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TV chef: Homar recipe with spinach and parmesan foam

TV chef: Homar recipe with spinach and parmesan foam

Chef Haddad is preparing a recipe that is as special as it is simple to make. The secret consists of very good quality ingredients and some tricks of a professional chef. Tricks he reveals to us.

The lobster is alive and has tweezers tied. Tie the tail to the lobster head with food twine. It should not be bent too hard. Put water with a pinch of salt in a pot and when it boils, put the lobster in hot water and cover with a lid. The lobster must be boiled for about 10-12 minutes to have a pink flesh. The spinach is kept in very cold water, with ice, to have a beautiful color. Put on a gauze and dry.

In a small pot put liquid cream, 150 ml of milk, plus 70-80 grams of Parmesan cheese, a little ground pepper. Keep on the heat until it starts to boil. Add a pinch of salt, but be careful, because the Parmesan is already salty. Meanwhile, cut the tomato in four, then remove the seeds and remove the peel. Only the slices of pulp remain.

When the lobster is cooked, remove and cut the food thread. Keep your hands slightly in cold water, then break the hot lobster in half. Clean the inside of the lobster. The tail is cut in half lengthwise.

Put a little olive oil in two pans. Both are set on fire. Put the baby spinach in a frying pan and sauté. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper. Put the lobster tail in the other pan. Meanwhile, add a little white wine over the spinach. Keep it on the fire for another minute and set it aside, drain the oil well in a strainer. On a plate is placed a rectangular metal shape in which the spinach is placed to give it an elegant shape. Remove the shape and place half of the lobster tail over the rectangular spinach. The other one is placed next to it. Place a few slices of tomato on the plate. Then mix the parmesan sauce well with a hand blender. The foam obtained on the surface is taken with a spoon and placed over the lobster and spinach. At the end, put a few teaspoons of black caviar on the plate, from place to place. Good appetite!

Cabbage soup with beets and potatoes

A recipe for cabbage soup with beets and potatoes from: beets, white cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, larch, salt and oil. Ingredients: 1/2 beetroot 1/2 white cabbage 3-4 potatoes 2 onions 2 carrots 1 red pepper 1 link larch salt oil Preparation: Peel the cabbage, then pass it through…

Xandrinne and her culinary deeds

I got the recipe from Simi, Mihnea's mother. She doesn't have a blog, but instead she makes some cakes. mother Mother!!

Ok, I write the ingredients quickly, I'm also attentive on TV, Brazil plays with Portugal: P

Top: 7 egg whites,
250 g sugar,
1 pinch of salt,
100 g coconut,
5 tablespoons flour,
1 baking powder.

Cream: 7 yolks,
7 tablespoons sugar,
7 tablespoons flour,
400 ml of milk,
200 g butter.

First I prepared the top: I mixed the egg whites (with salt), well, well, then I added the sugar and I mixed until I got a strong and glossy meringue in it I incorporated lightly, mixing with wide movements, from bottom to top, using a wooden spoon, coconut, previously mixed with sifted flour and baking powder.

I poured the resulting composition in a tray lined with baking paper.

I baked the countertop in the preheated oven, at 180 degrees, for about 30 minutes (check the countertop, don't brown it too much, but it should be well baked, I did the toothpick test, but I didn't go to the oven in the first 20 minutes).

While the countertop was in the oven, I started the cream. I mixed the yolks with the sugar, until they increased in volume, after which I added flour. Mixer again :)

I then incorporated the milk. All mixer, mom would miss it :)

I boiled the cream until it thickened, like a pudding. Oh, I added some vanilla essence. Cold, I incorporated the cream into the butter rubbed foam.
I then spread the cream over the counter.

. after which I sprinkled coconut, about 30 g. I put a little in the fridge.
And that's it :)

I leave you, I return to the match: D

May 1, 2009

How to organize Swedish buffet

I was and am a fan of the Swedish buffet. In general, when I have more many guests or when it's a holiday, I prefer this type of meal. It has the advantage that you can prepare and arrange everything in advance and you do not have to, as a host, to become a cook and waiter and not have time to talk to guests. I went to onomastics or other kinds of parties where the poor housewife, after cooking all day, had to commute between the kitchen and the living room, to put the plates for the soup, to take them, to bring the colds, then the sarmales, etc. The guests treat her like a cook, one asks for salt, one asks for water, another never finishes from the plate. Then, not all guests come at once. When the diners have reached the sarmale (some also want hot polenta), others appear for whom the appetizers must be brought again. After about 2-3 hours, you see the host staggering to her feet as the party intensifies. Then there's another aspect (I'm a feminist): everyone in the house is partying with the guests, while the wife and mamma is absolutely absent from the pleasure of the party (some don't even eat anymore), having so much to work on. The image of that family is that of the cheerful and partying man and the woman repudiated at the tail of the pan. I prefer the image of a harmonious couple. Therefore, I think that by organizing a buffet meal, you can show yourself in front of the guests elegantly and as a real partner of the husband, not as a maid.
Another aspect> as the host's friend, you are tempted to help her or sometimes she even asks for your help. I admit that I did something else and, I don't know why, I didn't feel good and it seemed like something. de mahala. Later I read in the Code of Elegant Manners that it is in great bad taste for a lady invited to a party to enter the host's kitchen or get rid of the tables!

How we organize the job
It is not at all easy to make a successful Swedish buffet. For such a table does not mean only salamis and cheeses with olives, saltines and sweets from the trade. Usually, the Romanian Swedish buffet, if we can put it this way) includes salami and cheese, meatballs, salads with mayonnaise - beef, celery, snails, and vegetables appear only as salad leaves if decorated on the edges of the plates. In other parts of the world, we have seen that such meals are served with many sauces (dip) with all kinds of raw vegetables cut under the shape of baguettes (carrots and celery are not missing), along with cheese and many fruits. It would be good to combine the two types of tables.

About salami
If it was a rarity in Ceausescu's time, now summer salami or even the best is a common food and has nothing to look for on a festive table, where more refined food must be served. It's so ugly to see a plate of appetizers filled with salami at weddings. It must be replaced with any meat dish made in the kitchen - meatballs, schnitzels, rolls.

To make an impressive buffet, it can be easy, if we take into account a few simple rules, which means VARIATION:
- half of the products on display will be protein (cheese, meat) and half vegetables and greens such a buffet will impress with color and abundance
- protein foods will be varied (mandatory)
meat (steaks, rolls, dishes)

- we will prepare some pasta and salads with which we will fill vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, olives, mushrooms) or presented as salads or on bread, in pancakes, choux-ri, eclairs, tarts, baskets, etc.

- appreciated are eggs and stuffed mushrooms, pies.

