredients used in the dough. On the cover, thick cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and olives make the cake even more beautiful and appetizing.

27. Salted corn cake and salami: the cake of this cake takes similar ingredients to the sweet version, but the sugar is left aside. For the filling, salami, mozzarella cheese, green scent, onion and garlic. Easy to make and very tasty.

Whether in its traditional version, adding or removing an ingredient, cream or sweet, sweet or salty, the corn cake is an excellent option when looking for a practical and tasty recipe that can satisfy your most varied tastes. Success guaranteed!

Cream of tomatoes and corn

This recipe can serve us both for a light dinner or as an appetizer. Being easily digestible and not having to chew, it is an ideal food for our babies. In addition, it is very nutritious, because corn is rich in carbohydrates (it also does not contain gluten), and the cream is supplemented with a little cream cheese.

Preparation: 1. Wash the tomatoes, peel them and cut them into quarters. We put them in a pot with corn, a little salt and the vegetable broth and we boil it. Cover and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.

2. After cooking time, remove the pot from the heat and remove a little from the cooking broth, reserving it if necessary to lighten the cream. Add the corn cheese to the tomatoes and beat very well. Add more broth if necessary.

3. We pass the cream through a fine strainer or through Chinese to remove some fibers or seeds.

4. Serve the hot cream with a little oil. We can add a little corn and cheese to decorate.

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Bean and corn salad

Now the popular salad with beans and corn can be cooked literally in minutes and, therefore, please not only you but also your loved ones. When preparing for cooking, you need to give up red beans and corn - these are the ingredients and become the key in the dish.

Once the vegetables have drained, they can be mixed together, as well as adding finely chopped cucumbers and greens. For these purposes, it will be preferable to choose dill, because it does not interrupt, but only completes the taste. Now the vegetable mixture should be well mixed and flavored with mayonnaise. However, this preparation does not end here!

The highlight will be the small bread, which will be added to the vegetable mixture just before serving. Exotic lovers can serve this dish on salad leaves, previously sprinkled with lemon juice. Thus, the salad will have a sour taste, which will certainly have a lasting impression on the tasters.

The best breeds

In Russia, from the breeds of dairy goats, Zaanenskaya received the greatest fame.


Large breed, mainly white suit. Sometimes it can have a yellowish tinge. Launched 500 years ago in the Zaanental Valley in Switzerland. In Europe, it appeared only in the late nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century appeared in Russia. Subsequently, this goat breeds as the largest quantity of dairy products in the whole country.

The growth of zaanensky goats is 75-90 cm. The weight of the goats is 55-80 kg, the goats, on average, 110 kg. The constitution is strong. The head is medium, dry. Goats can be horns and comolyami. Wide forehead. The small thin ears sit in a horn. It can spread. The spine is strong. Large, voluminous chest. Back back. A slightly sloping, well-developed cloth. Legs with the right set. Strong children. The coat is thick, without substrate, and the cloth is short, thin. The skin is thin. The shoulders are well developed, large.

The advantages of the Zaanen breed include the high yield and the fact that it is one of the goat breeds without the specific smell of milk.

Disadvantages: demand for feed and conditions of detention, as well as the poor ability of specific animals to acclimatize. Although the breed is generally considered very adaptable.

Such a contradiction is expressed by the fact that Zaanensky goats can be raised on the territory from the southern borders of Russia to the latitude of Moscow. But if a goat is transported from Krasnodar to Novosibirsk, there is a high risk of the animal becoming ill. Consequently, in the Novosibirsk region it is better to buy Zaanenka from the Novosibirsk region.

Milk productivity from genealogical Zaanensky goats 4-8 liters of milk per day. The annual yield reaches 800-1200 liters. But milk fat is low: 4%.

Advice! Less capricious and more economical in keeping a mixture of purebred goats with Zaanensky can give 6 liters of milk per day.

Zaanensky sugars bring 1-3 children to the lamb.

Due to the whimsy of Zaanensky goats, they prefer to mix with purebred or Russian breeds. For this reason, it is very difficult to find a pure Saanenka, but they are expensive.

With the opening of the borders and the import of new breeds of dairy goats, it seems that Zaanensky is beginning to give up the title of the blondeest goats of the Nubian breed.


Despite the name, the breed is actually from England. But the breeding grounds for Nubian goats were animals that were taken from Namibia. The native Nubian goats were infused with the blood of English, Indian and Swiss dairy goats, eventually receiving the large dairy goats shown in the photo.

