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Quick dessert with biscuits and chocolate

Quick dessert with biscuits and chocolate

Mix the cream for the whipped cream and then mix it with the chocolate cream. I used finesse.

We soak the biscuits in coffee / hot chocolate / cappuccino / milk very little, we just dip them and take them out immediately.

Glue the biscuits with the cream two by two, then place them in a row, putting the cream between them. We coat the whole series of cookies in cream and decorate everything with chocolate flakes.

I didn't soften the biscuits and they were a little harder, but they were very good and so it didn't cut very hard.

When serving the dessert, we take care to cut the slices slightly obliquely for a pleasant appearance.

The quantities depend on the number of people for whom we prepare the dessert.

I used a small package of petit beurre biscuits (140g), 100 ml whipped cream and 200 g of fine chocolate cream.

Quick dessert with biscuits and chocolate - Recipes

We complain about the suffocating heat outside and the fact that we can no longer prepare elaborate cakes that require a long time near the stove, so today I propose a quick dessert. In order not to prepare a countertop for my dessert, I used biscuits and I also like to use biscuits because the portions are equal and well defined. The cream took me about 5-7 minutes near the stove so I quickly escaped, but the cream is wonderful with milk, semolina and butter, then with a spoon and some cocoa and vanilla essence, the result is delicious. He almost didn't have anything to get between the biscuits he tasted so much :))
It is delicious and creamy, I kept the cake in the fridge and it is welcome in this heat.

You can watch the video recipe here.

250 gr biscuits
1 liter of milk
200 gr gray
200 gr sugar
200 gr butter
1.5 tablespoons cocoa
vanilla essence

  • in a saucepan I put the milk, sugar and semolina to simmer
  • stir continuously with a whisk until the cream thickens, then add the diced butter
  • divide the cream obtained into two equal parts
  • in one of the halves I put the vanilla essence
  • in the other I put the cocoa powder and mixed well to incorporate
  • in the tray with the dimensions of 21 x 26 cm I put plastic foil after which I placed a layer of biscuits, I placed the cocoa cream and I leveled it, another layer of biscuits, vanilla cream and above the last layer of biscuits
  • I let the cake reach room temperature, then I left it in the fridge for a few hours so that the biscuits would hydrate and the cream would harden.

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Quick dessert with the Milk Igloo

For the little ones, but also for the big ones, we recommend one Quick dessert with the Milk Igloo, easy to prepare. On hot summer days when we do not feel like baking, prepared sophisticated desserts this dessert will help you.

Other equally simple desserts can be found in the images below.

  • Surprise candy
  • Fruit salad with lime cheese

The necessary ingredients are available to anyone and as I said it is prepared super fast. Let's see now what we need for preparation.

Quick Dessert with Milk Igloo & # 8211 Ingredients

Oreo cookies
blackberry jam, strawberries, mint (according to everyone's preferences)
fried and chopped pistachios
mint leaves for decoration
Milk igloo & # 8211 Delaco Toni Junior

We also recommend some recipes with jams.

  • Quick strawberry jam
  • Strawberry jam with brown sugar

Quick Dessert with Milk Igloo & # 8211 Preparation

Oreo cookies crumble. The pistachio is also crushed with a knife. Place the biscuits on a plate as a base, sprinkle the chopped pistachios on top.

On top of them put the milk igloo over which we put a generous teaspoon of strawberry jam, or blackberries, or whatever jam you prefer and put on top if you have a little mint jam.

Sprinkle with finely chopped pistachios and garnish with mint leaves and the Quick Dessert with Milk Igloo is now ready to be enjoyed. We are waiting for you soon with the newest Mint Jam recipe. We hope you like it.

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When it's hot, all you have to do is eat fruits and vegetables, and when your craving for pizza strikes you, run to the trattoria and eat a good pizza with vegetables. As for fruit pizza, you do it fast.

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3 dessert recipes without baking. The tastiest cake

Tiramisu with chocolate


  • 250 grams of mascarpone
  • 500 grams of sour cream with 30% fat
  • a teaspoon of vanilla essence
  • ½ pack of champagne biscuits
  • a cup of coffee
  • 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 50 grams of dark chocolate

Method of preparation:

3 dessert recipes without baking. Rub the mascarpone cheese well until it becomes creamy. Beat the sour cream mixed with sugar separately. Put the cheese in whipped cream and mix with light movements. Grate the chocolate or cut it finely, according to your preferences. Add the chocolate to this mixture, which is then left to cool for at least half an hour.

Take the biscuits, pass them quickly through the coffee, then place them in the tray. This completes the first, basic line. Add half of the cream over this row, then put the second row of biscuits passed through the coffee. Put the rest of the cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate and let it cool until the next day.