& # 160ORNARE
* in order to better present the plates, try to improvise a pedestal on the table (placed next to a wall), to present the plates on 2 steps (they look more beautiful and are easier to serve)

* to color some sweets, appetizers, sauces, etc. we can use natural vegetable dyes such as: beetroot juice, carrot juice, fresh or canned berry juice, fresh juice extracted from spinach.

* in winter, a cake dressed in whipped cream is quickly decorated with a few sprigs of fir from which we catch brown or white chocolate cones and globes.

* plates with sandwiches or sandwiches greased with liver pate or olive paste are garnished with thin strands of white butter

* a plate of caviar can be garnished with lemon slices, alternating with small rolls of marinated fish (stuffed with donut or pickled cucumber, which are commercially available)

* the cheese dishes are decorated with decorative colored toothpicks in which we infuse grapes, olives, fresh cucumber slices, radishes

* in the platters with smoked fish, we use toothpicks in which we cut toothed slices of lemon, olives, flowers cut from red donut, other marinated vegetables (white and purple cauliflower, cubes of marinated zucchini, mushrooms)

* overlapping rings of red and white onions are indicated on fish trays (smoked)

* in the middle of a plate with breaded shrimp or meatballs, place a cup (half a large tomato, orange or lemon) filled with a spicy sauce

* large, white onion rings, made of bread, will successfully accompany many snacks

Do not miss the various fruits and cakes:

NO KNEAD BREAD - Unbreaded bread

In the volume & # 8222Kitchen of the World & # 8211 fantastic recipes from everywhere & # 8221, published by Litera Publishing House, by Gordon Ramsay, one of the most famous chefs in the world, we find, in the chapter dedicated to Middle Eastern cuisine, a recipe for dolmades specific to the area, much different from the ones we are used to.

The origin of the sauerkraut is lost somewhere in Antiquity, through the Orient. Meanwhile, hundreds of recipes, sweet or fasting, sweet or salty, have appeared in all possible and impossible leaves. If you do not use pre-cooked rice, you will need about 200 g of raw rice.

& # 8226 230 g of vine leaves in brine
& # 8226 2 tablespoons olive oil
& # 8226 1 large onion finely chopped and chopped
& # 8226 2 cloves of garlic, clean and finely chop
& # 8226 400 g of pre-cooked white rice, preferably long grain
& # 8226 100 g of roasted pine buds
& # 8226 100 g of raisins
& # 8226 1/4 teaspoon ground spices
& # 8226 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
& # 8226 a little caster sugar
& # 8226 2 ripe tomatoes, cleaned, seedless and chopped
& # 8226 1 hand chopped parsley leaves
& # 8226 1 hand chopped mint leaves
& # 8226 sea salt and black pepper
& # 8226 about 300 ml of vegetable soup
& # 8226 juice from half a lemon, plus an extra amount for sprinkling on top
& # 8226 Extra virgin olive oil for sprinkling on top

To remove excess salt from the vine leaves, place them in a large bowl and pour boiled water over them until covered. Let them sit for a few minutes, then drain them carefully. Rinse them under a stream of cold water and drain again. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and simmer the onion and garlic for a few minutes, stirring occasionally until softened, transfer everything to a bowl and add the cooked rice, pine buds, raisins, spice mixture, cinnamon , sugar, tomatoes, greens, salt and pepper. Taste and season with salt and pepper (because the sauerkraut will be served cold, you will have to season them in abundance). Fill the leaves with this mixture. Place a clean, damp kitchen towel on the bottom of a large saucepan with the edges hanging out. Lay the sauerkraut in layers. Add the vegetable soup, lemon juice and a drop of olive oil. Cover the sachets with parchment paper, then place a heat-resistant plate inside the pan, on top of them (this way you will avoid loosening them when boiling). Cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer for an hour. Remove the plate, then carefully take the sausages from the pan, lifting the kitchen towel. Transfer them to a tray and let them cool for a few hours or overnight. To serve, sprinkle with a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. "These stuffed vine leaves are not difficult to prepare, but running them takes time, especially for me, because I use twice the ingredients in the recipe to reach everyone. I try to turn them into an event of family and often ask for the help of children & # 8211 the best way to convince them that a certain dish is really good. & # 8221, says Chef Gordon Ramsay

June 1 2009

The poison in the plate kills slowly but surely / CAMPAIGN FOR A NATURAL FOOD (THIS MATERIAL MAY BE SERIES ANY OTHER SITE OR BLOG)

"After years and years of industrializing food being considered safe for human health, the cruel truth has begun to be known: in recent decades, people have become intoxicated with all sorts of chemicals without knowing it. Not necessarily. Because it would have been a secret, the negative effects of some food additives (well-known acids, dyes, flavor enhancers, preservatives or E223, E100 and others) were simply not fully known. and we, out of a desire to warn you, dear readers, about products that may endanger your health, because we have ample and complex materials, we will present them to you in several issues of the magazine, based on information issued by forums national and international legislation, and legislation in the field, and we have now started with the communications of the ISEKI network of European food sciences universities, most of which are from the Wageningen University of n The Netherlands - Department of Food Engineering and Safety.
Medical statistics show that the number of cancers has risen alarmingly in recent years. The health status of Romanians, influenced, to a large extent, by the quality of food, also suffers from other evils: lack of money and lack of information. Also according to statistics, people with a slightly higher standard of living prefer & # 8220good and expensive & # 8221, food in supermarkets. & # 8220Like in the West! & # 8221 That is, food that is as processed, processed, far from natural, often dangerous. I do not know how it is that we have mastered more evils from the Western model of life to which we have longed so much. If we were careful, we would realize that they are admitting their mistakes and trying to correct them. An example is the pursuit of organic food, the return to nature, after so many years of drift. More and more scientists are drawing attention to the effects of foods that contain substances that are incompatible with living organisms. Of course, the financial interests of many producers also contributed to this disaster. They propose a type of food based on canned and processed products, which is very convenient and that is why it makes new and new followers: & # 8220 What a danger, I just feel very good. & # 8221 It is possible, because the harmful effects Serious conditions do not always appear immediately, even after a month or a year, but after long periods of time. Regarding the so-called E's, the increasingly chemicalized diet, we are facing the most serious alarm signal of the international medical community. Unfortunately, these synthetic additives are indispensable in most consumer products, starting with everyday bread, continuing with flour, pastries, sweets, preserves, and ending disastrously with meat dishes. They are even put in salt! Luckily for us, it is now known which additives are poisonous, which are acceptable and which are harmless (unless proven otherwise).

