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Finely grind the almonds and walnuts together with the powdered sugar.

Put baking paper in the pan on the stove and let the oven heat up over low heat (130 degrees, about 2.5 degrees in the gas oven).

Move the dry mixture into a large bowl and add the egg whites one by one and then the lemon juice and vanilla. Homogenize well, with circular motions.

You get the round shape by applying 2.5 cm polka dots (which still grow) with the pos. With the teaspoon on, they come out irregular, I wouldn't mind at all but unevenly cooked.

Bake for 20 minutes. After 10 minutes, I moved them to the top step and I kept an empty tray on the hearth of the oven so that it would not brown too quickly at the base.

Take them out with paper on the counter, let them cool and they come off easily. if it adheres, I prefer to pass the thin blade of a knife under the base. You can moisten the table and put the paper on the wet table, but as if the almonds are a little wet, I preferred to peel them with a dry knife.

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