Apple and biscuit cake


  • 1 kg of peeled apples and spine
  • half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sugar to taste
  • 200 grams of Petit Beurre biscuits
  • 150 grams of ground walnuts
  • 75 grams of POST dark chocolate
  • a tablespoon of water

Method of preparation:

3 dessert recipes without baking. Peel an apple and grate it, then grate it. To avoid oxidation, sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Put the grated apples in a large saucepan, add the sugar and cinnamon, then mix.

Put the pot on the fire and let the apples cook until the sugar melts and the juice decreases. Then add the walnuts, mix once more and leave to cool. Prepare a tray, approximately 24 cm, in which food foil is placed.

3 dessert recipes without baking. When the apple and walnut composition has cooled, divide it in two. Place a layer of biscuits on the bottom of the tray, part of the apple and walnut composition, then another layer of biscuits, the other half of the apple composition and, finally, another layer of biscuits.

Melt the chocolate with the water, then quickly pour over the whole cake. Make some models with a fork, if you want. Then let it cool until the next day. Before serving, cut into rectangular pieces, the size of a biscuit.

Panna cotta with vanilla


  • 400 grams of sweet cream
  • 200 ml of sweet milk
  • 50 grams of sugar
  • 10 grams of gelatin granules
  • two tablespoons of water
  • a vanilla pod

Method of preparation:

3 dessert recipes without baking. Put the gelatin soaked in a little cold water, then melt it on a steam bath. In a saucepan mix the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla bean seeds. Stir over low heat until near boiling point. It is very important that it does NOT even boil. Stir continuously until thickened, then turn off the heat.

Take a tablespoon of the cream composition, add it to the gelatin, mix well and then put everything in the cream and milk composition. Pour the mixture obtained into the desired shapes. They can also be the ones for muffins. Let everything cool overnight until it solidifies. It can be served with cherry sauce or any other syrup, writes

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Chocolate puff pastry. A quick, simple and good dessert!

As simple and fast as this dessert is Chocolate puff pastry! You can put each favorite chocolate, and the puff pastry can be prepared quickly at home.

VIEW HERE a homemade puff pastry recipe!

With just two ingredients and with the help of molds to make ice cubes in the freezer, we can quickly prepare a delicious dessert, when we do not have too much time, or too much fun in the kitchen.

The Puff pastry with chocolate recipe is also ideal for when we have guests!

This time I prepared it wonderfully Supreme Hot Air Fryer without oil from the ReTaste range, a real miracle in the kitchen, which I also told you about in the recipes:

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Yesterday I got busy, I made 3 cakes, including this one. It is a cake that the Swedes have been making for about 50 years and they still don't get tired of it!

1. Melt the butter in a saucepan

2. Break the chocolate into pieces and put in butter, mix until the chocolate melts

3. Mix the powdered sugar with the yolks.

4. Pour the hot chocolate over the sugar mixture. Interfere.

4. Put plastic wrap in a 1.5 liter (cake) form

5. Pour a thin layer of the mixture into the mold. Pour a layer of chocolate into the tray, put a row of biscuits, finish with a layer of chocolate.

6. Put in the fridge overnight. Cut into slices with a sharp knife.

The Radio Cake recipe with biscuits and chocolate was proposed by Elena of Sweden on the culinary forum.

Leave the Radio cake with biscuits and chocolate a little at room temperature then you can cut it into slices.

Unbaked cake with biscuits and chocolate

Countertop ingredients:

- 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder

- 320 g of digestive biscuits (or which you prefer).

Ingredients for icing:

- 110 g of dark chocolate.

To decorate the cake, you can use pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts.

Method of preparation:

1. In a saucepan with a handle, melt the butter completely, until it becomes liquid, then add the milk and sugar and mix well with a whisk, until all the ingredients are combined.

2. Add the cocoa powder and mix again, until it dissolves and you get a homogeneous composition. Set the cream aside and let it cool to room temperature.

3. Crush the biscuits (they should not be crushed, but only broken into halves or quarters, depending on how big they are).

4. Add the chocolate sauce over them, then mix the two ingredients with one hand for a few minutes (use a plastic glove, if you want not to get dirty, but also to make everything more hygienic).

5. Put the biscuit cream in a form of cake with a detachable bottom and level it with your hand or with the bottom of a glass. Refrigerate the cake for 30 minutes.

6. For topping, put the whipped cream in a pan over low heat, then add the dark chocolate cubes, stirring constantly from the moment it begins to melt. Remove the pan from the heat and continue to stir until the cream cools.

7. Pour the chocolate cream for the biscuit and cocoa cake, then level the topping with a spoon and decorate the dessert with nuts, hazelnuts, fruit or even coconut. To make it delicious, leave it to cool overnight.

With these cake without baking with biscuits and chocolate not only will you satisfy your craving for sweets, but you will also be relieved of the hassle of turning on the oven when the mercury in the thermometers is already irritatingly high.