A man consumes about 100 E's in a single month!
The tempting, tempting and comfortable food that has invaded the West and fascinated us seems to be a disaster. How I envied Westerners who buy everything ready-made and don't waste time cooking! & # 8220You don't even have to peel the potatoes, because you buy them frozen and cut straws! & # 8221 True, frozen products are not dangerous, but they are dry, vitamin-free food.
The trouble is that, without realizing it, tasting both, we end up intoxicated. It is estimated that a person consumes over a hundred E's within a month.
But what are E's? They are those chemicals added to foods that color, preserve, flavor, stabilize flavors, loosen products, give them volume and consistency. To avoid or consume as little as possible, we must carefully read the labels of the products we buy. We still need to know them, to know which ones are dangerous.
According to the Order of the Ministry of Health no. 975/1999, "food additives are substances that are used in the preparation of food products, in order to improve their quality or to allow the application of advanced processing technologies". And in the FAO-WHO Codex Alimentarius they are defined as "any substance which is not consumed as a food in itself and is not used as a constituent ingredient of a food, whether or not it has nutritional value and which is intentionally added for technological purposes (including organoleptic changes) during the production, processing, preparation, treatment, packaging, wrapping, transport and storage of a food, becoming a component or affecting in any way the characteristics of the food to which it is added. " There are over 3,000 E's on the market. In our country, the Ministry of Health admits 200 food additives, classified by groups, each with a code composed of the letter "E" followed by a number consisting of 3 or 4 digits.

Types of food additives & # 160
Some of the E's are extracted from vegetables and are considered less dangerous. Others are not of natural origin and are toxic. These include E153, E161 (g), E474, E25.2, E475, E270, E476, E322, E477, E325, E478, E326, E479 (b), E327, E481, E422, E482, E430, E483, E431, E491, E432, E492, E433, E493, E434, E494, E435, E495, E436, E570, E470 (a), E572, E470 (b), E585, E471, E631, E472 (a), E635, E472 (b), E640, E472 (c), E920, E472 (d), E472 (e), E472 (f).
We can avoid all the evils if we read the labels of the products we buy. These can be a warning if, in addition to E's, it indicates the following (we also give the names in English, because not all labels are translated):

aciz -acids
anti-foaming agents - anti-foaming agents
anti-caking agents - anti-caking agents
bleaching agents
gelling agents
glazing agents - glazing agents
foaming agents
volume agents - bluming agents
stabilizing agents - firming agents
flour improvers
antioxidants - antioxidants
emulsifiers - emulsifiers
packaging gases - packaging gases
dyes - colors
solvents - carrier and carrier solvents
melting salts - emulsifiing salts
buffer solution - buffers
propellants - propellants
flavor enhancers - flavor enhancers
modified starch
aroma - flavors
acidity regulators
If such an ingredient appears on a supposedly eco, organic or natural product, it means that it is a fake.

Misleading labels
As expected, consumers' focus on natural products has made canned food producers think. But they found an ingenious solution: if we want natural, it offers us "natural" (quotes are edifying). Thus, on a large part of the products they inscribed the word "natural", "champion of nature", "vitamin product", "elixir of health", "identical natural flavors" and others. But everything is just advertising. Recently, I bought mustard "without preservatives" (it was written on the label), but I found that it actually contains several types of E's. However, etiquette does not lie. Indeed, the product did not contain preservatives, but contained dyes and other E's (from those listed above). So be careful!
Other trick:
synthetic flavors that perfectly mimic natural flavors have been called "identical natural flavors", although they are 100% synthetic. This name misleads many buyers. This is the case of juices, many people consider it safe if they consume acid-free juices (which are even more expensive, but the price is not a guarantee of quality), they consider them as natural, although they are so concentrated in dyes and synthetic flavors.
Fruit juices and soft drinks are largely a mixture of chemicals with small traces of fruit. But the label soothes consumer fears. It's a paradox, like many others: producers don't lie, but consumers are still deceived.

What toxic products do we consume?
Not only are E's on the blacklist of toxins, but being more numerous, we will refer to them. Some time ago, the labels of some products indicated the following: juices contained sodium benzoate (carcinogen with carcinogenic action), vegeta products contained glutamate (very toxic food preservatives), and nitrite sausages (cause liver cancer). Because in the meantime buyers have become more vigilant, these substances have been christened with an indicator consisting of letters and numbers, which could not say too much to consumers. Thus, the juices contain E211, the synthetic spices contain - E621 and E622, the sausages - E250.
Now, it seems to be exactly the opposite. In Romania, there has been a lot of talk about E's and some people, if they don't see these E's on the label, consider that they have found a relatively good product. Therefore, on the label attached to a salami, write very clearly the nitrite content.
Other E's or dyes have very inspired names: E110 is called "sunseet yellow".
With so many colors and flavors, you can prepare any kind of juice, similar in taste and color to the natural one.

We are knowingly poisoning & # 160
Cancer, vascular diseases, allergies, obesity. Unfortunately, the list of diseases caused by replacing natural food with unhealthy is more comprehensive. The most dangerous additives are those that cause cancer, namely:
E131 E142 E211 E213
E214 E215 E216 E217 E218 E239 E330
Then there are those that affect blood vessels: E250 E251 E252 and those that cause skin diseases: E230 E231 E232 E233.
Others attack the nervous system - E311 and E312 or cause digestive disorders -
E338 E339 E340 E341 E363 E465 E466 E450 E461 E407.

The most dangerous food additives
E123, banned in the US and the former Soviet states, is considered the most carcinogenic additive. It is used to prepare sweets: candies, jellies, lollipops but also with melted cheese, cream cheese.
We must also beware of E110 - which is part of the sweets and pudding powders, of E330 - which causes diseases of the oral cavity, even tumors, with strong carcinogenic action - is found in almost all juices on the market.
E102, another colorant with a carcinogenic effect, can also be found in sweets (especially puddings and cake powders).
Imagine what happens in our body and especially of children, who are so easily given juices and sweets.
I can't help but wonder how healthy some children raised almost exclusively (many refuse other foods) will be with such poisons?
(Diana Boghian, magazine "Viata nr.1- serie noua", 2005)

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O reteta de gulas cu carnati din: ceapa, morcovi, unt, sare, piper, curry, carnati, pasta de rosii, ketchup, fulgi de chilli, smantana, supa de carne, mustar si arpagic. Ingrediente: 2 cepe medii 350 g morcovi 2 linguri unt sare piper 2 lingurite praf de curry 500 g carnati 1 lingura pasta de rosii 150 ml…

Salată Nisa cu fasole verde

O reteta de salata Nisa cu fasole verde din: cartofi, sare, fasole verde, ceapa, rosii, ton, maioneza, smantana, otet din vin alb si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g cartofi mici sare 150 g fasole verde 1 ceapa 4 rosii carnoase 2 conserve (a 150 g) ton in sos natural 100 g maioneza 4 linguri smantana fermentata…