The growth of a goat can reach 120 cm and weigh 100 kg or more. Goats grow up to one meter and weigh 80 kg. The goats have a small head, with a distinctive Roman profile and long bent ears. The length of the ears is such that they hang under the skull, and in some people, as seen in the photo, the length of the ears significantly exceeds the size of the head. The neck is long and thin. The spine is strong, the back is straight. The rump is slightly sloping, with the tail raised. The legs are long and thin.

The color of the Nubians can be varied, but in Russia the color with the so-called moon spots is especially appreciated.

With its size, the Nubians have a fairly calm character, although a goat can make its own bargain to reach the goats. But people are not aggressive.

It's important! Non-aggressive aggression does not preclude the need to raise an animal.

Nubiek efficiency: 4-5 liters of milk per day with a fat content of 4, 5%. There is evidence that sometimes the fat content of milk can reach up to 8%. Due to its high fat content and high protein content, Nubian milk is ideal for making cheese, and among Russian goat breeds, even a mixture with Nubian breed is highly valued, as it improves the quality of milk from local goats.

It is believed that this breed of goats, without the specific smell of milk, but simply the Nubians too few to be sure.

Nubian women are distinguished by concern and are ready to join at 7 months, but for the normal development of the body it is better to wait with an obligation of at least one year. Goats usually deliver 1-2 goats, maybe up to 3 to a lamb. The uterus recovers very quickly after recurrence.

The disadvantage of the breed is the same content requirements as Zaanensky: poor quality feeding, milk production and milk fat are low. The second serious lack of breed is a small number of animals on the territory of Russia and therefore a very high price for purebred animals.

Currently, in Russia, Zaanensky and Nubian goats are considered the best breeds of milk. But the prices of these representatives of the goat tribe are wild, so you can see what other breeds of dairy goats can be found in Russia.


This is a miniature breed of dairy goats without the unpleasant smell of milk. It was derived at the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, which is why in the English-speaking area it is called Nigerian. The height of the Cameroonians is about 50 cm, and the goat weighs 12-15 kg, a goat 21-23 kg. In the rest of these goats, the exterior is practically no different from their large counterparts. The only difference is the back horns, which Cameroonians theoretically cannot hurt. But goats are very well able to knock with their horns everything in their path.

Advice! Horned goats stand up and use these weapons as tips.

They bring 1-2 goats per lamb. If you measure milk production in absolute numbers, then Cameroonians cannot be called very productive. Goats give from 0, 5 to 1 l per day and only for 5 months.

But the advantage of Cameroonians is that they can breed all year round and you can get 2 pups a year from the goat. Cameroonians also have very high milk fats. The average is 4, 5-5%. There were cases in which the fat content of milk was 10%. A visual representation of the fat content of milk of this breed gives a simple action: it is enough to let the milk dry and collect the cream. True, we need to measure the glasses: with a glass you can collect 2 tablespoons. tablespoons sour cream.

Goats in Cameroon are impatient and unusual in content. They can even eat dry grass and straw. But tasty milk in this case is not expected from them.

Cameroonians are very easy to tame if they are not injured. They can even become assertive and arrogant. They are often kept even in apartments as pets. In Russia, they are raised to the northern borders of the Moscow and Novosibirsk regions.

Today, Cameroonians are interested in Russian goat breeders as a material for crossing large goat breeds. To do this, use the goats from Cameroon, obtaining the so-called minis. In size, minis are obtained on average between Cameroonians and large rocks. Their yield is similar to that of large ones, requiring less food. In addition, from Cameroonians, they adopt dissatisfaction to feed.

Czech brown

The breed belongs to one of the largest. The height of the queens is 75 cm. The goats are bigger. Ordinary head carrying 50-60 km. Males can weigh up to 80 kg. The animals of the Czech brown breed are quite light and with high legs. The breed was created based on the German white and brown German breeds. By mixing these highly productive breeds with local herds, a Czech goat with a characteristic brown color was obtained.

Czech brown can be light brown to very dark in color. But the mandatory signs will be a black belt on the back, a black mask on the face and black legs. The breed has an external characteristic of all dairy goats. The udder is often elongated.

Uterine productivity during lactation, on average, 4 liters of milk per day. This breed does not differ from the specific fat content of milk (3, 5%), but its products have a delicate delicate taste.