Salata calda cu broccoli si mazare

O reteta de salata calda cu broccoli si mazare din: broccoli, porumb dulce, mazare, morcovi, fasole verde, busuioc, unt, sare, piper, suc de lamaie si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 1 capatana de broccoli 1 cutie de porumb dulce 1 cutie cu mazare 3-4 morcovi 1 mana de fasole verde 1 lingurita cu busuioc pisat 1-2…

Omleta cu rosii uscate

O reteta de omleta cu rosii uscate din: oua, sare, piper, ceapa verde, rosii uscate si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 4 oua 1 praf de sare piper negru macinat 1 legatura mare ceapa verde 50 g rosii uscate conservate in ulei 1 lingura ulei de masline Mod de preparare: Se sparg ouale, se bat…

Sushi cu somon afumat

O reteta de sushi cu somon afumat din: orez, apa, otet de orez, alge, somon afumat, castraveti, wasabi, sos de soia si ghimbir murat. Ingrediente: 1 cană şi jumătate de orez japonez pentru sushi 1 cană şi jumătate de apă 4 linguri oţet de orez 1 pachet de nori (alge) 200g de somon afumat 4…

Piept de pui învelit în şuncă cu legume

O reteta de Piept de pui învelit în şuncă cu legume din: file de pui, suc de lamaie, sare, piper, frunze de salvie, bacon, ulei de masline, morcovi, ceapa, usturoi, praz, zahar, mustar si rosii cherry. Ingrediente: 4 bucati file de pui (a 180 g) 3 linguri suc de lamaie sare piper 8 frunze de…

Tarta cu mazare si sunca

O reteta de tarta cu mazare si sunca din: aluat, mazare verde, ceapa verde, sunca, praz, oua, branza telemea, cascaval, sare, piper si ulei. Ingrediente: 350 g aluat de pizza sau fraged 200 g mazare verde 1 legatura de ceapa verde 100 g sunca (kaizer, prosciutto, bacon) 1 fir de praz 4 oua 200 g…

Paste cu rosii cherry

O reteta de paste cu rosii cherry din: spaghetti, sare, fasole verde, ceapa, sunca, rosii cherry, sos de rosii cu ricotta, supa, piper si zahar. Ingrediente: 400 g spaghetti sare 450 g fasole verde 2 cepe mici 100 g sunca 400 g rosii cherry 250 ml sos de rosii cu ricotta 200 ml supa piper…

Terină de avocado şi somon afumat

O reteta de terina de avocado si somon afumat din: ulei de floarea soarelui, somon afumat, branza de capra, chives, avocado, suc de lamaie, sos dulce de chilli, frunze de salata si vinegreta. Ingrediente: ulei de floarea-soarelui, pentru uns 450g felii subţiri de somon afumat 100g brânză de capră, ruptă în bucăţi mici 3 linguri…

Omletă cu spaghete

O reteta de omleta cu spaghete din: ulei de masline, usturoi, ceapa, dovlecei, patrunjel, sos de branza, spaghete si oua. Ingrediente: 2 linguri ulei de măsline 1 căţel de usturoi zdrobit 1 ceapă, tocată 2 dovlecei, raşi 2 linguri de pătrunjel, tocat 300g sos de brânză 200g de spaghete, fierte 2 ouă Mod de…

Punci de ceai chinezesc

Punci de ceai chinezesc din: ceai Assam, apa, zahar, lamaie, vin si arrak. Ingrediente: 4 lingurite de ceai Assam 1/2 l apa 80 g de zahar 1 lamaie 1/2 sticla de vin alb 4 cl Arrak Mod de preparare: Turnam apa fierbinte pe ceai si lasam sa se inguzeze 5 minute. Il indulcim cu…

Vinete cu roşii la cuptor

O reteta de vinete cu rosii la cuptor din: vinete, sare, iaurt, pasta de curry, ulei de masline, rosii cherry si coriandru verde. Ingrediente: 2 vinete sare 200 ml iaurt 1 lingurita praf sau pasta de curry 2 linguri ulei de masline 1 ramura de rosii cherry (circa 300 g) 1 mana de coriandru verde…

Cannelloni cu urda si spanac

O reteta de cannelloni cu urda si spanac din: cannelloni, spanac, urda, lapte, cascaval, oua, usturoi, sare, piper si ulei. Ingrediente: 500 g cannelloni 500 g spanac 200 g urda 200 ml lapte 100 g cascaval ras 3 oua 3-4 catei de usturoi sare piper ulei Mod de preparare: Spală şi opăreşte spanacul, apoi…

Orez spaniol cu fructe de mare

Orez spaniol cu fructe de mare din: ulei de masline, ceapa, ardei, usturoi, orez, supa de legume, sofran, suc de lamaie, amestec fructe de mare si patrunjel. Ingrediente: 1 lingură ulei de măsline 1 ceapă, tocată fin 1 ardei roşu şi unul galben, fără seminţe şi feliaţi 2 căţei de ust

Sandivs italiano

O reteta de sandvis italiano din: ciabatta, usturoi, ulei de masline, pesto, rosii, mozzarella, sunca si frunze de ruccola. Ingrediente: 4 paini ciabatta 1 catel de usturoi 100 ml ulei de masline 2 linguri pesto 6 rosii 2 bilute mozzarella 100 g sunca frunze de ruccola Mod de preparare: Se taie in doua painile…

Inghetata cu ceai

O reteta de inghetata cu ceai din: sare, zahar, ceai, lapte gras, frisca si galbenusuri de ou. Ingrediente: un praf de sare 150 gr zahar 2-4 pliculete de ceai 1 cana lapte gras 2 cani frisca 4 galbenusuri de ou Mod de preparare: Se combina intr-o cratita frisca, laptele, o jumatate din cantitatea de…

Reteta zilei: Briose cu zucchini, ardei iute si branza

O reteta de Briose cu zucchini, ardei iute si branza din: dovlecel, ardie iute, branza, parmezan, lapte batut, oua, faina, zahar, sare de mare, bicarbonat de sodiu si praf de copt. Ingrediente: 1 1/2 cani de dovlecel ras 1 ardei iute verde fin tocat 3/4 ceasca branza rasa degresata 1/4 ceasca parmezan ras 1/4 ceasca…

Prăjitură cu ciocolată albă şi îngheţată de căpşuni

O reteta de Prăjitură cu ciocolată albă şi îngheţată de căpşuni din: inghetata de capsuni, inghetata de ciocolata, zahar brun, oua, faina si amidon de porumb. Ingrediente: 1l îngheţată de căpşuni 1,5l îngheţată de ciocolată albă sau de vanilie pentru blat: 170g de zahăr brun 4 ouă 60g de făină obişnuită 35g amidon de porumb…

Melcisori cu carne tocata

O reteta de melcisori cu carne tocata din: melcisori, carne tocata, ceapa, morcov, telina, oregano, rosii in bulion, sare, piper si ulei. Ingrediente: 300 g melcisori 300 g carne tocata amestec vita si porc 1-2 ceapa 1 morcov 1 telina mica 1 lingurita cu oregano sau cimbru uscat 300 g rosii in bulion sare piper…

Sos Aioli cu lamaie si ardei iute

O reteta de sos aioli cu lamaie si ardei iute din: hrean, arde iute, suc de lamaie, frisca, maioneza, usturoi si cimbru. Ingrediente: 1 lingurita hrean ras 1 1/2 lingurita ardei iute tocat marunt sucul de la 1 lamaie 2 linguri frisca 120 ml maioneza facuta in casa sau cumparata 1-2 catei usturoi 1 lingurita…

Cum se prepara sushi vegetarian (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara sushi vegetarian, un preparat deosebit de delicios si gustos, rapid si sanatos. Ingrediente: 250 g cooked sushi rice 1 nori sheet 1/2 avocado 1/2 cucumber, thinly sliced 1/2 red pepper, thinly sliced 2 strips egg roll 2 slices egg roll 15 g dill 1 tsp wasabi sauce 1/2…

Semifreddo cu caise şi biscuiţi cu amaretto

Semifreddo cu caise şi biscuiţi cu amaretto din: caise, suc de mere, zahar brun, galbenusuri, amaretto, mascarpone si biscuiti cu amaretto. Ingrediente: 500g de caise, tăiate în jumătăţi şi curăţate de sâmburi 300ml suc de mere 200g de zahăr brun 2 gălbenuşuri mari 2 linguri de amaretto 250g de mascarpone 100g de biscuiţi cu amaretto…

Vinete in otet

O reteta de vinete in otet din: vinete, ardei iute, usturoi, telina, morcovi, apa, otet de fructe, sare, frunze de telina si frunze de vita. Ingrediente: (pentru 2 borcane de 1 litru) 1,4 kg vinete tari 3 ardei iuti 8 catei de usturoi 4 fire de telina vede 5 morcovi 500 ml apa 3 linguri…

Despre creveti

La fel ca homarul şi crabul, creveţii sunt crustacee protejate de o carapace tare. In mod ideal, ar trebui să fie vii când îi cumpăraţi, iar dacă au murit deja, trebuie să fie lucioşi şi să nu miroasă a altceva decât a mare. Creveţii trăiesc în toată lumea, mai ales în apele calde, iar în…

Budincă cu prosciutto

Budinca cu prosciutto din: penne, smantana, cascaval de oaie, oua, prosciutto, busuioc, sare, unt si praz. Ingrediente: 500 g penne 50 ml smantana de gatit 100 g cascaval de oaie 2 oua 100 g prosciutto sau muschi de porc afumar si feliat 1 lingura cu busuioc verde tocat + cateva frunze pentru decor sare unt…

Peste umplut cu sos de rodie

O reteta de peste umplut cu sos de rodie din: sofran, suc de lime, suc de rodie, coaja de portocala confiata, piper, nuca, usturoi, ceapa, ulei de masline, sare si peste alb. Ingrediente: 1/4 lingurita sofran dizovlat in 2 linguri de apa fierbinte 2 linguri suc de lime 200 ml suc de rodie 1 lingura…

Supa cu vitamine

Supa cu vitamine din: cartofi, fasole verde, spanac, ulei de masline, ceapa, ardei iute, concentrat pentru supa, rosii, otet, marar, patrunjel si busuioc. Ingrediente: 12 cartofi potriviţi sau 6 mai mari 1 conservă mică de fasole verde 150 g spanac congelat 2 linguri ulei de măsline 1 ceapă mare, tocată fin 1-2 ardei iuţi sau…

Punci de mure

O reteta de punci de mure din: lichior de mure, rom brun, zeama de lamaie, cuisoare, ceai negru si lamaie. Ingrediente: 3 cl lichior de mure 1 cl rom brun 1 lingurita de zeama de lamaie 1 cuisoare ceai negru fierbinte o felie de lamaie Mod de preparare: Se pun intr-un pahar de lichior,…

Sos picant nefiert

O reteta de sos picant nefiert din: rosii, usturoi, ardei iute, sare grunjoasa, aspirine, otet, zahar, piper si cimbru. Ingrediente: 5 kg rosii 300 g usturoi 300 g ardei iute 3 linguri de sare grunjoasa, neiodata 3 aspirine 150 ml otet 3 linguri zahar 3 linguri piper 2 linguri cimbru Mod de preparare: Se…

Spaghete cu roşii

O reteta de spaghete cu rosii din: spaghete, pulpa de rosii, usturoi, bacon, capere, busuioc, patrunjel, rosii cherry, sare, piper si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 300 g spaghete 400 g pulpa de rosii 3-4 catei de usturoi 100 g bacon 1 lingura de capere busuioc patrunjel cateva rosii cherry sare piper ulei de masline …

Reteta zilei: Inghetata de capsuni cu continut scazut de calorii

O reteta de Inghetata de capsuni cu continut scazut de calorii din: capsuni, zahar si iaurt. Ingrediente: 2 cesti de căpsuni proaspete, curatate, taiate in jumatati sau sferturi 1/2 cană de zahăr 2 cesti de iaurt 0% grăsime Mod de preparare: Se spală căpsunile, se pun in procesorul de alimente si se bat pana…

Bulion cu miere de albine

O reteta de bulion cu miere de albine din: rosii si miere. Ingrediente: 10 kg rosii aproximativ 10 linguri miere Mod de preparare: Se spala rosii, se curata de cotoare si se trec prin separatorul de seminte si coji. Se toarna sucul obtinut intr-o oala mare sau in 2-3 vase mici. Se fierbe sucul…

Îngheţată marmorată de coacăze negre

O reteta de inghetata marmorata de coacaze negre din: coacaze negre, suc de mere, zahar brun, frisca, lapte condensat si extract de vanilie. Ingrediente: 400g de coacăze negre 100ml suc de mere 200g de zahăr brun 570ml frişcă lichidă (smântână dulce) 1 conservă (397g) de lapte condensat îndulcit (se găseşte la magazinele arăbeşti) 2 linguriţe…

Castraveciori muraţi

O reteta de castraveciori murati din: castraveti, boabe d epiper, morcovii, ceapa, hrean, usturoi, marar, apa, otet, zhar, sare, boabe de mustar, cuisoare si foi de dafin. Ingrediente: 1,2 kg castraveciori cornison 12 boabe de piper 24 felii de morcovi 2 cepe 12 felii de hrea