At one time the breed was almost extinct, but quickly became popular and is now grown throughout Europe. In Russia, according to some data, the Czech brown population is 400 thousand individuals.

The downside of the breed is that the animals cannot be bought everywhere. Czech brown is bred in breeding centers and if you need a guarantee of purebred, you will need to go to such a center.

Plus the breed in high frost resistance and the ability to adapt well to Russian climatic conditions.

White Russian

The name brings together several groups of races. With the passage of local stocks of milk breeds imported from Europe and Switzerland, improved types of Russian proved to be. Numele acestor grupuri au fost primite din zonele în care au fost retrase:

A crescut alb rus în întreaga parte centrală a Federației Ruse, precum și în Ucraina și Belarus.

Animalele sunt destul de mari: capre 50-70 kg, caprine 40-50. Înălțimea de 65-70 cm. Dimorfismul sexual este destul de slab în greutate. Costumul principal este alb, dar sunt specimene gri, roșii, negre și reperate. Constituția este puternică. Capul este mic, ușor, ușor alungit. Urechile sunt erecte, drepte, mici în dimensiune. Persoanele de ambele sexe au barba. Diferența dintre bărbați și femei în pomp și lungimea bărilor.

Interesant! Trăsătura distinctivă a albului rus este coarne lungi, în formă de seceră îndreptate în spate.

În același timp, în rasă există și persoane fizice. Carcasă în formă de butoi. Pieptul larg. Crupa este înclinată. Picioarele cu postura dreapta, puternice, cu articulații bine formate. Udder mare. Poate să fie în formă de pară sau rotundă. Mamele sunt îndreptate ușor înainte.

Unele tipuri de alb rusesc sunt clasificate ca rase universale, din moment ce puful de la aceste caprine este de până la 200 g pe an. Există, de asemenea, indivizi care nu au un substrat, cu doar o scurtă awn tare.

Productivitatea albilor ruși în comparație cu Zaanenskim sau low Nubian. Având în vedere dimensiunea, este scăzută chiar și în comparație cu caprele din Camerun. În medie, o capră de rasă rusă produce aproximativ 2 litri pe zi. Deși există persoane care pot da 4 litri. Perioada de lactație durează 8-9 luni. Conținutul de grăsime din lapte este de aproximativ 4%.

Rasa este bună deoarece este foarte puțin pretențioasă față de condițiile de detenție și are abilități de adaptare ridicate. Dezavantajele includ numai teama de pescari. Dar nu există un astfel de animal care să nu fie bolnav cu pescăriile. Prin urmare, putem spune cu siguranță că albul rus nu are dezavantaje.


Una dintre cele mai productive rase. În populație există două tipuri: franceză și americană. De obicei, tipurile americane diferă foarte mult de rasele inițiale, deci este dificil să descriem caprele alpine. În plus, această rasă se distinge printr-o varietate de culori. Ca o rasă, alpinele au fost create la intersecția a trei state și este imposibil să se urmărească exact originea lor.

Interesant! In Europa, cea mai comuna culoare este "capra": o torsa maro cu picioare negre, o masca pe fata si o centura pe spate.

Această culoare și moștenit rasa cehă brună.

Înălțimea animalului 75-87 cm, greutate 60-80 kg. Capul este lung cu un profil drept. Urechile sunt erecte, înguste. În rasa sunt frecvente indivizi comolyye. Dacă se naste o capră, ea este deseori degradată. În coarne de capre, coarne lungi de lungă durată se deosebesc de părțile laterale, reamintind strămoșul sălbatic al tuturor acestor ciupercilor. Lână tare, scurt.

Productivitatea reginelor este medie. Potrivit crescătorilor de caprine francezi, aceasta este de 3 litri pe zi. De asemenea, conținutul de grăsimi este scăzut: 3, 7%. Dar laptele acestei rase este inodor și, conform mărturiei "martorilor oculari", gustul nu se deosebește de vacă. Alpine se disting prin fecunditate mare, adesea aducerea câte 4 capre fiecare. De fapt, un astfel de număr de viței - o sarcină foarte mare pentru uter și indivizii slabi este mai bine să distrugă imediat.

Alpine nestiind la conditii. Rece pentru ele nu contează, atâta timp cât este uscat și nu prin. Dar, ca orice pietre, Alpine nu tolerează camere slab ventilate. Rezistența ridicată la îngheț a rasei alpine o face potrivită pentru reproducere în regiunile nordice ale Federației Ruse.