Penne cu spanac

O reteta de penne cu spanac din: penne, spanac, smantana, mozzarella, branza albastra, usturoi, sare, piper rosu si unt. Se potriveste cu un vin alb demisec. Ingrediente: 500 g penne 500 g spanac 100 ml smantana de gatit 200 g mozzarella 50 g branza albastra 2-3 catei de usturoi sare piper boabe rosu 2 linguri…

Supă de porumb cu chipsuri

O reteta de supa de porumb cu chipsuri din: porumb, unt, sare de mare, piper alb, chilli, ceapa verde si chipsuri tortilla. Ingrediente: 500 g porumb congelat (sau boabe de porumb proaspăt) 2 lingura unt sare de mare piper alb măcinat 1 praf chilli 300 ml apă 2 bucati ceapă verde chipsuri tortilla Mod…

Gem din trei fructe

Gem din trei fructe din: zmeura, caise, visine si miere. Ingrediente: 2 kg zmeura 1 kg caise 1 kg visine sau cirese 1 1/2 kg zahar sau miere Mod de preparare: Se spala fructele, separat, sub jet de apa. Se curata visinele de codite si de samburi, iar caisele se curata numai de samburi.…

Midii la aburi cu fenicul si smântână

O reteta de midii la aburi cu fenicul si smantana din: fenicul, ceapa, cimbru, usturoi, ardei iute, sare de mare, piper, midi, vin alb, smantana si ulei de masline extravirgin. Ingrediente: un bulb mare de fenicul, cu frunze cu tot 0 ceapă albă mare, curăţată de coajă frunzele de la 2 fire de cimbru proaspăt…

Dulceata de caise cu levantica

O reteta de dulceata de caise cu levantica din: caise, vin, zahar gelifiant si flori de levantica. Ingrediente: 1 kg caise vin alb 500 g zahar gelifiant 1-2 linguri flori de levantica Mod de preparare: Se decojesc 1 kg caise, se taie jumătăţi şi se golesc de sâmburi. Se cântăreşte pulpa de caise şi…

Frigărui cu carne de miel

Se amesteca 1 pachet carne tocata de miel cu 1 ceapa rosie data prin razatoare, 1 catel de usturoi zdrobit, 1 praf de fulgi de chilli, 2 cuisoare macinate, ½ lingurita de chimion macinat si patrunjel tocat. Se asezoneaza bine cu sare si piper, apoi se asaza pe frigarui in forma de carnati. Se ung…

Lasagna cu carne şi sos alb

O reteta de lasagna cu carne si sos alb din: foi de lasagna, sos bolognese, ceapa, carne de vita, carne de porc, cascaval, vin, unt, lapte, faina, smantana, sare, piper si cimbru. Ingrediente: 1 cutie de foi 500 g sos balognese 500 g carne tocata amestec vita si porc 3-4 cepe 200 g cascaval 80…

Pacheţele de ardei şi feta

O reteta de pachetele de ardei si feta din: ceapa rosie, dovlecei, rosii cherry, masline, feta, busuioc, ulei de masline si ardei rosii. Ingrediente: ½ ceapă roşie, curăţată de coajă şi tăiată în sferturi 4 dovlecei, tăiaţi în jumătate, apoi în felii 16 roşii cherry 16 măsline mici, negre 200g de feta 2 linguri de…

Scoici Saint-Jacques la tigaie, cu linte, pancetta crocantă şi smântână cu lămâie

O reteta savuroasa de Scoici Saint-Jacques la tigaie, cu linte, pancetta crocantă şi smântână cu lămâie din: linte, foi de dafin, usturoi, cartofi, rosie, patrunjel, otet de vin rosu, sare de mare, piper, ulei de masline, smantana, zeama de lamaie, sparanghel, pancetta, scoici saint jacques si frunze de salvie. Ingrediente: 300 g linte o foaie…

Pitta greceasca cu halloumi

Se pun pe gratar felii groase de halloumi pana cand devin aurii. Se transfera pe un platou si se stropesc cu un dressing facut din ardei iute rosu tocat, 1 salota tocata marunt, suc de lamaie, ulei de masline si masline verzi tocate. Se serveste cu pitta calde si humus. Good appetite!

Dressing de castravete, chives şi iaurt

O reteta de Dressing de castravete, chives şi iaurt din: castravete, sare de mare, chives si iaurt grecesc. Ingrediente: 1 castravete 2 linguriţe sare de mare 1 lingură de chives tocat 300g de iaurt grecesc (sau alt iaurt gras) Mod de preparare: Se taie castravetele în jumătate şi se scot seminţele cu o linguriţă.…

Ceai pentru zile reci

Ceai pentru zile reci din: ceai, rom, lamaie si candel. Ingrediente: 2 lingurite de ceai 2 paharele de rom 2 felii de lamaie candel Mod de preparare: Facem infuzie de ceai, lasandu-l in apa 3-4 minute, dupa preferinta. Adaugam romul, turnam in 2 pahare si indulcim cu candel. Asezam o felie de lamaie pe…

Penne cu roşii la cuptor

O reteta de penne cu rosii la cuptor din: penne, rosii, mozzarella, pasta de rosii, ceapa verde, usturoi, busuioc, oregano, sare, piper si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 500 g penne/rigatoni 500 g rosii cherry 200 g mozzarella 2-3 linguri cu pasta de rosii 1 fir de ceapa verde 2 catei de usturoi 1 lingurita cu…

Sunca cu cimbru si ciuperci

Se amesteca ulei de masline cu cimbru tocat si putin usturoi zdrobit si se asezoneaza cu sare si piper. Se ung cu acest amestec ciuperci cu palaria plata, apoi se infasoara fiecare palarie in cate doua felii de sunca. Se pun pe gratar pana cand ciupercile devin zemoase, iar sunca devine crocanta. Good appetite!

Cum se prepara supa de rosii (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara supa de rosii, un preparat absolut delicios si gustos, rapid si foarte sanatos. Ingrediente: 1 cups (250ml) cashews 1 1/2 cups (380ml) of tomatoes 8 sundried tomatoes salt and pepper 1 1/2 cups (380ml) of water 1 blender Cum se prepara supa de rosii Pofta buna!

File de somon la grătar cu lămâie şi mărar

O reteta de file de somon la gratar cu lamaie si marar din: fileuri de somon, marar, chives, lamai si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 2 fileuri de somon, de câte 750g fiecare, cu piele 1 mână mare de mărar, tocat grosier 2 linguri de chives, tocat grosier 2 lămâi, tăiate în felii subţiri ulei de…

Dulceata de cocaze

O reteta de dulceata de coacaze din: coacaze, zahar, apa si lamaie. Ingrediente: 1 kg coacaze rosii sau negre 1 1/2 zahar 3 pahare apa 1/2 lamaie Mod de preparare: Se spală fructele fără a se curăţa de codiţe şi se lasă să se scurgă. Se pune apa să clocotească. Se aleg bobiţele şi…

Pui cu capere, seminţe de pin şi pătrunjel

Se amestecă laolaltă 1 lingură de capere, 2 linguri de seminţe de pin, 1 căţel de usturoi, 1 legătură mică de pătrunjel tocat şi puţin ulei de măsline. Se întinde jumătate din amestec pe partea fără piele a 6 pulpe superioare de pui dezosate. Se rulează şi se fixează cu o scobitoare. Se pun pe…

Mâncare de orez cu miel

O reteta delicioasa de mancare cu: orez, carne de miel, ceapa, usturoi, rosii, pasta de ardei dulce, ardei iute, linte, menta, ulei, sare, piper, ardei gras, morcov. Ingrediente: 500 g carne tocată de miel două cepe 4 căţei de usturoi 500 g roşii o lin­gură cu pastă de ardei dulce un ardei iute 150 g…

Prăjitură cu mascarpone şi mentă

O reteta de prajitura cu mascarpone si menta din: biscuiti, fulgi de ovaz, cacao, unt, branza mascarpone, frisca, zahar, esenta de menta, colorant, gelatina, ciocolata, merisoare si menta. Ingrediente: 100 g biscuiti 2 linguri cu fulgi de ovaz 2 linguri cu cacao 100 g unt

Salată de cartofi noi copţi

O reteta de salata de cartofi noi copti din: cartofi, patrunjel, chives, coaja de lamaie, ceapa verde, rosii, ardei iute si otet din vin alb. Ingrediente: 1,5kg de cartofi noi 1 legătură mică de pătrunjel, tocată 2 linguri de chives, tocat coaja rasă de la 1 lămâie 1 legătură de ceapă verde, cu partea verde…

Chocolate cake

O reteta de chec cu ciocolata din: oua, faina, unt, zahar, ciocolata menaj, cacao, praf de copt, esenta de rom, sare si frisca. Ingrediente: 6 oua 100 g faina 150 g unt 150 g zahar 100 g ciocolata menaj 1 lingura cu cacao 1 pliculet cu praf de copt esenta de rom sare pentru glazura:…

Coaste de miel marinate cu muştar şi rozmarin

O reteta de coaste de miel marinate cu mustar si rozmarin din: rozmarin, usturoi, mustar de dijon, ulei de masline si cotlete de miel. Ingrediente: 2 crenguţe de rozmarin, tocate 4 căţei de usturoi, tocaţi 4 linguri muştar de Dijon ulei de măsline 3 şiruri de cotlete de miel (a câte 6 cotlete fiecare) …

Jeleuri aromate

O reteta de jeleuri aromate din: gelatina, suc de merisoara, apa, zahar, limeta, zahar tos fin si esenta de vanilie. Ingrediente: 50 g gelatina 200 ml suc de merisoare 200 ml apa 80 g zahar 2 limete 200 g zahar tos fin esenta de vanilie Mod de preparare: înmoaie gelatina în apă şi las-o…

Cocktail Bacardi Fireside

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Bacardi Fireside din: rom, zahar, ceai, lamaie si scortisoara. Ingrediente: 2-4 cl rom alb 1 lingurita de zahar sau candel 1 ceasca de ceai negru fierbinte 1 felie de lamaie 1 scortisoara Mod de preparare: Punem zahar si o felie de lamaie intr-un pahar mai mare de ceai sau…

Ciorbă haiducească

O reteta de ciorba haiduceasca din: fasole, mazare, morcovi, ardei, cartofi, ceapa, varza, telina, sare, piper, ulei, rosii, leustean, bors si zeama de lamaie. Ingrediente: 300 g fasole albă uscată 300 g verde păstăi 200 g mazăre 2 bucata morcovi 2 bucata ardei 3 bucati cartofi 2 bucati cepe mari 1 bucata varză mică 1…

Deliciu cu zmeură

O reteta de deliciu cu zmeura din: faina, unt, zahar, oua, cacao, lapte, gem de zmeura, esenta de vanilie, praf de copt, zmeura, unt si sare. Ingrediente: 250 g faina 230 g unt 130 g zahar 4 oua 60 g cacao 120 ml lapte 180 g gem de zmeura 1 lingurita cu esenta de vanilie…

Retete pentru weekend #23

We present a series of recipes for the weekend so that you can cook easily and quickly. Delectati-va cu aceste retete pentru weekend si va asteptam sa vizionati mereu retetele noastre pentru weekend! Păstrăv umplut cu verdeaţă O reteta de pastrav umplut cu verdeata din: pastravi, ceapa, usturoi, patrunjel, ulei, vin, lamaie, sare si piper. Ingrediente:…

Retete culinare: Nasi goreng

O reteta delicioasa de nasi goreng:orez, ulei, oua, ceapa, chili, usturoi, praz, chimion, carne de pui, creveti. Ingrediente: 350 g orez cu bobul lung 2 linguri de ulei 3 ouă o ceapă doi chili un căţel de usturoi un praz o linguriţă de coriandru şi una de chimion măcinate 250 g carne de pui 250…

Chicken with pineapple

O reteta delicioasa de pui cu tet, sare, piper, frunza de dafin, usturoi, apa, ananas, rosie. Ingrediente: 1,5 kg pui tăiat în bucăţi o jumătate de cană de oţet o lingură de sare un sfert de linguriţă de piper o frunză de dafin 3 căţei de usturoi un sfert de cană de apă 100 g…

Reteta zilei: Somon in crusta

O reteta de Somon in crusta din: file de somon, fileuri, creveti, marar, aluat, galbenus de ou, sare si piper. Ingrediente 820g file de somon 190g fileuri peste plat 5 creveti 10 g marar tocat 340g aluat de patiserie 1 galbenus de ou Sare piper Mod de preparare: Curatati bine pestele si crevetii. Puneti…

Cocktail cu fructe şi votcă

O reteta de cocktail cu fructe si votca din: zmeura, capsuni, zahar brun, vanilie, votca, zmeura, afine, nectarine si vin spumant. Ingrediente: 350g de zmeură 800g de căpşuni, curăţate şi tăiate în sferturi coaja rasă de la 1 lămâie (preferabil necerată) 200g de zahăr brun fin 1 baton de vanilie, tăiat în jumătate 700ml de…

Salată de sparanghel cu seminţe de fenicul

O reteta de salata de sparanghel cu seminte de fenicul din: sparanghel, fenicul, ulei de masline, otet de xeres, mustar de dijon, oua de prepelita, migdale, rucola, capere, sunca, patrunjel si ciabatta. Ingrediente: 2 legături de sparanghel, cu partea lemnoasă înlăturată 3 căpăţâni mici de fenicul, tăiate în felii subţiri ulei de măsline 2 linguri…

Prăjitură cu morcov şi caise

O reteta de prajitura cu morcov si caise din: morcov, caise, faina, oua, zahar, ulei, bicarbonat, praf de copt, scortisoara, esenta de vanilie, zahar pudra si sare. Ingrediente: 340 g morcov 7 caise 260 g faina 4 oua 300 g zahar 240 ml ulei 1 lingurita cu bicarbonat 1 1/2 lingurite cu praf de copt…

Cum se prepara biscuiti cu lamaie (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara biscuiti cu lamaie, un desert absolut delicios si gustos, rapid si foarte sanatos. Ingrediente: 250 g self-raising flour 80 g butter 50 g sugar 100 ml milk 1 medium lemon 2 medium eggs flour for rolling scone cutter Cum se prepara biscuiti cu lamaie Pofta buna!

Dulceata de agrise

O reteta de dulceata de agrise din: agrise, zahar, apa, lamaie si vanilie. Ingrediente: 1 1/2 kg agrise 1 kg zahar 2 pahare apa 1 lamaie 1 pastaie de vanilie sau 2 plicuri zahar vanilat Mod de preparare: Se spala agrisele sub jet de apa si se scurg. Cu ajutorul unui ac sau al…

Desert cu lime şi zmeură

O reteta de desert cu lime si zmeura din: frisca, zahar, suc de lime si zmeura. Ingrediente: 200ml de frişcă lichidă 4 linguri de zahăr fin 3 linguri suc de lime (stoarce aproximativ 3 limes), plus coaja rasă de la 1 lime zmeură, pentru decor Mod de preparare: Se aşază frişca lichidă şi zahărul…

Scoici Saint-Jacques cu ghimbir, sos de soia şi coriandru

Puneti in tava de copt doua cochilii, impreuna cu carnea. Curatati si radeti o bucata de ghimbir de 2,5 cm adaugand 2 linguri de sos de soia, coaja rasa fin si zeama de la o lamaie verde, o lingurita de zahar, o lingurita de ulei de susan si cateva fire de coriandru proaspat, tocat marunt.…

Supă cu germeni de fasole

O reteta de supa cu germeni de fasole din: legume, ulei, fulgi de ovaz, supa de legume, germeni de fasole, sare si creson. Ingrediente: 100 g legume rădăcinoase 2 lingura ulei 50 g fulgi de ovăz 1 litru supă de legume 200 g germeni încolţiţi de fasole mungo sare creson proaspăt pentru decor Mod de…

Dovlecei gratinati, cu telemea si rosii

O reteta de dovlecei gratinati, cu telemea si rosii din: dovlecei, telemea, sunca de curcan, rosii, busuioc, cimbru, sare, piper, oua si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 500 g dovlecei 400 g telemea 200 g sunca de curcan feliata 500 g rosii de gradina 1/2

Xandrinne si ale ei ispravi culinare

Buna seara tuturor! Am disparut din peisaj, am experimentat o saptamana mai ciudata.
Revin cu o reteta, o am de la maica-mea un tortulet foarte usor de facut, pe care il pregateam des intr-o vreme.

Iata si o sectiune, facuta in viteza, nu am vrut sa ma las asteptata prea mult :)

Iata de ce este nevoie pentru aceasta reteta:
8 oua,
450 g zahar (eu am mai "taiat" din cantitate),
2 pliculete de gelatina,
4 linguri faina,
1/2 l lapte,
fructe (portocale, banane, sau fructe din compot. ce doriti si ce aveti la indemana, stafide. ),
Eu am folosit doar 6 oua, recalculand ingredientele (pentru a pastra proportiile) deh, gainile noastre erau in greva :)

Galbenusurile le-am frecat bine (am folosit mixerul) cu 300 g zahar, dupa care am adaugat gelatina (inmuiata in prealabil in apa rece, cca 100 ml), faina si laptele, pe care l-am turnat treptat.
Amestecul obtinut l-am pus la fiert am amestecat continuu, pana a inceput sa se ingroase compozitia, fara insa a o da in clocot.

Am uitat sa va zic, eu am captusit cu folie alimentara un vas Jena si am aruncat inauntru niste felii de portocala si cateva visine.

In compozitia fiarta, dupa ce s-a racorit am incorporat albusurile, batute spuma cu 150 g zahar, pe baie de abur. Am amestecat usor.

Crema aceasta am impartit-o in doua o parte a ramas alba, in ea puteti pune vanilie, fructe taiate bucati. Am turnat aceasta compozitie alba in vas, peste feliile de portocala.

Cealalta parte am colorat-o cu putina cacao. Puteti pune esenta de rom si stafide.
Am turnat amestecul peste compozitia alba.

Am dat la rece (minim 3 ore. ).
Cand a fost gata l-am rasturnat pe un platou, si, in criza de inspiratie, l-am ornat cu flori de cires. Proaspete.
Ha-ha, va dati seama de cand asteapta sa fie postata aceasta reteta.
Puteti imbraca tortul in frisca.


Vi s-a-ntamplat ca, din graba sau lene (deh, ne mai incearca cate-o data), sa improvizati repede ceva ce se gateste usor, cu ce gasiti prin casa?
Sunt sigura ca da.
Iata ce am facut intr-o zi si, din greseala, mi-a iesit ceva . atat de bun.
Din pacate, nu am toate pozele, nu stiu cum de le-am sters. Dar sper sa intelegeti despre ce este vorba.
Asadar, am facut o singura clatita mai groasa (mai fac asa cateodata, cand improvizez cate-o pizza rapida).

Mai intai aprindeti cuptorul aragazului, ca sa fie incins.
Am facut aluatul de clatite dintr-un ou batut, o cesca de suc de rosii, faina (cam o ceasca cu varf) si putina apa minerala. Puteti improviza, dupa gust. Am adaugat putina sare, 1-2 linguri ulei si frunze zdrobite de busuioc .
Am turnat toata compozitia intr-o tigaie incalzita dinainte si unsa cu ulei.
Am ras din abundenta parmezan (cu cascaval, n-ar fi iesit asa de bun) si am bagat repede tigaia la cuptor.
Cand s-a inchegat si s-a topit parmezanul, se infuleca repede, pe loc, pentru ca nu mai e nevoie de sos de rosii deasupra.
De-abia astept sa repet figura.

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very,very interesting!asa ca sigur o voi incerca si eu,tare apetisant suna!

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